Delta Road Warrior Training/DO

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Delta Road Warrior Training/DO

OK… as I committed, I have been working on pulling together the Delta Road Warrior training/DO. I know this is a long post, so please bear with me. I am a staff of one with no budget, but I am making good progress. I haven’t finalized all the details yet, but I am continuing to work on them. I wanted to share with you what I have pulled together so far, as it is time to get some feedback and count of how many of you would actually plan to attend this event and the associated planned activities. I would also like to get some feedback on the level of logistics you would like to have planned, what you are willing to spend, and what dates would work for you so I can continue to finalize the details. Most of these events are space limited, so I really need to get a solid count of who wants to attend what events. I can’t keep saying I have a group (not sure how many), and I don’t know the dates! I will do my best to try to accommodate everyone. You can choose to attend all of the activities or just one.

I have tried to keep costs to a minimum, but there will some costs involved. As I said, there is no budget. It all depends on how much planning I do in advance for a group vs. how much everyone would like to go “on your own”.

Here are the items for this event so far:

Dates: Depending on the number of people that attend, this could either be a 2 or 3 day event in total. If we have a large number of people that want to attend the Road Warrior training, then it could stretch out one more day. Most likely it will start on Thursday afternoon and end on Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

The two tentative date ranges that I am working with are:
  • Thursday, June 18 – Sunday, June 21, 2009 or
  • Thursday, June 25 – Sunday, June 28, 2009

If for some reason neither of the dates work for the majority of the people that would like to attend, I can certainly look at other dates. I need at least 8 more weeks at minimum to get the details finalized.

Road Warrior Training (RWT) at Delta Headquarters: They can accommodate two classes a day with a minimum of 10 attendees per class and a maximum of 33 per class. If we have more than 66 people who want to attend, then we will need to have more than one day of RWT. The normal cost of this training is $300 per person, but depending on the number of attendees, Delta will offer this training to FlyerTalk members at the cost of $150 per person. This training will last 7 hours and lunch will be provided. If you would like more details, click here. There are also some details on the Delta Blog – click here.

Delta Heritage Museum: We will visit the Museum for approx. two hours. This will include the ‘Spirit of Delta’ 767 jet exhibit which will be open for tours, as well as two major exhibits that will be opening in the next 2 months - The Northwest Airlines exhibit will open on May 15th and our Delta 1920’s – 1950’s exhibit will open on Delta’s 80th anniversary on June 17th. For more information on the museum, please click here.

Delta Technical Operations tour: The TOC is 63 acres under roof and performs maintenance for Delta owned engines, components and aircraft hangar visits including the painting of aircraft. Delta TechOps is also a Maintenance/Repair/Overhaul (MRO) provider for over 100 customers, including several Air Carriers. Included on the tour will be the Engine Shop, Test Cells, Hangar Bays, Aircraft in for Heavy Maintenance Visit (HMV), Stores, Composite Shop, Paint Hangars, Electronics and Avionics Shops. This tour is limited to 50 people. If more than 50 people want to participate in this, I can ask for more than one tour.

I am working on one or two other activities, but haven’t confirmed those at this point. So, we will go with what we have at the moment.

Meeting with Delta Execs. I am sure that many of you would like to have a “Q&A” session with some of the Delta Execs. I am planning to extend an invitation for them attend. I haven’t done so at this point, so I do not know if they will be able or willing to attend. Please let me know if there is someone specific from Delta that you would like for me to invite. Of course, any Delta employees who would like to participate in any element of this event, please feel free to do so. I would welcome to the opportunity to have you there.

Hotel: The Atlanta Airport Hilton will tentatively be the “group” hotel for this event. The hotel is located directly across the street from Delta Headquarters and is in a great location for this event. The normal rate starts at $154.00 per night, but depending on the number of attendees/guests, they have agreed to give us a group rate of $79.00 per night + taxes and fees. The Hilton offers free shuttle service from the airport to the hotel approx. every 15 minutes. The will also offer us meeting rooms at no additional cost for a group meeting/gathering. If enough people express an interest in staying at the Hilton, we will have a dedicated web-site for registration for the hotel. For more information on this hotel, please click here.

Meals: If there is enough interest, a group dinner can be planned at the Hilton. The cost of that dinner will be approx. $45 per person, and we can have a cash bar. It is a pretty extensive menu. We could also plan a dinner at another venue. If there is enough interest in doing this, I hope someone that is better at choosing the menu than me volunteers to help plan the event and pick the dinner options out!

Transportation: Transportation to and from the venues for this event can be planned in advance. Based on the large number of people that have expressed an interest in attending, we will need to charter buses from the hotel to and from the different venues. The cost per person will be approx. $30 pp/ per day. You can of course out to provide you own transportation to and from each of these venues. I am also look at a few other options that might be cheaper.

Other Venues/Sightseeing: I will be providing a list of other local Atlanta attractions that you can visit if you are interested – Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta Braves game, etc.. I am not planning any other venues or sightseeing. If there is a group that wants to plan some other activities, and some volunteers to pull this together, I am willing to help out, but I am not currently planning any additional activities. You can of course visit any sightseeing locations on your own and there is Marta railway service directly from the airport to many venues.

Security: Delta Security will require that I provide them with a list of all attendees in advance. You will be required to have a government issued ID that matches the name you provide for registration purposes. You will also need to wear a name tag during events at Delta, and we will always need a Delta Employee escort while inside the Delta property.

Volunteers: Delta is not officially sponsoring this event, so I will certainly need volunteers to help with many aspects of this. Like I said early, at this point, it is just me doing the planning, so if you are willing to help out, please let me know the area(s) that you are interesting in helping with. I need help with registration – both on-line and at the event, transportation logistics, collecting payments, planning any meals/meetings, and any possible Other Venue/Sightseeing events that there is interest for.

