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nj_flyer Aug 11, 01 7:13 am

miss you
its so quite in here

SAN man Jan 30, 02 12:31 pm

Quiet, too.

davistev Jan 30, 02 1:37 pm

Please come back! Please....

IsleTraveller Feb 5, 02 9:10 pm

miss u 2

Andrew Yiu Feb 6, 02 1:40 am

Hmmm... look what we've got down here! Maybe it's time to "restart" this forum because I HATE Aeroplan!!

yyzflyer Feb 10, 02 10:42 am

I was cleaning up my desk yesterday and came across my old Canadian card... shed a tear. Those were the days.

Guy Betsy Feb 22, 02 12:34 am

Yes - the cards with the Proud Wings concept. I still keep that for old times sake.

Altaflyer Mar 4, 02 7:08 pm

Memories of an airline and its people that truly cared about their customers. Oh those were the good old days!!

SAN man Mar 12, 02 11:50 pm

The old Canadian lounge in the U.S. terminal in YVR is now the new Alaska lounge. Same furniture, everything. It is a fond flashback.

blackjack-21 Mar 23, 02 1:12 am

We've resurrected the old CP forum. Now, if we could only resurrect the old CP Airlines!!

'Tis better to have played and won, then never to have played at all.


Fermat Mar 24, 02 12:20 pm

ugh. ugly orange striped planes - no thanks!

but the goose on the side of the Canadian planes was one of the paint schemes that I really liked. Too bad Scare Canada didn't give it a chance to fly.

Dogstar Mar 24, 02 12:52 pm

Geez, who turned the lights on in here?

glenngpr Mar 26, 02 1:22 pm

From New York...permit me to share my sentiments. Wish Canadian was still here. There's a gaping hole. Personally, I find that AC is the pits, but that's what one gets when it tries to emulate UA. FWIW.

SCMM Mar 26, 02 5:36 pm


The Good Old Days.

Good food, served from a Trolly by polite people.

Those wonderfull wraps, and pastries served hot, in the Lounge at "meal times".

Warm Scones, Strawberry Jam, Clotted Cream.

Cheese, Grapes & Port.

Brings a tear to my Eyes.



blackjack-21 Mar 30, 02 6:41 pm

We were at YYZ this afternoon, and saw a CP F-28 take-off from runway 23. It still had the old paintjob ( > , plus the grey and blue) on it. Guess AC forgot about this one, or it's soon to be out of service, and they didn't bother repainting it. Sad.


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