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Old Jul 31, 00, 8:32 am
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Well, this Friday was my first Hyatt stay since being given Diamond status. I have no diamond card yet so I didn't no what to expect as far as receiving an amenity or any special treatment. I checked in via the 800 service at 9:30 Friday morning. The agent told me I was on the Regency Club floor. So far so good. I arrived at the property at 8:00 that evening. Couldn't find the 1-800 Checkin desk so I went to the front desk. The agent was in training and looked at me like I was crazy when I said I checked in via the 800 service. A manager came to her rescue and assisted her during the check in. I'm not sure if it's because the agent was new or if it was because I have no proof of diamond but I was offered no amenity. I also was told that a late checkout was not possible. When I got to the room I was suprised to see 2 double beds instead of the king thats in my profile.

Overall it was an ok stay. I guess I was just hoping for better treatment than I receive as a Starwood Platinum. I have a stay planned this weekend planned at the New Brunswick Hyatt Regency. Hopefully I'll receive my Diamond card soon!

One more thing. I paid for most of the baltimore saty with Hyatt gift certificates. I presented them upon checkout. I was told (just like other posts I've read here) they had to be presented at check in. An argument began but was very short as I read the back to the agent. She did tell me that I wouldn't receive points for the portion paid for with the GC however. I told her I thought se was incorrect....but she said she was positive about that. I guess another fight will be neccessary once the stay posts.
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Old Jul 31, 00, 9:31 am
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I have had many problems with the Baltimore Hyatt. The front desk people lied to me at check-in and gave me a bad room and did not credit my GP account correctly. Write a letter. I have never been to one with such bad service before, although the location is great.
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Sorry to hear about your first experience as a Diamond. Generally, at check in you receive an amenity card where you get to select the type of beverage & snack you want. I've stayed at the Baltimore Hyatt (the one at the Harbor?), and it isnt that great. The last time I was there the Regency floor was full so they gave me a nice corner room overlooking the Harbor but with access to the RC. The RC is very small with a couple of chairs & tables and a TV. The evening snacks were kind of sparce, but the breakfast was good. All in all, the Hyatt Baltimore is not one of their best.
PS- I've never stayed overnight at the Hyatt New Brunswick--but I wouldn't count on anything great there. There are a number of very good restaurants within a 3 block area of the hotel though!
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Old Jul 31, 00, 9:42 am
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You're lucky you got a room at all. The Baltimore Hyatt consistently fills up 2 weeks out and I've been using my "guaranteed reservation" benefit often. I'd agree that the front desk staff is pretty mediocre - I always seem to get someone who's never seen the certificates either.

The funniest/saddest feature about the Baltimore property is that they have cards and signs EVERYWHERE from Robert Steele, the hotel G.M., asking you to call a special number if there are any problems. I receive one when I check in, one in a card under my door, and two more strategically placed in the room. The best part is when you call the line and they tell you that yes, they are here to help, but they can't resolve your problem, but thanks for calling (the last time I called I asked for a Wall Street Journal, which this "business" hotel at $270 a night does not offer!).

It's pretty sad when you have to walk over to the Renaissance on the way to work to get a morning paper. Maybe I'll ask for Bob Steele next time, if he's not too busy stuffing his business card under every door.
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Old Oct 22, 01, 11:45 pm
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Hyatt Regency Baltimore-- shouldn't the rooms have beds?

Just returned from a visit to the Baltimore Hyatt Regency. Before I complain, I want to acknowledge that I used Priceline to book my room (one of my first times to try the service). I thought I received a pretty good rate-- but then again, sometimes you get what you pay for!

I arrived late in the evening after two connecting cross-country flights. At check-in, I confirmed that my GP Diamond number was in the system, was offered a Diamond amenity and received the key to my room. When I got to the end of the hall where my room was supposed to be, the door indicated two rooms-- not a good sign. Stepping through the locked doorway I entered an extremely small, windowless foyer (there apparently is no way to block the first door open when the suite is split into two rooms) leading to two seperate rooms.

Upon entering my room, however, I was pleasantly surprised-- it was tastefully renovated and offered a decent view. But after a moment, I realized something was missing-- the bed! After puzzling on this for a moment (I was extremely tired), I had a vague recollection of staying in something called a "Parlor Suite" many, many years ago. Like this room at the Baltimore Hyatt, it had a Murphy bed-- and I vaguely remember being unhappily surprised at the discovery and having a fitful nights sleep. This is when I learned the ironic definition of the term "Parlor Suite."

Too tired to complain, I pulled the thing out of the wall to discover an extremely thin and unpadded mattress covered by poorly tucked in sheets-- looked like a bed I could have made.

Oh well, at least I was offered my Diamond amenity-- although it was a little tricky finding a place for the cheese and cracker plate other than on top of the desk I planned to use.

After the snack, I decided I would take a nice bath to relax-- oops, this room was missing a bathtub as well! In its place was a small square shower stall open from floor to ceiling and protected by a long, opaque shower curtain-- similar to many locker rooms. After my shower (good water pressure, at least), I retired for the evening. It took awhile to fall asleep, however. Evidently the guest in the bedroom of the suite was ill-- the sound of her coughs carried effortlessly through the interior doorway connecting the rooms that was thoughtfully positioned directly adjacent to the head of the Murphy bed.

