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YVR Cockroach Jan 24, 02 10:22 am

(Pre-2019) Marriott Bonvoy hotels in Shanghai, China
My mother and her pertner are off to Shanghai for CNY. There's a special rate at the two Marriotts (one's a Renaissance) for USD52/62 depending on the property. Has anyone got any opinions of the quality of these two properties and their locations?

EMD Jan 24, 02 2:55 pm

I visited the non-Ren. property about a year ago - was so new that they had not yet had their grand opening - classic Marriott in the lobby and the sports bar - it has become a mecca for many of the expats who live in the area

it is right on many of the main bus lines - within walking distance of the zoo - which is a little shabby but well worth the trip - and cabs are sooo cheap

have a wonderful time!!!!!!

TheAuditor Mar 3, 02 3:31 pm

Courtyard Pudong Shanghai
Any opinion on this Courtyard property? Or should I stay at the Hongqiao Marriott on the other side of the River?

dw Mar 13, 02 12:50 pm

i think i will probably be staying there next week... unfortunately it is a relatively new property, thus i can't seem to find much information about it.

Jib Apr 22, 02 8:11 am

I will be staying at this property in late May, does anyone have any updates on this Marriott?

gottigotti Jun 12, 02 8:18 am


I am looking at having a meeting in Shanghai and looking for comments on Marriotts.

sfpaul900 Jun 12, 02 10:48 am

I am a Marriott Platinium so it took quite a bit to get me to switch to the Grand Hyatt in Shanghai but it was worth it. It is simply one of the most spectacular hotels I have ever stayed in. The rooms start way up on the 53rd floor and go up to the 87th floor. The bathrooms are jaw-dropping. Where else can you soak in a tub 80 floors over China ? The new subway to the 'old' Shanghai is just a short walk. Forgo the Marriott just this once and try the Hyatt. You'll love it.

gottigotti Jun 12, 02 2:16 pm

Thanks for the advice. That's what I have heard from my Chinese colleagues and will probably do that.

Jib Jun 14, 02 11:05 am

Don't discount the Shanghai Marriott, I was there two weeks ago and found it to be an excellent property. The staff at this property goes out of their way to meet your needs. There is a "Champs" sports bar and also an excellent Cantonese Rest. in the Hotel. I have never stayed at the Hyatt, but I perfer the Marriott over the Four Season or Portman Ritz Carlton. The Marriott is more relaxed and in a great location for running in the morning (1/2 mile from the Zoo) and 5 minutes to the Airport.

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SeoulGold Jan 16, 03 6:49 pm

Shanghai properties?
I am thinking about using my two X14 promo certs to visit Shanghai this spring.

Does anyone have any comments about the Marriott properties located there: The Shanghai Marriott and the Renaissance Yangtze Shanghai Hotel?

Wanting to play tourist, I think I am looking for a place close to the city center(?). I understand both are close (3-8 km) to the older SHA Hongqiao airport, but are further away (35-50 km) from the new PVG PuDong airport.

Any comments about Shanghai in general as a tourist destination?

Thanks, in advance, for any input.

Fermat Jan 18, 03 1:39 am

not that i'm the voice of experience, but i've been told that Shanghai changes her face every 6 months or so... she "modernizes" so rapidly. When I visited the city in '99 and 2000, it was quite amazing. From a tourist perspective, there's shopping for knock-offs and brand-names alike, sightseeing up the Yangtze (and along the Huangpu River at night!). Go visit the Bund if you are an architecture buff... stunningly preserved bank buildings from the early 1800's. If you like staring at skyscrapers, stroll along the Pu Dong side of the Huangpu and gaze at the Jin Mao Hyatt (89 floors!).

Visit the Yu-Yuan gardens. Check out the Shanghai museum. Walk down Nanking Road (one of the busiest streets i've ever walked on).

Personally, if you have time, it's worth it to take day trips out to Su Zou (called the Venice of the Orient) and Hang Zhou... the lakes and the hills of Hang Zhou are quite beautiful. They also have an incredibly ancient temple and pagoda in the area. Amazing history.

Vasbyte Jan 18, 03 6:22 am

I second everything that Fermat posted. Shanghai is a wonderful tourist destination and as close as you'll get to seeing where this century is heading.

Vibrant, exciting, stunning architecture, great day trips from the city and friendly folks.

SHanghai Museum, Nanjing Road, go up to the roof of Peace Hotel and look over the Bund/HuangPo river at night, walk along the river at night. Take boat trip along Huanpo - pretty spectacular. Go to show at National Theatre - stunning building.

As Fermat suggested, the gardens in Suzhou are fantastic - even better, take the train out to Hanzhou and spend a few hours walking around the West Lake.

Go, Go, Go!

LisaH Jan 18, 03 10:26 am

Your assumption is correct. Hotels are in good shape but neither one is close to the city center. Taxi is not very expensive, about 25-40 CNY per trip (less than $5 US), depending on the traffic. So it may still work out. I made a reservation at the Renaissance Yangtze Shanghai Hotel for the past Christmas but canceled later when Crown Plaza had a better rate. It also has a better location. Shanghai is a vibrant and exciting place to visit. Hangzhou, on the other hand, is a very beatiful and relaxing city. Things are also cheaper in Hangzhou.

uncle wiggily Jan 18, 03 3:58 pm

We were in Shanghai last November and considered staying @ the Renaissance but learned that it was very far from the city center. Traffic is horrible even though the taxis are inexpensive. It still takes 30 minutes to get from the Renaissance to the Bund.
We stayed instead @ the Westin Shanghai, a 5-minute walk to the Bund and 3 blocks south of Nangpu Road.
The Westin opened in mid-October. The rooms there are awkwardly designed, e.g., disfunctional room lighting system and inconvenient furniture arrangements.
The Westin lobby incorporates a stunningly lighted stairway that changes colors every few seconds. It seemed, however, incongruous w/the rest of the decor.
The Marriott properties are probably more enjoyable....too bad they are so far away.

Fermat Jan 18, 03 4:48 pm

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by uncle wiggily:
We were in Shanghai last November and considered staying @ the Renaissance but learned that it was very far from the city center.</font>
What city center? I usually assume that a cluster of really tall glass and steel skyscrapers denotes a "center", but in Shanghai's case, it's everywhere!.

The Westin is certainly in a decent and lively part of town but I found that many other hotels are just as convenient. For myself, the Portman Ritz-Carlton seemed like the ultimate in convenience... unless all of your business was on the Pu Dong side!

As for the Hongqiao Marriott, it's a bit further out from the Huangpu, but as everyone has said, it's still a relatively short taxi ride away.

Enjoy enjoy!

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