SkyMiles Award levels Renamed

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What used to be the expected rate (low) is now "saver" and the new "standard" is increased to the former mid-level (medum).

More marketing spin on the increase of award travel.

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Here come changes....

...if you trust these folks, laughs on you.

AT THIS TIME there's not a plan...
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So partner awards now always book at saver level?
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Posts: 446 is only miles. Its not like you can take them with you ( or will them to a family member)

Personally, I'm saving my miles for a one way award on SQ in F to SPG (St. Peter's Gate)
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Originally Posted by FederalFlyer View Post
So partner awards now always book at saver level?
DL will get around to changing that ... sooner or later.
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call the levels what they really are....

Why not just name the levels...

1. Acceptable
2. Ridiculous
3. Bend Over
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I waited all this time for the promised "improvements" in the award calendar, and all I got was a renaming of the redemption levels.
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Originally Posted by FederalFlyer View Post
So partner awards now always book at saver level?
I wasn't too concerned about this, but this is an interesting observation.

At first, I just likened this to how they call everything short of full Y as "Discounted Economy." Like we're supposed feel we're getting a bargain with a purchase in M or H class.

But yes, the partner award thing is giving me pause.
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Next step: add a 4th tier

By 2030 it'll be like Hilton with 10 categories.
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Originally Posted by DwayneSkyMiles View Post
In a few hours, you will begin to notice some wording changes on as you access various areas of the site. Tomorrow morning you will see the following update on the SkyMiles News & Updates page:

"New Names For Award Levels"

To clarify our Award Travel chart, we’ve updated the Award level names to Saver, Standard and Peak from Low, Medium and High, respectively. Please note that the change of names for the Award levels does not indicate changes with the program rules or mileage redemption at this time. Visit our Award Travel page to learn more about using miles for an Award Ticket."

While some may speculate that this change is more than a wording change, we'd like to be very clear that this is only a modification to the way we describe Award levels. It is not a change to the levels themselves.

We hope this is a helpful change for you and the rest of our SkyMiles members.


Dwayne: I assume this is right of the tail of the award calendar booking tool update we've been waiting on for years? Yeah, didn't think so. Undeniably the Industry's worst tool....hands down.
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Originally Posted by FlyingUnderTheRadar View Post
Yeah no kidding. Originally a single level with lots of restrictions, then two levels with second higher level with less restrictions, but the lower level was still the "Standard." For what three-fours years now three levels with the low still being the "Standard". Now the new "Standard" just doubled.
Standard and saver are at least consistent terms across frequent flyer programs in the US. I guess I don't see anything worth getting that riled up about. Of course, if "saver" space plummets to further degrees of terribleness you may call me out for being wrong.
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No speculation needed...
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And where are the usual apologists on this board...and you know who you are.
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Originally Posted by GUWonder View Post
+1. How is renaming award levels helpful in any way? Fixing the award calendar would actually be helpful.

Originally Posted by GUWonder View Post
You're rolling on the floor out loud? Sounds painful.
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