miss you


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miss you

its so quite in here
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Quiet, too.
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Please come back! Please....
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miss u 2
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Hmmm... look what we've got down here! Maybe it's time to "restart" this forum because I HATE Aeroplan!!
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I was cleaning up my desk yesterday and came across my old Canadian card... shed a tear. Those were the days.
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Yes - the cards with the Proud Wings concept. I still keep that for old times sake.
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Memories of an airline and its people that truly cared about their customers. Oh those were the good old days!!

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The old Canadian lounge in the U.S. terminal in YVR is now the new Alaska lounge. Same furniture, everything. It is a fond flashback.
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We've resurrected the old CP forum. Now, if we could only resurrect the old CP Airlines!! http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/smile.gif

'Tis better to have played and won, then never to have played at all.

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ugh. ugly orange striped planes - no thanks!

but the goose on the side of the Canadian planes was one of the paint schemes that I really liked. Too bad Scare Canada didn't give it a chance to fly.
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Geez, who turned the lights on in here? http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/biggrin.gif
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From New York...permit me to share my sentiments. Wish Canadian was still here. There's a gaping hole. Personally, I find that AC is the pits, but that's what one gets when it tries to emulate UA. FWIW.
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The Good Old Days.

Good food, served from a Trolly by polite people.

Those wonderfull wraps, and pastries served hot, in the Lounge at "meal times".

Warm Scones, Strawberry Jam, Clotted Cream.

Cheese, Grapes & Port.

Brings a tear to my Eyes.


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We were at YYZ this afternoon, and saw a CP F-28 take-off from runway 23. It still had the old paintjob ( > , plus the grey and blue) on it. Guess AC forgot about this one, or it's soon to be out of service, and they didn't bother repainting it. Sad.

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