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Will I hate Vegas?

So I am 35, pretty well traveled, have partied a lot, and somehow have never been to Vegas. I have been all over the US and much of the world, yet never to Vegas. Most of my friends have been many many times. So I have got it in my head that I need to go to Vegas. My wife thinks I have just watched the Hangover too many times.

Yet everything I read about Vegas, suggests that I will hate it.


10 years ago I was happy going to the lively areas of NYC or Chicago on a friday or saturday night. I was Ok with wating in line and cover charges. Crowds were a positive as there were more girls to go around and more action happening.

Now I am married and could care less what the girls look like. I hate lines. I hate pushing my way to the bar and struggling to order drinks. I hate music so loud I can't hear anything. I hate cover charges and overpriced drinks. I like dive bars where you can meet people and dance with some personal space. I try and go out on wed. or Thursday as there are no crowds and the drinks are 75% off.


I like to eat but wouldn't call myself a foodie. I also live in Chicago and feel like I have not even come close to exhausting the supply of restaurants here. I used to think that Vegas was full of bargains subsidized by gambling. But from what I read that seems to be no longer the case. I probably wouldn't go that crazy with the dining in vegas.


I like to gamble but only do it if I think I am going to win. After enough visits to Atlantic City and Indian Casinos I gave up on gambling at casinos a long time ago. Now I just play with friends and stuff. I haven't been to a casino in 10 years and I doubt that is going to change.

the scene:

I like to think I am pretty down to earth but suspect I have become more snobby as I have gotten older. Although I think most people in my circle are a lot worse. Still I imagine the strip to be somewhat white trashy jersey shore type seen. Don't know that it bothers me a ton but definitely doesn't improve my impression of Vegas.

The pool:

I like nice resorts and hanging by the pool relaxing in a lounger. I loved doing this in Thailand. But there I practically had the whole resort to myself. We stayed at some top end places in Hawaii which was nice. Though it was a little crowded for my taste. The pictures I have seen of Vegas pools look ridiculous. There are people wall to wall. Nothing at all looks attractive about it.


Yet even knowing all this I still really want to go to Vegas. I think in large part it stems from having never been. Maybe I just also want to understand what everyone is talking about.

Also there is the architecture. I really like architecture and am fascinated by many buildings. These hotels sound pretty awesome. I am really looking forward to just going from one hotel to the next and checking out each property.

So am I kidding myself that I will enjoy Vegas or do you think I should go check it out. I would be going with my wife who really doesn't have too much interest even though she has never been.
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Don't go.
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Just go.

my wife who really doesn't have too much interest even though she has never been
For whatever reason I have the same feel about south america. I know I am wrong but I can't quite get myself to book a trip there.
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If you have to ask on FT ....
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Originally Posted by hindukid View Post
Now I am married and could care less what the girls look like.
I stopped reading after this sentence.

I think you should stay home.
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Yeah, I think you will hate it.

But at least you're going in with the right attitude.
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Now I am married and could care less what the girls look like. [QUOTE]

Did your wife cut them off and already have them bronzed?

Are you serious about your statement?

This is the ONLY reason I go to Vegas.
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Originally Posted by magiciansampras View Post
Yeah, I think you will hate it.
But at least you're going in with the right attitude.
That's a good way to put it. Another is, "Go in with the right attitude and expectations, and you'll like it."

Treat it as a trip to see what all the fuss is about. Try some of the gambling, try a fancy restaurant, and plan your trip around a show you'd like to see. Stay at a reasonably nice hotel and hang out at the pool. Visit a bunch of the casinos to see the sights. Rent a car and drive out to the Hoover Dam, Valley of Fire, and Red Rock Canyon. You can have a reasonably enjoyable trip without having to make Vegas your religion.
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Go but stay at the JW Marriott. It's about a 20 minute drive from the strip on the other side of town. You can drive to the strip and check it out then go back to the JW and chill out. It's quiet, not crowded and is nothing like the rest of vegas.
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Sounds like you may be substantially happier staying at an off-Strip property. There really are still bargains, especially catering to locals (see, for example, cheapovegas.com)

JW Marriott was mentioned, and that may gain some wife approval, because it is nice and relatively serene. But you can get closer to the action by going to places like Orleans or even downtown. That way, you can do the standard tour of the big properties, have a few pricey drinks/meals, but don't lock yourself in to a spot with resort-level prices for everything.

And if you hate crowds, get in on a Sunday or at least midweek so you have some breathing room.

(As for casinos, if you want a fighting chance you could try your hand at some poker.)
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Maybe you are too sophiticated and/or jaded for Vegas. If your wife doesn't want to go, I don't know that I would foresee a wonderful vacation for you two (or are you considering going alone?). There are alternatives you could try as a compromise, at least for a first trip to a Nevada gambling city, such as Stateline, along Lake Tahoe (cooler temps, much better scenery, far fewer casinos). My parents liked Laughlin, along the Colorado River. Much quieter than Vegas (popular place for retirees). If you want real dive bars, you could consider some of the historic Nevada towns that have at least a few small casinos, such as Ely (and you could ride historic trains, and visit Great Basin National Park).

You only like to gamble if you think you are going to win or if you really are going to win? The odds are in the favor of the house. Always. If you knew you'd want it wouldn't be gambling. And the casinos would go broke.

If you're going to Vegas because your friends go, then that seems a pretty petty reason. I wouldn't based a Vegas experience on any movie I've ever seen. You have to look into the details of where you'd go, what you'd do. Will you go to various hotels and casinos, or, realistically, stay at one, and maybe see a show? By all means, endeavor to go during low season (though not mid-summer). If you're going to see "what it's all about," then the Strip may be for you, since that's probably the quintessential Vegas experience (if you just want a laid back resort experience so you can relax, I think there are better places than Vegas).

We've been to the Strip enough that we greatly enjoyed staying downtown, by the Fremont Street Exprience (at the Golden Nugget) last time. It is definitely Las Vegas (including a waterslide through a shark-filled aquarium nto the pool), but if this is your first, and maybe only, Vegas experience, it might be too far away from the glitz and "glamour" of the Strip (look at hotel Web sites, and reviews on Tripadvisor.com, etc.). You can get deals at some of the older Strip hotels, such as the Sahara and Riviera. As noted, prices are lower mid-week. Also less traffic on the Strip.

I hope you have time to get out of Vegas to see the surrounding area. For some, Hoover Dam is a must, though I personally prefer gorgeous Valley of Fire State Park or even-- a bit further away-- Death Valley.

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Don't go.........

You'll be miserable and I can't imagine you'll find anything that you will truly enjoy. If you are going with friends that may be different but if its just you then I'd hold off on a trip until you can go with someone that truly enjoys Vegas.....
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Don't go. If you have that many negative thoughts before going, why go and then post what you disliked about it here from your room as opposed to enjoying your time.

You used the word, "hate" numerous times as well as listing all that bothers you. Even with an off-Strip property, you will want to drive or visit the Strip, which is why Las Vegas is Las Vegas and those are the items which you have gone into detail which bother you.

If you like to gamble a little and want more, then just travel to the islands and a all inclusive resort where you already paid for your drinks.
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With your attitude, my recommendation is to refrain from visiting Vegas. It is a fun-loving place, plainly not suitable for you, based on your own statements.
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Vegas isn't a place you go and analyze every detail and aspect of the trip. You go, enjoy the oversized spectacle of it along with all the unique things and have fun.

They have many great restaurants, both expensive and reasonable.

Great pools but they're crowded.

Great clubs but they're crowded.

Pretty, slutty, crazy and drunk girls but doesn't matter if you've got one.

It can be larger than life but it's not about great architecture.
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