Advice for upcoming NYC stay?

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Cool Advice for upcoming NYC stay?

I will be enjoying a few days off in New York in mid-April with an old college roommate. We've got tickets to a concert at Radio City Music Hall, but will be seeing other things as well.

My only NYC Hyatt Stay has been at the GH at Grand Central - good experience, but I was thinking of trying either 48Lex or Andaz 5th Ave. I've read the review threads on each, done the other usual research with the photos available on, etc. What I'd really like is some opinions directly comparing 48Lex and Andaz 5th Ave (and GH, why not) from those who have stayed at all the properties. I'm intrigued by photos of the 48Lex Terrace Studio, but the Andaz 5th rooms look interesting as well.

Basically, if you've stayed at these properties, where would you go for a few days of (fun, not destructive) rock-and-roll lifestyle? Am I correct that neither 48Lex nor Andaz 5th have all-day complimentary snack options comparable to the GH Grand Lounge?

This will be a points stay, so probably not an opportunity to use an upgrade cert, etc.
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If price (points) is not a factor, I recommend you to try Andaz 5th Avenue. You are right that the non - alcoholic beverages and snacks are free and replace daily. Breakfast in this property is a must and many of us here loved the breakfast in this property.

Hyatt 48 Lex, on the other hand, is good in taking care of their Diamond member (better upgrade). However, the breakfast in this property somehow normal / average. If you would like to Rock & Roll and relax, I suggest you at Andaz 5th Avenue.

Extra notes: sometimes models go to 2nd floor at Andaz 5th Avenue for photo shoot. You can have a look and check it out & if you are lucky enough, you will see some na**d stuffs there too.
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My vote after decades with Hyatt is Andaz Wall Street ^
The best designed Andaz property to date IMO tied with amongst some of the best team members of all Hyatts I have ever ecountered.
A new experienced Hyatt GM took over recently here
I'm hoping he continues to let the property shine.I am paying more to stay at the property knowing I am well looked after

Grand Hyatt NYC has way too many variables that can lead to a failed stay.
Its always a challenge.Yes I like the folks here too
However my stays are typically complicated there

With Gold Passport costs and redemption rates running at all time historical highs the Wall Street Andaz property is usually less expensive than Andaz 5th Avenue
Even though I prefer the 5th ave location the lower cost pays for the taxis to get back uptown typically.
If I haven't been in a suite at Andaz Wall Street I have been in their exceptional corner rooms as a Diamond which rivals most NYC hotel suites.
They really take care of their Diamonds
I simply can not say the same for the andaz 5th Ave property ( good word on the street is they are improving though)
Andaz 5th Ave has a number of noisy street low level rooms that they seem delighted to put Diamond members in unless you speak up.

Although I like the folks @ Andaz 5th Ave personally that work there I frequently find the follow-ups poor to any questions or requests.
And Gold Passport training of their team members seems inconsistent
I also encountered one very rude team member ( a first ever at any Andaz) who said something behind my back which I heard when I politely like a gentleman tried to inform them of a Gold Passport benefit error on the part of the check in agent.
A very isolated incident I can asure you.Most are true professionals here.

The Andaz Wall Street breakfast is also superior to Andaz 5th Avenue with the exception of the Andaz 5th Ave lemon pancakes which is 5th Avenues one feather in their cap.
I cannot recomend Andaz Wall Street enough they have even upgraded me on 3rd party site bookings.
Have never stayed at the 48th Lex property however I can not imagine it being the same league as Andaz Wall Street in any way shape of form.Having said that they have a multitude of past sins to erase being stingy to Diamonds and once again word on the street is they are wll on their ways to redeeimg themselves and looking to create relationships with their customers.
Do not hesitate to contact me if I may be of further assistance

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If you are looking to conserve points, the 48 Lex property is a steal for Manhattan at 15K points per night. However, I read fantastic things about the Andaz property that comes in at 22K points per night. I have upcoming award reservations this year at both. The best reviews/photos I have found for those two properties came from Gary @ View From the Wing. He has stayed multiple times at both, and has a good handle on the pros/cons of both properties. I would go to his blog and search for those reviews.
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One question regarding Andaz 5th Ave: is it possible to book a suite (or even just a larger room or view room) with points? I only see 22k options for either the King or 2 Twin categories. I chose the 5th Ave over the Wall Street purely because of the great location, but I'm a bit worried about getting stuck in a lower floor cramped room.

Just to throw my advice, I haven't been to either of the hotels but I've been doing research for an upcoming stay in NYC. I'm pretty indecisive but ultimately ended up choosing the Hyatt 48 Lex for a Thursday night and then switching to the Andaz 5th Ave for Friday/Saturday. I won't be in the city the full day on Thursday so at 15k points the Hyatt 48 Lex was a steal. Plus they have the Terrace Studio as one of there awards for 15k (among a few other suites) and I'm pretty sure having a nice terrace balcony will be a winner.

I'll echo the poster above and say that both View From the Wing and One Mile at a Time had very helpful posts on all of these hotels. Keep in mind though that they both did paid stays and they're travel bloggers so there was potential for special treatment for them:

A good source of pictures is also the tripadvisor websites for each of the hotels. My stay is in two weeks so I'll report back with Andaz 5th Ave vs Hyatt 48 Lex, particularly how they treat Diamonds on an award stay.

Edit: Just called the Diamond line and confirmed that for min. 3 nights you can get the Andaz Suite at the Andaz 5th Ave for 33k points per night. Now trying to decide if the Andaz Suite is worth it (99k points) versus 1 night at Hyatt 48 Lex Terrace Suite (15kpts) and 2 nights in the Andaz King (44kpts)... leaning toward saving the 55k points.

