Change up: Best/Worst Cabin Crew

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Change up: Best/Worst Cabin Crew

OK, so you guys have gotten to ask all the questions you can spit out to us F/As... but I for one would like to hear from your side about the best and worst cabin crews you've had. Any really psycho F/As you've flown with?
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I remember this one time I was on a flight home, and the F/A welcomed me home by name over the PA. (He now goes by LSW )
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LMAO... I do remember that

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Oh this could open up an ugly can of worms.

I had one great female FA on an LGW-EWR flight who was great on reseating me to an empty exit row partway into the flight due to a broken seat. The male FA's were indifferent to her requests if there were available seats on the other side of the plane. She was great.

On the LGW-EWR flight that lead to the above, one passenger moved her self back to the over wing exit row (empty) from Row 7 prior to departure because the FA was driving her nuts. Me and the other passengers in on the conversation looked down the aisle and said in unison "Oh no, not her" That was a funny moment to be honest. We were glad the FA was working BF that flight.

Another great FA I've had gave great annoucements, especially when we got stuck at EWR rush hour after landing waiting for the gate area to open up, was very courtious, very professional, etc.
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On 62 and 63 (EWR - MAD) in BF

Consistently very good: Piero, Michael, Hortensia, Maria Jesus. ^There are others I recognize (and more indicative of my frequent flying -- that recognize me!) but I have forgotten or mislaid their names.
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Best: Last year I flew BF EWR-CDG on Thanksgiving day and we had a young female F/A who was friendly, attentive, caring, wonderful. Probably the best F/A service I have ever received on any airline

Worst: About five years ago, flying Y EWR-LAX, a passenger was walking the aisle when he was told to sit down because he was in the way. After a conversation out of my earshot, an F/A with a German or perhaps Dutch accent was clearly heard using the F bomb explaining to her colleague that this passenger had a claustrophobia problem.

I paraphrase, but her very loud comment was something as follows: "What a loser. He has a f***ing claustrophobia problem."

That was about as unprofessional as I have ever experienced.

My other favorite moment was the one time I had the actual Chavon working one one of my flights. I should have asked her for her autograph.
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Best: Never got her name. LGW-EWR in my pre-valium-medicating days. During some heavy tubulence while I was alone in the last row she quietly came and sat with me. I was white knuckled and near panicky. She spoke soothingly and by the time it all settled out I noticed I was holding her hand so tightly I was probably cutting off the blood flow. Very, very nice FA.

Really never had an awful FA experience. Lackluster, but never bad enough to report. ..........let's talk TSA instead.
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Late 70's BA crew on Concord: They were as excited and enthusiastic as I was.

Late 80's AA DFW-GDL & back several flights FA gave us extra bottle of champagne to take with us, great parties, one time i was only one in F until 4 AA gate agents boarded for shopping day in DFW.. flew back with 'em the next day too.

About 2 years ago, CO IAH-GDL mainline flight: FA was from my home town (CRP) and went to school with my sister. Besides my family (3 of us) there were only 2 other people in F. She spent her spare time catching up on the dozens of common friends we had.


Mid 80's, AA flight attendant spilled tray of boarding champagne on me.

'92 LHR-ORD AA in F (After a week in SVO) FA thought after 4 vodka shots (they were serving caviar) I'd had enough and cut me off for the rest of the flight. She said she'd get in trouble if I appeared over served at customs. At 250 lbs and a week in Russia, 4 vodkas wasn't even a good start on being over served..

Pre Do III CHQ flights CRP-IAH (and back) almost never offered any beverage service. A comment to Larry at the DO had that fixed the next day.
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Originally Posted by LukeSkywaiter
Any really psycho F/As you've flown with?
I had a F/A on a US flight that looked exactly like Private Pyle. Every time he'd go into the lav my seat mate would nudge me. He wasn't working the section I was sitting in, so I don't know how he was in the service dpet. But he certainly looked the psycho part. Of course, if I worked for US, I'd imagine I'd look similar.

A F/A on LH wins this distinction. I was using the lav when they were distributing the menus and when she came to take my order I politely asked to see the menu (there was no one sitting next to me). I got a hearty and she continued to take orders.

She came back to me about 10 minutes later, handed me a menu and said, "the only thing we have left is the spaetzle. You will eat that." And walked away.

Later in the flight I asked for a glass of water and she yelled at me "now is not the time for the water service. Can you not see that we are not doing water service now?"

Worst v2.0
Flying Air France, during take-off there was condensation dripping on my head from the vent. I figured once we leveled out it would stop so I didn't say anything. After about 10 minutes I realized that the water torture wasn't fixin to stop so I looked around and didn't see another seat available. The F/A was walking through the cabin and I discretely got her attention and mentioned that I'd probably need to find a new seat.

