Final Thoughts On CP??????


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Final Thoughts On CP??????

Now that the merger of the CP and AC forums are imminent, what are your last minute, final thoughts about just CP, and CPlus???
Good, bad, or indifferent, how does the loss of CP affect you, and how do you think it will reflect in AC's policies??
And what really caused the demise of CP (not as simple as "they lost money", please).
Now's the time to get it off your your chest, both good, bad, or sad, before this forum is closed forever.
So what are your thoughts????? And what will you miss the most??

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again,
the thing that set CP apart from AC , and still does, is the caring attitude of their
employees. They really do provide LEGENDARY
service, and I believe most seemed to
genuinely realize that the passengers were
the ones paying their paychecks!! Time and
again either myself or one of my family
has had a CP employee go the little extra
to make my checkin, flight, etc. just that
much nicer or easier--that doesn't cost any
more wage dollars to the company!
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Muskoka: My experiences with CP has been the complete opposite. I have found CP staff to be rude, indifferent and unprofessional.

I am saddened by the lack of cometition, however, CPs service leaves much to be desired.

The service by AC staff has been stellar and they have always gone the extra mile.
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Will the last one out, please turn off the lights.....
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Hopefully the best of CP will get integrated into AC. It would be a shame to lose the strengths of the brand. Although I flew very little on CP, my trips were always great. Thank you to the dedicated staff at CP.
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I will miss Canadian's service most of all. The personnel were (almost) always friendly and courteous. Sure, of the years, there were few who were probably having a bad day but they were the exception. As I've now been forced to use AC to places where CP has been replaced by AC, I am amazed at how bad AC can be. I will, of course, also miss the convenience of Terminal 3. Terminal 2 is a zoo! On a recent transborder trip, now using AA, I'm disappointed by how crowded Terminal 3 has become. It was much better before.
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This is my last post to the CP board. I'm off to Timmins for some camping, and there will be no internet. I'm in the T1 MLL right now, and I can't believe that Canadian is almost gone. It was a great airline! I just want to thank all the employees of CP who made me feel welcome over the years. Yes I am an an AC ELite, but that is no reflection of the true respect that I have for every single one of CPs team.

You were great! Thank you.
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In the words of that well-known American poet/songwriter/singer, now buried in Paris: "This is the end, my friend, it is the end..."
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Well, I'm neither a FF like many of you here in the board nor an experienced traveller. But personally, I'd really like to thank all the CP stuffs who went the extra miles to make my journey a lot more easier with joy. I know not everyone has the same pov and experience like I do, and I don't plan to convince anyone to agree on this, but CP will remain as the BEST airline in my heart for the years to come no matter whether it'll exist or not (under the AC brand). Once again, thank you CP for making me felt warm and cared.

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Okay, it's 3 A.M. on the last day of this (CP) board. Since I started this topic, let me add my 2 3/4 cents to it before it's finally gone. I may not have time in the morning....
I think CP is (was) one of the better airlines on this continent, if not the world. Maybe we've been lucky, but my wife and I have never had a bad flight on CP. We always found their staff friendly, helpful, and very professional. Their inflight service was excellent, and their on time performance, at least when we flew with them , was very good.
They really shined, (along with their then partner, BA), when my wife and I had to fly
YYZ-BFS because of a family emergency, and their kindness and compassion during this time (my sister-in-law was dying-she died on Christmas Day, 1999), made us write a letter of thanks and commendation to BA and CP.
Hope AC can carry on CP's tradition of good service after they get their merger pains finished.
Was going to finish with my thoughts about why CP didn't make it, but guess it's a bit late for that--nothing will change now.
Besides, it would take up a page and a half of this forum--not necessary.

21 hours to go until until this forum is closed (merged??) into the AC forum.
C'mon CP'ers, let's have your final say. Get it off your chest, let it all hang out (figuratively speaking, of course). Tomorrow is too late!!!!

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CP will be a welcome addition to AC. The routes, the aircraft, and profile will all serve to enhance Canada's presence globally.

But most of all, the people. Whatever great or horrible experiences we may have had on AC or CP, the reality is that they are two of the best carriers in the world.

Let us fervently hope that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That was certainly the case of the CPAir/Wardair merger. I see no reason why this should not be the case with AC/CP.
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I wouldn;t go so far as to call CP or AC amont the bes airlines in the world. Among the better but not among the best.

That said, anyone interested in a wake in YVR later this year when CPlus expiry comes about?
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As a die hard CP fans for 10 years, it's surely sad to see CP disappear just like that. They have treat their customer with nothing but respect. They always put customer in priority which is ultimately what brought them down.

I have promise myself to fly CP metal if possible until the last goose is turn into AC metal.

Let's hope one day AC will learn the good things from CP and incorporate them into AC's own good things and turn this airline into world's best and I really hope AC would keep the CP goose logo somewhere even though they are to merge.

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Empress you might get your wish. I just finished my yearly requalifying training at the"white house" as we call the building on Convair Drive. Word leaking from there is that ways are being discussed to keep the presence of the goose in some form or another. A combined logo is the most popular suggestion so far.

I too say goodbye to this board since it is where I cut my teeth with Flyertalk. My saddest day, nostalgically speaking, will be the day I wear and then remove my Canadian uniform for the last time.
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