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NiVRaM, I would be very interested in any recent trip reports, etc after your stay. I too did my research and have even tried to reach out to the Andaz GM here (who has yet to reply). I am on a 3 day paid stay in 3 weeks and using Diamond certificate. I called the concierge line and tried to pay + cert + points to guarantee one of the larger suites. I just hate having to negotiate an upgrade as I have had to in the past at times. I'm abit apprehensive of what to look forward to with this hotel ...
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A friend (diamond member) is currently staying at the 48 Lex, and has said that everything has been perfect. Friendly staff, nice rooms, etc. They even brought her a bottle of wine ^

I'm staying at the GH on Friday night, and 48 Lex on Sat night, so I'll make sure to post my feelings on each property.
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Andaz Wall Street, indeed! Fully agree with 777. The lobby is nothing short of breathtaking, admiring it every time I am there, and since it opened it's been tens of times. Staff - well pretty much the best even with the naturally high turnover. Location arguably is more New York than the touristy mid-town. Having some extra room is always nice. 48Lex is a pretty comfy hotel, however, their rooms are smallish. Grand Hyatt has some nice rooms (as for example their pic no.2 of an ex Lexington Suite) but their renovated VIPP suites are dark to the point of being depressing (ignore pictures of "premium" suites on their web-page. They will do their very best not to sell them to you). Andaz 5th Avenue is pretty nice, however, their lobby and public areas are inferior to Andaz Wall St.

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Here is a different perspective for you. My wife and I spent this past Saturday evening at the Andaz 5th Ave. We were mega upgraded (paid stay with Diamond confirmed suite upgrade) to one of the 2 bedroom corner suites on the top floors of the hotel. The spacious living room came with floor to ceiling windows and a truly killer view of the New Your Public Library/Bryant Park and the Empire State Building, a slice view of Times Square and what looked to be the ball and even a sliver of the Hudson River Not to mention the wide selection of historic and newer buildings ringing Bryant Park. A truly exceptional multi layered view that rivals or might even surpass a Central Park view.

So whats the different perspective? Our plans for the weekend were not Rock and Roll, but even our more modest ones were never realized as we just hung out in our suite and marveled at the impressive view. We did venture across the street and saw the original pooh at the NYPL and managed a slice... but that was about it.

So If you are coming to NYC to see the city pick a place that is a good location and is marginal enough that getting out of it is a pleasure but also nice enough to not suck.

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I just completed 4 night stay at Andaz 5th, used my last suite upgrade and got a nice large suite on 12th floor. Was working all day well into the evenings so TBH I didn't really spend time in the Hotel. Had breakfast one day which was OK nothing special IMO but I just had the oatmeal so probably my selection more than anything :-) Used the gym which was well equipped. Staff were friendly. I thought Andaz had free coffee/breakfast snack and an evening reception like activity as part of their "vibe" and at least Liverpool St. does this. Anyway I did get back to the hotel around 8.30pm one night but didn't see any drinks/snacks in the library area. Anyway can't fault the stay last time I was in NY stayed at the GH and with the refurb it's ceetainly a much nicer option that it used to be but defintely prefer Andaz 5th over GH.
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I also find myself in a bit of a quandary regarding an upcoming Saturday night stay during a quick leisure trip. I used my last confirmed Diamond suite upgrade from 2011 to reserve a suite at the Andaz 5th, but overall prices have gone down and I see there is now availability at the Andaz Wall St for about $100 less than my existing reservation. If I switch over to the Andaz Wall St, I waste my upgrade and probably wouldn't spend a new confirmed suite upgrade just for a one night stay (since I'm not just looking to burn an expiring upgrade anymore).

I'll be flying in on a red-eye so I'll get in early Saturday morning and was hoping for early check-in before I hit the town. Would that be more likely at Wall St? Is the cost savings also worth the extra taxi expense if I want to spend most of my time at the Met or other places around Central Park?
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Just back from the Lex, and I felt like a thief getting the upgraded to a corner suite for 15k a night. The room was larger than most NY apartments!
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I know anyone is saying Andaz but man I love the GH NY for suite upgrades. The thing about GH NY suites though, you have no view or of Grand Central Station . The remodeling they just completed as of Nov of last year is quite nice as well. Their grand lounge is simply amazing, even with outdoor seating. I love it.
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I might try the GH again (though another poster is correct that something always seems to be off at that property), but the Andaz 5th people know me well, and feel like family. The Andaz Wall is a great hotel as well, but midtown is where business and pleasure usually take me.

Have not yet tried the Lex48.
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Just spent the weekend in NYC at the GH & 48 Lex. Although I had not been to the GH before the re-model, I had a great stay! Check-in was smooth, and I was given a nice corner room on the 22nd floor. Although they were not serving food when I visited, I did manage to visit the Grand Club (very nicely done). I was also given coupons for free coffee, water, etc, at the GH Market (off the lobby, and open 24hrs).

The 48 Lex is a great property! Although the elevators are slow, the Lexicon Lounge on the 2nd floor is a great place to socialize and eat some light snacks. Each floor has 5-6 rooms, so you get a pretty "intimate" atmosphere, and the rooms are decently sized.

As a Diamond at 48 Lex, I was given a gift card to the hotel restaurant ($25 per guest, per day!), which could be redeemed for food/drink throughout the day (not just breakfast). Enjoyed a nice egg's benedict this morning, while other in the group had the Southwestern Scramble.

Overall, I'd pick the GH if you want something with a lounge, or the 48 Lex if you don't mind missing the lounge, and want something that is smaller & quieter.
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