She looked at me up and down and said: "vell, vhat do you vant meeee to do avout eet. Ez not my pwablem."

Worst on CO
Flying in BF a F/A asked me how old I was when I mentioned my IFE wasn't working. I failed to comprehend the correlation. I don't care if someone asks me my age (I'm 27), but it just seemed like a very bizarre retort to my pointing out that my IFE wasn't functional and perhaps needed to be reset.

I was on a US flight that hit a goose (or some sort of "large fowl" as the pilot referred to it) on take-off. Yadda yadda yadda we had an emergency landing. The F/As were nothing but professional and did their best to calm and reassure passengers.

I've also assisted in a few medical emergencies (all on US and HP) and during every one the F/A's were always top-notch.

Best on CO
I really have consistently good service on CO, which is why I fly you guys so much. The only thing that really sticks out in my mind was about a month ago flying between IAH - LGA we had the obligatory ATC delay. There was a couple a few rows behind me who had been put on CO from UA and were transferring at LGA to US, or some sort of weird scenario. Their connection was looking like it was going to be busted due to the ATC delay and the poor CO folks were helpless because they didn't ticket anything and they weren't responsible for the connecting flight.

The F/A's went above and beyond to help this couple out in securing other options to their final destination and helping the couple figure out how to transfer terminals. Then, when one of the passengers realized their temperature sensitive medication hadn't been cooled in a while the F/As procured them ice. They really went above and beyond when all they had to say was "sorry, this isn't a CO issue."

(Turns out the couple made their flight because their US flight was delayed. Go figure.)

Sorry for the long post.
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I forget her name, but on the EWR-BRU flight, there is a very nice and ultra-professional female FA in the BF cabin. I seem to see her every flight. I am terrible with names, and can't remember it.
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Good: Chavon herself, yes, and many of the CO Mike crews. Always good service. Most CO crews have been good.

Originally Posted by belynch
Worst ...LH wins this distinction....Later in the flight I asked for a glass of water and she yelled at me "now is not the time for the water service. Can you not see that we are not doing water service now?"
LH in J sounds awful. I haven't flown them yet, and I'm not sure I want to. Heard the same story from my buddy, but about coffee. "Zis is not time for koffee. You cannot have coffee now." In J!!

But: there is bad service at CO, even if not so much onboard. This usually involves gate agents at EWR e.g. gate agents at EWR failing to assist me in rebooking after my redeye from PHX has arrived late and I've had to do the A-C terminal security run at 6.20am, knowing I'd never make it. Actually, walking away from the desk and ignoring me...when the EWR customer service desks are not yet populated. Fabulous.
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Best overall:

CO BF IAH to AMS. Older female flight attendant helped my son with his Dutch pronunciation. He was majoring in German at the time, but he wanted a second language for the college's honors program. The FA was very helpful and spoke slowly and clearly so my son could understand and she was otherwise such a polite and helpful person.

Worst overall:

UA C ORD to LHR. Older male flight attendant who snapped at everyone he was serving. My wife asked if she could have a glass of water, and he told her, "We put out water in the galley. Not my problem if you didn't hear the announcement." Literally threw coats and my wife and I as we were deplaning. One of the major reasons I am hesitant about the CO/UA partnership.
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Originally Posted by redtailshark
LH in J sounds awful.
It isn't. At all.

I actually much prefer it to CO BF. Seats are infinitely better. The service is just... "efficient."
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Best on CO #1:

HOU-SJO this summer. Don't remember the FA's name, but he brought a guitar and was mildly strumming it during a break. On my way to the WC in FC, I recognized the song he was playing and started humming along. Before you know it, several flight attendants joined in for a musical trip down memory lane. It was exhilirating, really. Man, that guy could play virtually any song on the guitar.

Best on CO #2:

HOU-GIG. May 2008. The most professional FA ever was in the front cabin. I could not believe the level of service, care and comfort he provided. It was my first experience with Int'l Bus First on CO and left me thoroughly impressed.
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BEST: KLM/Copa/Continental hands down. I cant remember names but most of the time they are all super friendly and warm. However, once on a PTY-IAH flight in F, one of the F/As remembered me from previous flights and welcomed me back by my name and was extremely friendly and attentive during the flight.

Bad: (Air France mostly, some Continental) Well I never really had bad experiences but sometimes there are a few F/As who no matter how much I try to be nice or friendly they are just so cold and unwillining. It is very obvious that they are having a bad day and/or just hate their job!!....

Weird experiences: Well twice in the past I had male F/As flirting with me perhaps to check out my reaction if i was interested. Because I am straight I didnt flirt back and remained polite but the F/A would continue flirting (nothing gross or too strong, but still kind of akward).

In summary, the very best F/As are the ones who love their job and when they do, it reflects on them and passengers can see this and the trip is always great!!
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