The next morning, I woke from a fitful night's sleep to find the sheets completely untucked and my body partially "resting" on a bare mattress. Given the lack of padding under the thin flat sheet, I hadn't even noticed (I finally understand why the Westin "Hevenly Bed" is such a big deal). All-in-all, it was kind of an adventure-- I remember similar situations when I was back-packing in college (although not in a 4-star hotel).

Of course, the property appeared to be pretty decent, and I suspect that it may actually offer reasonably-sized rooms with real beds. However, you may want to confirm this when making your reservation-- Hyatt's website apparently does not indicate that presence of these "unique" rooms at their Baltimore property (i.e it seems they assign these rooms at random to people who are paying normal rates, rather than offering them at some sort of discount). I have to credit the young man working the check-in desk. He did an excellent job of maintaining a poker face while preparing my card key while sealing my fate!

Maybe they built these rooms especially to trick Priceline customers! Looking at my confirmation, it only confirmed "1 room," not one bedroom. Some might say it serves me right for not paying full rack rate ($270 - $300/night).

I e-mailed Priceline about this situation in the middle of the night (when I'm most susceptible to righteous indignation) and much to my surprise received an e-mail from them within 15 minutes indicating they had read my complaint, would forward it to the hotel, and offered me an apology and a financial incentive to use their service in the future-- a more than adequate response from them, IMHO. As from Hyatt, I e-mailed them asking them to clarify how they assign such rooms and asking how to avoid a repeat of the situation.

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HKG Flyer,

I had a similar experience in Baltimore, but at a different hotel (the Harbor??). My extremely large room had a conference table seating 12, a wet bar, and a tiny little murphy bed tucked in the corner (an afterthought, I am sure). Coincidentally, it was also called a "Parlor Suite", but this "suite" cost me more than a standard room. Oh well, live and learn!
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At least you had a bed! My parlor suite in Hyatt Atlanta about 5 years ago only had a sofa bed. This was more uncomfortable because of that one single bar that creates a hump and you can't seem to lie straight across on. Anyone who has slept on a sofa bed knows what I mean.

The hotel was full with a convention and I couldn't take naps during the day because my group wanted to use the 12 seat conference table in the middle of the room and the wet bar every evening.

"Fly me to the moon and let me earn alot of miles."
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Old Oct 23, 01, 12:01 pm
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The nice thing about staying at Hyatt and being a Diamond is that you can avoid any such unpleasant surprises by using the 1-800-CHECK-IN service early in the morning (anytime after 9am day of arrival) and getting your room assignment. I am always careful to ask for a description of the room - and confirm that it has the desired bedding (nothing worse than 2 twins when I want a king!).
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Sound advice, BeantownFlyer. The bright side of my experience is that is was so exceptional. Over the last 4 years, I have averaged 100+ nights on the road/year with a a variety of different hotel companies; virtually every room has been satisfactory and more than 50% of the time, I feel like I'm getting better value for the dollar than the average guest (including many stays with companies like Marriott, Comfort Inn, Fiesta Americana, Quality Suites, Amerisuites, Shangri-La, Mandarin Oriental, Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons-- where I have no status whatsoever).

With Hyatt, I am so used to getting either what I expect or something much better that receiving something less than average came as a shock. In a way, my complaint is indirectly a compliment to Hyatt in that they have raised my expectations to such a level that I never feel I have to ask for details on my room assignment.
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That's quite interesting-- I guess that's another term I have to watch out for-- "varied bedding." I think the Hyatt Regency Baltimore may have a similar problem to the Aruba property. I looked at the floorplan on the back of the door to check out the configuration/size of other rooms relative to my accomodation. The floors have an irregular shape and there appeared to be 3 other rooms with an identical configuration on my floor (1 in each odd-shaped corner, basically)-- if the same situation exists on each floor, that's quite a few substandard rooms. I have a hard time imagining that they could sell these to customers paying anything close to their posted rates w/o major p.r. problems.

I was thinking they might use them for aircrews, but I wonder if union contracts require the airlines to provide a regular bed.
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I know the Baltimore Hyatt has Regency Club rooms, but does it have a Regency Club lounge?

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Old Apr 25, 02, 3:05 pm
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No RC, but as a Diamond, they gave me a breakfast coupon last month.
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Yes they have a RC Lounge. I was just there
at the end of March 2002. Lounge is ok and
just to left upon exiting elevator. Was also
given breakfest vouchers which were used.
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While I would have never expected it, the food in the restaurant here is actually excellent. Breakfast and dinner both.
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Old Apr 25, 02, 8:40 pm
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"Yes they have a RC Lounge. I was just there
at the end of March 2002. Lounge is ok and
just to left upon exiting elevator."

Actually, now that you mentioned it, I was told that the RC was closed, not that it did not exist. I guess that I just assumed that it had been permanently closed, just as had many others in the Hyatt system.
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