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Things You Order To Make The Server Say "huh?"

Things You Order To Make The Server Say "huh?"

Old Dec 10, 08, 9:17 pm
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The South African in me really misses a decent, toasted chicken mayo sandwich.

NO, I do not want a chicken salad sandwich...yuck....If I have to, grill the entire sandwich, with the chicken salad concoction already on the bread.

Such a simple thing, yet I always end up with two slices of toast with cold chicken salad on it.
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Old Dec 12, 08, 6:52 am
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UALfromMSN You're the same as me! I say to people don't go all out veggie, just have a little meat with your meal.
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Old Dec 12, 08, 6:58 am
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Originally Posted by dchristiva View Post
One of my favorite winter drinks is a Snowball, with either lemon-lime soda or lemonade mixed with Advocaat. I've rarely found a bar that has Advocaat, so I generally have to enjoy them at home. Ordering one from a waitperson or bartender usually elicits "what's in that?" followed by a frown when I say "Advocaat".
You're one person bartenders hate - have you ever tried washing up a glass that's had Advocaat in it?
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Old Dec 12, 08, 8:18 am
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Many years ago, my husband and I decided that life was short. Therefore, many times one of us will order dessert first. If the server gets it right, they get an extra tip. Even if you say "I'll have the Chocolate Thunder From Down Under first, then the Pork Tenderloin and iced tea," some servers just don't register exactly what you said. They bring your meal, then dessert. The tip goes down for failure to pay attention.

Having dessert first is one of pleasures of eating out while travelling. Gets the attention of your travelling companions who are having salad while you have cheesecake.

We do this once during every business trip, just to remind us that life should be enjoyed.
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Old Dec 15, 08, 11:34 am
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Originally Posted by Flight405 View Post
You're one person bartenders hate - have you ever tried washing up a glass that's had Advocaat in it?
Yeah. What's the big deal? At holiday time, I probably have a couple of Snowballs a week. No problems washing out the glass.
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Old Dec 16, 08, 8:35 am
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"I'll have the mint chocolate tuna fish pizza, please."
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Old Dec 20, 08, 11:57 pm
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Originally Posted by aSiAnRiCk View Post
Hah ... I'll do that next time .. just out of amusement
Great idea ... I bet they'll argue somewhat at such a request!
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Old Dec 22, 08, 7:23 pm
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"Four fried chickens and a coke, and some dry white
toast, please"
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Old Dec 27, 08, 3:51 am
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Originally Posted by mlshanks
If you call in advance, my favorite Russian restaurant will have a bottle of your favorite Vodka frozen *in the middle* of a block of ice with nothing but the neck exposed, ready for pouring neat. Nastrovya!
Originally Posted by crabbing View Post
gde eta restoran? is it in the LA area, or somewhere else?
Old Kiev [despite the name, really more Russian than Ukranian] , In L.A.'s San Fernando Valley suburb of Encino on Ventura Blvd between White Oak and Balboa.
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Old Dec 31, 08, 7:26 am
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cnacu6o! too bad i don't live in LA anymore.
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