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Well done BA - positive feedback / thank you thread

Well done BA - positive feedback / thank you thread

Old Mar 18, 20, 8:22 am
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Well done BA - positive feedback / thank you thread

I just want to pass on my kindest regards and thank you to the crew who provided excellent service recently between LHR and FRA.
I really enjoyed the ploughmans meal service - the scones were great! Well done BA.
And I'd encourage others who've had similar excellent experiences with BA to chime in..
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Old Mar 18, 20, 8:40 am
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What a great idea

I spoke to the call centre earlier today to (sadly) cancel my flight for tomorrow. The lady I talked to was very nice, did not sound stressed, talked me through my options and made me feel like I was the only customer ringing even though they must be busy beyond belief.
Once this is over, I hope they get the recognition they deserve.
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Old Mar 18, 20, 9:14 am
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Originally Posted by RollAnotherFatOne
I just want to pass on my kindest regards and thank you to the crew who provided excellent service recently between LHR and FRA.
I really enjoyed the ploughmans meal service - the scones were great! Well done BA.
And I'd encourage others who've had similar excellent experiences with BA to chime in..
Good to hear, and good to give praise where it's due in difficult circumstances.

Kudos also to BA for culinary inventiveness. I don't believe any ploughman anywhere ever enjoyed scones in his lunch, but since we're living in abnormal times...
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Old Mar 18, 20, 9:22 am
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I'd like to thank everyone who has messaged me privately or posted on other threads about the help given either by myself and others on the forum or just to tell me of the great experiences brilliant waythe staff they've spoken to have been in dealing with them. Ive been able to find staff that some people have private messaged me about and pass your thanks on to them.

And a thanks for all of us to you guys and girls, 99.99% of everyone calling has understood the difficult circumstances we are working under and in some cases the "policy" we have to work too. And have been under what is obviously stressful times to you passengers.

unfortunately personally I feel this is just the beginning and the aviation world in general is not going to be the same when all this eventually is over.

but once again thanks to all the passengers for your understanding and general spirit of dealing with our agents when answered
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Old Mar 18, 20, 10:22 am
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We had a really tough few days and BA's staff helped. In particular I'd like to give a shout-out to Lionel from the LGW lounge (who will be getting a Golden Ticket). We were planning to relocate to Costa Rica from UK in June. With this chaos we accelerated the schedule early last week so yesterday was moving day. We got as far as checked-in and bags onboard before deciding we couldn't proceed - there was a high risk our animals (due to ship later as pending rabies vaccinations) wouldn't meet us in time and the area we'd be in within CR was already running short on supplies increasing difficulty of first week or so there. At the very last minute with changing information coming to us from CR we offloaded. This has been a dream in progress for a couple of years. My daughter (age 6) was in floods of tears.

After everything calmed down a little Lionel offered her ice cream - we're all vegan so politely declined but he then offered to go and get us a slice of the vegan fudge cake from the F lounge (I'm only gold, we were flying J and neither of them are gold so we were in normal lounge). Considering the emotional journey we'd been through in the last hour this was an amazing gesture. Once we left and came-back having cleared for a domestic re-route up to EDI he then put us all in the F lounge for the vegan bean burger they have for dinner. Yesterday was a truly horrible day on many levels for us - but some genuine human compassion and care went a long way. He looked after us so well. I know lounges are quiet at the moment but I never feel anyone notices in LHR.

We also came into contact with security, gate, lounge, check-in and ticketing staff over the last 72 hours in both EDI and LGW. Everyone has been really nice and professional considering what a difficult time this is for many. I can find as many holes with BA as you like and have so many bones to pick with my regularly scheduled travel - but this weekend has felt very much like everyone trying their hardest in a very difficult situation.

No Costa Rica for a little while but we'll get there!
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Old Mar 18, 20, 10:55 am
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Originally Posted by guytp
Yesterday was a truly horrible day on many levels for us - but some genuine human compassion and care went a long way. He looked after us so well. I know lounges are quiet at the moment but I never feel anyone notices in LHR.
I know him very well, I promise to make sure the positive feedback is passed on to him, he has other forum friends and colleagues here too.

And sorry to hear about your dreadful day, things will get better.

