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Have you booked away due to IT, CS issues?

Have you booked away due to IT, CS issues?

Old Oct 17, 18, 3:36 am
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Have you booked away due to IT, CS issues?

Okay I'll start - tried to book a stay using a *wood code - rate was quoted, accepted, entered cc info to pay then "we are having a system problem......". Tried again rate no longer showed, was at the hotel I was trying to reserve - hotel couldn't see the rate even tho room type was available, then couldn't even get into their OWN hotel base.
Tried again over 2 days - rate came and went BUT couldn't be booked b/c after confirming rate and entering cc info - still got error message. Booked at a NON stariott hotel instead. Only reason I tried more than once is that this is one of my favorite hotels -BUT after the website (and app) being useless and wasting my time I'm going elsewhere.
So far 3 nights booked away - for me. I've read of others who are booking away due to various "merger" problems - should we start a list?
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Old Oct 17, 18, 3:54 am
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I made a points booking 2 days ago which apparently vanished into thin air and so I had to move hotels late at night in Shanghai:

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Old Oct 17, 18, 5:27 am
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Iíve learnt that itís always better to use Virtuoso for luxury properties than Marriott.com because of reliability and customer service, but also because Virtuoso guests get much better treatment than Marriott elites in former Marriott properties.

Seperately, Iíve shifted to Hilton as my first provider for mid range hotels for the time being due to the more reliable (albeit limited) status recognition.
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Old Oct 17, 18, 8:19 am
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Inconvenient - yes. But currently the only open issue I'm having is displaying account activity line items. That doesn't affect how I choose a hotel.
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Old Oct 26, 18, 3:03 am
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Just cancelled 7 nights due to IT issues (app creating double res, res showing cancel but hotel still shows as not cancelled, etc) and booked elsewhere. Sad
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Old Oct 26, 18, 8:12 am
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Just booked hotels in Seoul and Shanghai. No problems whatsoever.
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Old Oct 26, 18, 10:38 am
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I'm not going to book a revenue booking again with Marriott if I can at all avoid it. Only rewards.
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Old Oct 26, 18, 10:51 am
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Just booked away at Fairmont properties for 2 upcoming stays this week instead of Starriott.

The latest glitch for me is that legacy Starwood property confirmations simply disappear from the upcoming stays on the App which is not cool.

What an utter gong show of poor IT and customer service.
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Old Oct 26, 18, 11:14 am
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It's no wonder that Marriott execs think that the merger is 99% ok, because it's not easy to show Marriott the bookings they are missing out on.

I did 5 nights post-August to get to 50 nights, and cancelled the rest. Even those nights might have been a waste - at this pace of fixing issues I won't want to stay at Stariott much in 2019 either.
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Old Oct 26, 18, 12:54 pm
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I was headed away due to the hour(s) hold to get to CS for many months, but as that has sometimes improved new IT glitches seem to have appeared - at least for legacy starwood hotels - that, for me, have been the final nail. Even trying to cancel an award booking took an hour b/c of hold times and incompetent agent last week.
Yes, I think the number of bookings they are missing is hard to see - unless it becomes large enough that their expected earnings are affected
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Old Oct 26, 18, 2:50 pm
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As I have mentioned a few times, I am not going to have a paid stay at Marriott until they fix my status. Even though multiple agents have acknowledged my status was wrong, Marriott refuses to fix it until January. If I need to use a free night, I will. But I won't book a paid stay until and unless the problem is fixed in January.
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Old Oct 26, 18, 3:45 pm
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I am also in the same boat. Moving stays over to Hyatt and Hilton. Cant even get a simple response from Starriott customer service. Its almost like no one works there.
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Old Oct 26, 18, 3:56 pm
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I'm out as well. They dont want to honor my lifetime status until 2019, fine. I dont need to stay with them until then. Considering how every phone conversation has been a train wreck - in fact, even speaking to an agent has become a disaster, I am done. Not that I call often, but when I do, its usually important, not to book a $39 courtyard room. Forget it, Marriott. This is a disaster.
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Old Oct 26, 18, 4:21 pm
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I am out

From Oct 15 to Feb 15 I have 20 point nights booked, 1 night paid.

I will not add any paid stays in this time frame unless forced. I am beyond furious and frustrated. Just got off phone with US agent after repeated emails didn't resolve a small problem (not allowed to call country I am in emil CS said, only US). He didn't resolve, was not helpful and couldn't care less.

Is Marriott an international company or US one?

I have tried booking paid and point nights for Marriott but have been unabe to.

I have 18 PAID nights in same time frame at Shangri-La, Radisson Blu and smaller properties. Loyalty is supposed to make my life easier. Right now it is not. So what's the point?
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Old Oct 26, 18, 4:21 pm
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Moving off chain to best of breed. The consolidation has resulted in market power that has allowed the brands to erode the value of the programs; CS and website garbage are just the cherry on top. Merger should've never been approved.
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