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Hilton London Heathrow Airport (at terminal 4) {GBR}

Hilton London Heathrow Airport (at terminal 4) {GBR}

Old May 22, 00, 3:19 pm
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Arrow Hilton London Heathrow Airport (at terminal 4) {GBR}

Namely, that there is NO free transfers between the terminals and the hotel. Unless of course you are departing from Terminal 4, then you have transfers - your feet! It is about a good 6 minute of brisk walking to get to the hotel from the departure levels of the Terminal. When I checked in today to enquire about the transfers to Terminal 3 the next day, I was told that I have two options. One to take acab for a 12 charge (US$20) to get to another Terminal, or I could walk to T4, and take the Heathrow Express for free. But that is a nightmare in itself.

You have been warned! I guess I will cough up the cash and take a cab tomorrow. And will never ever stay at this property again. Only good thing is that they haev free interne access in the rooms!
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Old May 22, 00, 5:07 pm
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There are shuttle busses for 1.50 that run a cycle of hotels and all terminals.

There are five or six different routes, each of which covers some 4 or 5 different hotels.
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Old May 22, 00, 6:33 pm
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Guess I'll blacklist this for my heathrow stays.

What is the best LHR airport hotel?
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Old May 22, 00, 11:04 pm
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The shuttle buses do not call at the Hilton so you'll have to walk back to the terminal. But, BAA - the operators of LHR - have a bus to terminal 2 from landside lower level.
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Old May 23, 00, 2:56 am
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I am not sure that I agree with this post. Personally I do not find a 5 minute walk in a covered walkway from T4 to the Hilton a problem - I am by no means fit and just about as lazy as you can get, but honestly this walk is nowhere near as far as your average check-in to departure gate walk.

The Heathrow Express lifts are very close to the walk-way so I have never found a inter-terminal trip a problem.

Yes this hotel is designed for T4 passengers, but I would rather walk for 5 minutes than wait for a bus for 15 minutes, not being sure if it will arrive!

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Old May 23, 00, 6:49 am
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I have to agree with Merry. I stayed at the Heathrow Hilton in a day room a couple of years back - the BA flight was scheduled to arrive at 4:45am, and we weren't excited about heading off to London that early.

It is a 5 - 6 minute walk from the terminal - but it is an enclosed walkway and there are luggage carts available at both ends. It is a short and free trip on the Heathrow Express to the other terminals.

My only folly was not listening to my wife and neglecting to grab a luggage cart - I can still hear myself saying it is a short walk to the hotel, why bother?

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Old May 23, 00, 8:16 am
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You have no idea how much it pains me to say this, but in this one instance, Merry is right.

The walk to T-4 is really not THAT big of a deal, particularly if you get a cart. And the ELEVATOR to H.E. is just at the end of the walkway. It took me 20 minutes to get from the front door of the Hilton to the 1k UA check-in counter (but I was pretty lucky as I waited only 5 minutes for the H.E.). But I imagine even if you JUST miss the previous H.E. that the journey should take no more than 40 minutes.

I've waited FAR longer than that in the past for free hotel shuttles to/from airport hotels. And best of all, you can make the journey whenever you like, not being restricted to on-the-hour or half-hour schedules of many free airport-hotel transfers...

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Old May 23, 00, 9:37 am
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I have to agree with Merry and Nutz, the walk is actually a very easy one ( this from a chubby and out of shape older guy ), and you can walk to all terminals through the underground walkways in 20 minutes max. I figure you'll be sitting in an airplane fro 6 - 12 hours anyway why not a little exercise.

Cheers Scott
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Old May 23, 00, 12:45 pm
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Hilton London Heathrow has been scratched off the black list.

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Old May 23, 00, 6:42 pm
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Like Merry and Kokonutz, I don't think the Hilton is that inconvenient.

Slightly different subject, has anyone tried the new LHR Marriott??
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Old May 23, 00, 8:02 pm
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Just to add my two cents.

Getting to the hotels at Heathrow never USED to be a problem when the hotels operated their own shuttles. However, a couple years ago BAA did away with the individual shuttles ( in the sake of reducing traffic congestion) and insisted on the combined hotel routes. I made the unfortunate choice ONCE of trying this. It took me nearly 90 minutes of waiting for the bus, and traveling all over before i got to my hotel NEVER AGAIN. It is either a taxi to the Sheratons or The Hilton ( via Heathrow Express to Terminal 4 and a short walk.)
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Old May 24, 00, 5:05 am
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The walk from Hilton to terminal 4 is not bad at all, but beware when you return to terminal 4 in the morning and catch the free train to terminal 3: sometimes it does not stop at terminal 3 but continues all the way to Paddington. Yes, I know, all you have to do is read the electronic sign next to the tracks, which lets you know the train's next stop. However, if you're rushing towards the tracks trying to catch the train before it leaves, you may forget to read... (this must happen quite frequently: the conductor was not surprised at all, did not charge me for the ride, and allowed me to board the next Heathrow-bound train as soon as I arrived at Paddington. Meanwhile, my flight to AMS was delayed, so, in the end, disaster was averted... )
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Old May 24, 00, 5:43 am
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Well at least you had a nice trip into the city.
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Old May 24, 00, 3:21 pm
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I stayed at the hilton heathrow last week. It was an all too short trip (one night), but I agree with the others that said that walking is not a problem. Granted, I was only headed to terminal 4, but it was ten minutes from the arrivals lounge to the hotel.

btw, I had a very nice executive floor room with a great view of the airport.

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Old May 25, 00, 1:46 am
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Just as a minor point of clarification the Executive rooms (and lounge) face away from the airport, the Business Rooms face towards the airport.

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