Next Steps: If you are interested in attending the event, please complete the questionnaire below and send it via email to [email protected] This is just two months away, so I need to finalize the details quickly. I will give it a full two weeks to allow everyone to respond and then come back with more details on the dates, and events. I am trying not to fill up my Flyertalk email, but feel free to send me mail at that address with any questions or concerns you may have at this point. I know many of you have responded to the previous Flyertalk poll on the DO, or sent me mail directly, but I really need a confirmed count at this point, so I ask for your patience in doing this one more time as I continue to work the details out.

I am trying hard to make this a great event for everyone who attends. I really look forward to meeting everyone that will attend this event. It will be great to put faces with names!!



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Delta Road Warrior Training/DO Attendees

Registration for this event is now closed. We have a total of 63 people attending this event.

This is the FINAL list for the upcoming Road Warrior Training/DO.There will be NO MORE changes to this list, so please do not ask. Thank you!


Text version:

Confirmed - 63:

DLGrkitalNY, AndrewNYC, MM/PM widget, Gargoyle, Mrs. Gargoyle, ShopAround, NHFL9, trahok, ONTRandy, BAplntf, Pharaoh, bennos, mersk862, ADLFO + 1, Amadecasa + 1, Flyin'Mom, jcherney, MikeMpls, WifeMpls, MikeBU + 1, me4yankees, bowdenj, HRS, BondAir007, Dilemma, KeepDeltaFlying, skoker, peteropny, WesNSpace, SKYTEAM777, mot29, astrotrainempire + 1, davakkar, elizabethrizzo, Wburcham, atl runner, KLC, Flyzabit, gte157q, gpscuba2000, Colpuck, uva185, SomeGuy, jetsetter, scoow, bdnyc, brillb, xanthuos, DiverDave, jb831, memphisqueen, N301DQ, Traveller, TN traveler, foofiter, EasternTraveler + 1, Canarsie, atldlff

Cancellations - 17:

Bookexp, SRQCris, NHFL9 + 1 (the +1 only), DLfan, AMMO, peteropny + 1 (the +1 only), RunawayNFly, V1VrV2, Cellisttoo + 1, MikeMpls + 1 (the +1 only), pbjag, jfulcher, EasternTraveler + 4, silkworm87, icorproadie, avatiorzz + 1


Text Version:

LEADER - ShopAround

Gargoyle, SomeGuy, MM/PM widget, Mrs. Gargoyle, NHFL9, ShopAround,
foofiter, trahok, jetsetter, Pharaoh, ONTRandy, BAplntf, AndrewNYC, DLGrkitalNY, xanthuos

LEADER - bennos

jcherney, ADLFO, Mr. Amadecasa, Flyin'Mom, ADLFO + 1, MikeBU +1, Traveller, mersk862, scoow, DiverDave, bennos, MikeMpls, MikeBU, Amadecasa, WifeMpls

LEADER - WesNSpace

peteropny, bdnyc, skoker, KeepDeltaFlying, BondAir007, TN traveler, jb831, WesNSpace, me4yankees, bowdenj, Dilemma, HRS, brillb, SKYTEAM777

LEADER - davakkar

Flyzabit, KLC, gpscuba2000, gte157q, mot29, elizabethrizzo, memphisqueen, davakkar, astrotrainempire, Wburcham , astrotrainempire + 1, EasternTraveler,
Colpuck, uva185, EasternTraveler +1

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Thanks for your hard work ^. Email sent to you today.
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The only thing that sounds out of line to me is the $45 for a Hilton meal.
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Thank you! Mrs. Gargoyle and I are looking forward to it. Message in your mailbox.
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Gotta think about this. I scrubbed going to the rescheduled annual meeting so we wouldn't be on the road 4 weekends in a row, but this is tempting .... We might do some rebooking (free on WN )to open up time for this.

There is going to be a lot more interest than you imagined. The only real scheduling negative is the Thursday start. I'd suggest making the bus service mandatory for airport events rather than have large #'s of individuals wandering around the airport perimeter trying to figure out where to go & where to park.

Hopefully some of the ATL-based members will help out. This will probably overwhelm a solo organizer.

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Editing my old post to post flight information on the first page for those that have shared with me: (Please feel free to PM me your flight details and I will post.)

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Email sent!
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Email sent for me +Mrs. June 25 date will work for us, if you do it the earlier week, we'll have to catch all of you next year. Thanks again for all your hard work.
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I might have an alternative for the bus (though it might be more admin work, apologies in advance):

I need to use some free rental days at National, and I'd be happy to rent a mini-van for transportation, in lieu of the bus.

IIRC, I think you can fit 7 people; if a few other people also rented/used large vehicles, we could perhaps move everyone around... and increase our carbon footprint at the same time!
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As mentioned in the returned email questionnaire I am in, but only possible for the 18-21 June week. Yay!

I will be driving up (from N FL) and in keeping with troydwhite's offer, will have a vehicle (F350) capable of 6 in the cab and another dozen or so (rednecks only) in the back. Ok, make it just the 6.
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Email is on its way to you.

Thanks for doing this!

I'm getting very excited thinking about us all tossing each other out the emergency exits!
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You have mail!

I can only make the second week, but I suspect you'll have lots (more than you expect) of interest in both dates.

Thanks for your efforts to organize this!
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E-mail sent for DLGrkitalNY + 1.

Thanks for taking the time and effort to organize. Look forward to a few days of fun in the ATL.
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Email sent! Thanks!
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