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What is your favourite beverage on board?

What is your favourite beverage on board?

Old Nov 13, 17, 12:59 pm
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What is your favourite beverage on board?

Please share what are your favourite Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverage of Choice on all classes.

Class Alcoholic Non -Alcoholic

Thank you.
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Old Nov 13, 17, 4:39 pm
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Non-Alcoholic is 95% water, 5% tea/coffee (coffee only if they have espresso and then only if it's Nespresso/Illy and not generic powder stuff).


Delta (Y, C+, and D1) is like 99% Woodford on the rocks or else nothing (see above) or maybe wine/champagne in D1 if an overnight flight and it goes with meal
United (Y, E+, and D1) is Buffalo Trace (if they have it) or beer
International carrier (J) is always champagne to start and wine for the meals
International carrier (F) is always champagne to start, wine for the meals, and JWB (or Hibiki 17 if Japanese carrier) for post-sleep end of flight. Exception is Japanese carriers I'll opt for Sake sometimes instead of wine in the middle.

I find that in big domestic F or international J cabins, wine is the best choice if you want to have multiple drinks without waiting a tremendous amount of time between finishing and getting a new one. It seems the FAs are usually better about walking through the aisle with the red and white bottles to give you active (and often without asking) refills vs. beer/cocktail which requires taking a new order and actually making it and bringing it back to you which can be an issue in the bigger cabins if they have lots going on (especially with US airlines/FAs)
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Old Nov 13, 17, 7:29 pm
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Originally Posted by babyeitoto View Post
Please share what are your favourite Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverage of Choice on all classes.

Class Alcoholic Non -Alcoholic
On a plane, it's always ginger ale. Easy on the gut, not dehydrating, no hangover.
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Old Nov 14, 17, 12:17 am
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Before lunch always a Bloody Mary, if they have the minimum functional fixings (wookie, S&P, lemon). If they have additional fixings (Tabasco, Celery Salt, etc) or make it particularly well and I'm not heading straight to work I might have another. Just water with food.

Late afternoon / early evening. As above but with G&T in place of Bloody Mary.

Dinner Flight. G&T pre dinner then red wine with dinner if its fit to wash your socks in. Otherwise I'll pass with dinner and then have a cognac afterwards.

Night flight. Wine in lounge then cognac onboard. Sleep.

Notable exception is on Emirates, who appear to have a note on file that they are to serve me an unsolicited G&T at every opportunity. "Good morning, I hope you slept well, here's your omelette and your usual G&T." I've tried numerous times to release them from this notion of my Gin obsession but have now given up and tend to just drink them.
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Old Nov 14, 17, 12:21 am
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Ginger Ale.

I don't drink, so don't have an alcoholic choice.
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Old Nov 14, 17, 2:45 pm
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Coach: Water; beer (usually the Goose Island selection on UA)
Business/First: Water; Bloody Mary on morning flights; Wine with lunch or dinner
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Old Nov 14, 17, 3:46 pm
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When in Coach: Water. Water, water, water. Want to fight jetlag stay hydrated!

When in First class: Johnny Blue and Dom please!

Favorite off menu drink: On TG in F they will make you Thai Tea IF you ask really nicely
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Old Nov 14, 17, 4:06 pm
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My flights on CX

Water, Orange juice, Apple juice, coffee, Chinese tea, English Tea

Premium Economy
Champagne as pre-departure drink, and same as above throughout the flight.

Business and above
Same as above as well as HK-style milk tea, Cathay Delight, Cappuccino, and maybe some Green tea. On occasion, a Sprite, Ginger Ale, or Jack and Coke on the rocks. I rarely drink cocktails and sodas in general.

On SQ (been on them only once)

The Singapore Sling is pretty good
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Economy - Water, Apple Juice or a Coke if tired.
Business - Beer, Water, Apple Juice.

Economy - Water, Apple Juice or a Coke if tired.
Business - Champagne, maybe a single malt or Cognac
First - Champagne, maybe a single malt or Cognac

LCC - Nothing lol, I'll bring my own beverages.
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Old Nov 16, 17, 11:19 am
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Coke Zero
Club Soda

The Scotch or Bourbon option in Y
In J/F, a glass or two of the champagne to start. Followed by (ranked):
Salon or Billecart-Salmon, if available
Japanese Whiskey Offering, if available
Single Malt Scotch, if available
Chivas Regal
Riesling offering

With a Baileys on the rocks for dessert.
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Domestic/short haul: Water or Diet Coke

International/long haul: Water and white wine

I only take alcohol if it's free, and wine over beer (which is 180 from what I drink on the ground). Beer + cabin pressure means instant gas for me so I spare my neighbors
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Soda water and a piece of lime..............with or without Tito's vodka. Depends on my mood and the time of day.
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I try to get a tomato juice or a Bloody Mary Mix without alcohol. If not available, I will then opt on a soda depending on what I feel like at the time.

For some reason tomato juice tastes better in the air than on the ground.
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I don't really drink, I'm really trying to cut down sugar, and I usually sleep on planes, so it's whatever diet non-caffeinated soda they have, if they have one or water if not.

Except on QF, where as I recall, they have Bundaberg Ginger Beer, but not the diet version thereof -- that's worth the sugar -- and occasionally a Cathay Delight on CX.

Once in a very great while when flying in J, I'll have some red wine or a port if they have one.
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I'm generally G&T....on the ground I'm mostly a beer guy - but beer never tastes that good in the air
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