Final Thoughts On CP??????

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I'd just like to thank CP for all the pleasureable trips I've had, and CPlus for all the goodies I've accumulated on the way. Although officially the program lasts 5 more months, I've stopped thinking of it as the good old CP.

We shall not see the like again, but at the going down of the sun (F28 on a short hop on a winter evening to YYZ) and in the morning (DC10 into LHR on a spring morning after an overnight from Canada) I shall remember them.

Thanks, and goodbye.

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I will not miss CP at all....

I fly out of YYZ into the US constantly. Many of the flights were served by both AA and CP (codeshares and whatnot...)

I have sat in both First and Coach on CP and the service was never that good. Heck, I got better coach service on AA than in first on CP.

I found the attendents rude, the food mediocre (at best) and the gate agents not able to do a simple codeshare checkin. I now routinely connect through ORD, regardless of the fact that CP (and AC) offer nonstops almost everywhere I go.
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It's very nice to hear all the kind words from everyone. CP will still live on in all our hearts as do my roots with Wardair. I look forward to working with and for you with the new Air Canada. Hopefully all your thoughts and recommendations will not be cast aside. You are the people who I get paid to work my best for. See you soon.
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To DrHowser:
Surprised about your comments about CP versus AA. Try getting a hot, full meal on an AA flight of 2 3/4 hours. We got served cold pasta (terrible) on a flight from ORD to LAS,
and a mini- pizza floating in grease on a flight from DFW to YYZ, and this was their "better meal" on a luncheon flight. Coffee was cold. Flight attendents on several flights on AA that we asked about poor food service said that most of the pax were complaining about the poor quality of the food on AA. We wrote to AA customer service in Dallas to complain about the food, and got back a letter saying that in response to numerous complaints, they were trying to develop a healthier menu. In order to have a healthier menu, the food has to be edible, so it is consumed. As far as we're concerned, there's no comparison between CP (and for that matter AC--how about a full hot meal on a red-eye leaving at 11:55 P.M.) for a four hour flight. When's the last time you saw that on an AA redeye???
Enough ranting on my part, this is for happier thoughts, if now fleeting, about CP.
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With the closing of this forum any time... i would like to say THANKS CP again....!!!!
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Luckily I can still catch the 'last flight' on this board. I would like to thank all of the CP employees who have paid out their effort to provide such excellent services to all of us. I will never forget how Benson valued his loyal customers and his employees.

For sure everyone here will miss CP. Yesterday, when I was clearing up junk in my computer, I found a CP screen saver (the one that you saw in the Empress Lounge computers). The goose as well as the oneworld logo are there. Besides, I also found a few CP commercials real media files. It was even dated back to 1989, some were Chinese and some were English. These are all so invaluable to me.

Thanks so much CP!
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. . . the end of an era.

and a hopeful new beginning.
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My gawd, it's August 1st and we're still here!

As I've posted many times before as "the end" of another milestone has come and gone -- and as others posting already have also expressed -- many thanks to all you dedicated folks at Canadian who have laboured to keep your "family" together, taking pay cuts and working with a spirit that earned you "best North American carrier" among other distinctions. While we will mourn the passing of Canadian as a distinct carrier, the first and foremost matter of importance has always been that you all have jobs in which you can continue to provide us with your best efforts day after day, and finally have some stability in your lives so you can lead normal lives once more. It is comforting to know that the faces will be the same when I travel in the future, and that is what really counts.

We have in the past seen you all bring the best of your respective predecessor airlines to make Canadian the carrier it was, so I am sure you will do the same -- and have the same impact -- on your new colleagues at Air Canada. And from experience, I know there are just as many positive professionals at AC who see this as a real opportunity to work towards this goal. The blending of two quite distinct cultures will be difficult, but our country itself is just such a blend of races and cultures which celebrate the best of each.

But enough of metaphors: just carry on like the friendly professionals you are... and thank you for letting me and many others explore the world using our Canadian Plus points, making trips we could only dream about before the program(s) started back in July 1984, exactly 16 years ago.
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Ah, Canadian Airlines, you will be sorely missed. Hopefully, the people who made the airline what it is will continue to work their magic with their new employer, Air Canada:

Dorothy and the other staff at the Halifax Empress Lounge, especially the time when my award ticket was completely fouled up and they got everything sorted out for me by calling Canadian Plus and berating them on my behalf.

The concierges and Empress Lounge staff in Ottawa, for taking care of my parents when they travelled, both for joyous family occasions (weddings), and sad ones (when my grandmother was ill).

The staff at Canadian Plus, who may have messed up my tickets for a vacation, but went well beyond the call of duty, getting seats when none where available when my grandfather was in the hospital and when my grandmother died.

The check-in agents in Ottawa, who always had time to chat, even if they had to do it while keying information at the same time. And always smiled, even if pandemonium was breaking out.

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Thanks for the great memories, CPlus!

Since I started my membership in Sept 1995, I have accumulated hundreds of thousands of points and have enjoyed accumulating them even more than redeeming them!

I have formed great relationships with some CPlus staff who are always eager to assist in any way they can - whether it be last minute award travel problems or a missing flight credit.

From the CPlus agent who got me seats to London for the Millenium (and secured BA seats to Edinburgh as well for Christmas)
to the check-in agent at YYC Empress Lounge who upgraded my parents to J class on their anniversary, I wish them all the best as they have faced a lot of challenges over the years.

As most of us have already mentioned, I hope that the best of CPlus is incorporated into Aeroplan for the benefit of all FFs.

Signing off...PointWeasel
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