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Andaz Wall Street, indeed! Fully agree with 777. The lobby is nothing short of breathtaking, admiring it every time I am there, and since it opened it's been tens of times. Staff - well pretty much the best even with the naturally high turnover. Location arguably is more New York than the touristy mid-town. Having some extra room is always nice. 48Lex is a pretty comfy hotel, however, their rooms are smallish. Grand Hyatt has some nice rooms (as for example their pic no.2 of an ex Lexington Suite) but their renovated VIPP suites are dark to the point of being depressing (ignore pictures of "premium" suites on their web-page. They will do their very best not to sell them to you). Andaz 5th Avenue is pretty nice, however, their lobby and public areas are inferior to Andaz Wall St.

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