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Originally Posted by squeeler
All, any comments on seating in Club? Seat Guru does not seem to have these seat maps. Does row 9 (the solitary seats) recline, and are the exit rows any good? Thanks.
I flew this on BA807 yesterday. Seats are 3-3, with a blocked middle in Club Europe. Legroom is ample, and actually no different in row 1.

It's a wet lease. Crew are Finnair. Catering, cutlery etc. incl. items in the lavatory are all BA (hand soaps, Dettol wipes). So the same BA champagnes, coffee, food etc.

Even though the aircraft is WiFi enabled, it isn't turned on for when Finnair operate the services on BA behalf.

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Originally Posted by e8steve
The Seat Guru map is correct, but does not show the blocked middle seats. And row 9 has two pairs of seats by the exit, but as Club Europe on seat is blocked.
Just to add a word of warning - seatguru's map is inaccurate aft of row 24. The DEF seats numbered 25 to 35 are raked at a tighter pitch than standard. If you are seated in this section, always go with the ABC seats
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Originally Posted by orbitmic
Yes. it looks like it as my T3 flight from another destination has also switched. Personally, I see nothing wrong with the swap, though wish I could get the OWE free drink that is usual on AY services! (just kidding)
OWE free drink on AY is gone since 09/2021.
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due to my BA VIE-LHR service being axed yesterday, i had the pleasure of going VIE-HEL-LHR with excellent short haul finnair service on the first sector (the last sector being the a350).

the cabin was SPOTLESS on the a320, and it featured not just a moving map but a TAIL CAM that was visible for takeoff and much of the flight. not sure if that is standard on their a320s or not, but was pretty blown away by the experiences of my entire day compared to BA CE these days.
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When I used to travel to Australia every two months for work, one of my preferred routes was Finnair via Helsinki, connecting onto either Cathay at Hong Kong or Qantas at Singapore.
Their fares well well within budget and the service was always good. I'd have no issue flying on a Finnair operated, BA substitute flight.
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Finnair swap

Hi all

I notice my return from Valencia tomorrow is being operated by finnair instead (I guess due to current ba staff shortage) has any one any experiences of what they have been like?


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Theyre fine - better than BA on my last experience
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See these threads:
Flights showing as operated by BA Mainline Prime Lhr Shorthaul in MMB
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Originally Posted by Mattloveday1987
Hi all

I notice my return from Valencia tomorrow is being operated by finnair instead (I guess due to current ba staff shortage) has any one any experiences of what they have been like?


Used to LHR-PRG-LHR, no issues in CE (equivalent).
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Originally Posted by lorcancoyle
Theyre fine - better than BA on my last experience
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I flew on the same service (VLC-LHR) in CE and was very impressed. Very friendly crew, exemplary service, and the food was outstanding. Meal Card (BA) with 3 entree choices, multiple runs with the bread basket and champagne bottles. Bit of a faff at LHR due to lack of gates, wrong terminal, etc but that's not Finnair's fault.
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I was really looking forward to try them but they were rotated out from my NUE flight next Tuesday. Buh
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I was on another of these recently, and there’s something interesting I noticed. They have Recaro slimlines throughout… but unlike the IAG version they have a weird cushion thing that actually makes them feel padded even though they’re not. How much extra do you think this costs compared with the rock-hard IAG version?

I suppose my pipe dream is that BA fleet managers end up with one on their summer hols and start questioning how it can be done...
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In another thread I wrote that I had the pleasure of flying Finnair for BA for one leg. Well, being a Finn I may biased but I think the crew was more relaxed than the usual AY or BA crews.

I found out that they operate two sets of morning flights and two sets of evening flights. So flying together for four days may explain the excellent interaction between the crew members.

By May 2022 everyone has been able to start flying after a maximum of two years of lay-offs. One of the crew members on another flight told that unfortunately many collegues have found other carriers outside aviation. But right now, those returning enjoy being able to work again whether on AY flights, AY for BA or AY for Eurowings for transatlantic flights. And it seems that they understand that AY for BA is necessary to create jobs now that many of the Asian destinations are paused due to Covid and trans-Siberian closure.
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Anyone know what economy gets on these flights? I remember when M&S BoB was launched, I was on a wet lease and they provided catering similar to the pre-BoB offering with a sandwich and a choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. There'll be no speedbird cafe available through WiFi to order, are pre-orders still possible? On-board is it just the water and snack or is there some sort of trolley?
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