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Old Mar 18, 20, 10:57 am
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Just managed to get through first try to BA Holidays re my scheduled trip to HEL this weekend.
Super helpful geordie lass arranged for a refund - no quibble. She has been there 19 years and I expressed my sadness with the situation the staff find themselves in with their jobs on the line. I have always found the BA Holidays staff so friendly and helpful over the years and I really hope they keep their jobs. They are a credit to BA.
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Old Mar 18, 20, 12:10 pm
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I received great help on the call center line today when I had to cancel two reward bookings. They were able to cancel and refund my avios immediately. (The website was re-directing to a future e-voucher).
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Old Mar 18, 20, 12:12 pm
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Thumbs up A wonderful flight in difficult time

Wanted to share a quick note of a wonderful flight from Geneva back to Gatwick. In many ways it was and should have been terrible but was redeemed by amazing service throughout. Like many I arrived skiing only to have to head back. Luckily reacted as soon as I saw the French Governments advice. Was able to move my Avios Club booking forward to the Monday at minimal cost on the app, not waiting on phone lines.

Due to transfer I arrived at Geneva far in advance of the flight. The lounge was busy and initially operating as normal. Though the course of the stay as the Swiss Authorities introduced new restrictions the lounge operators had to respond. They did this in an incredibly professional way, they kept us infirmed. Gave us warning of first the withdrawal of food, then drink and then finally tat they would have to close. Each time they tried to keep going for as long as possible and be as helpful as they could. Considering that the lounge staff are facing huge uncertainty now the lounge is shut I really commend them. There were a few people who really let the side down, and got annoyed there was no more gin etc, pleasing other guests made it clear that staff were doing a grand job.

The flight itself was delayed by over an hour due to a technical fault on the incoming aircraft. combined with the fact that it was completely full should have made for a mediocre flight at best. However, the service in Club was simply amazing. The Lead Cabin Crew was responsible for Club service and she simply never stopped. Everyone was relieved to be getting home, so it had a slightly party atmosphere. She gave everyone multiply drinks, constantly topping us up. There was also second round of food offered, including complete meals if you wanted them. She did all this with named greetings to everyone, including us lowly Blues and a huge smile. A huge credit to BA. Overall a wonderful flight under trying times.
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Old Mar 18, 20, 12:21 pm
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Brilliant service on MAD-LHR last night. The crew did their best to help a passenger who ended up having to be offloaded (he'd left something at security and gone back to get it, but hadn't realised what a faff that is at MAD from T4S). He had friends on board and the crew spoke to him using their phone to try to help him but they couldn't do anything more (I think his passport was on the plane or something, so he was stuck outside the non-shengen bit... Goodness knows if he made it back!).

After that we got top-notch service in club, we booked really late and offered to wait to be served food last but were assured this wasn't necessary. My champagne glass was never empty and the service honestly was some of the best we've ever had. Given the uncertainty faced by the crew I take my hat off to them.
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Old Mar 18, 20, 12:47 pm
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I've just finished the last of my flights for a while, 9 round trips in CE over the last 4 weeks. The cabin crews have been great throughout, even as the impact of the virus was clearly getting worse, same for the staff in the LGW lounge.

On the last back from AMS I came prepared with a box of Godiva chocs as a gift for the CC on landing, which got some smiles.

In conversation I found they'd previously been with Monarch, it must be incredibly difficult for them all at the moment, I wish them well.
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Old Mar 18, 20, 1:52 pm
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As a former BA bod Im biased but I find that a lot of BA employees are absolutely awe-inspiring.

Big up for the fine guys and gals in the Contact Centres. I had to call 3 times for rescheduling and cancelling flights and each and every time I found fabulous people there. Professional and kind. You are just great.
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Old Mar 18, 20, 2:05 pm
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Good to hear . BA crew make all the difference on a somewhat indifferent hard product. And with all this mess going on, still being as professional as ever. Well done those crew!
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Old Mar 18, 20, 2:35 pm
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Call centre staff sorted out a POUG issue for me without me even having to call. I'd tweeted them, wanting the social media team to reply at the convenience given what's going on, and received a call and solution from Liz in the Tyneside office. Well done in these hard times by the telephone staff.
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Old Mar 18, 20, 2:38 pm
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Thank you to the GGL team answering emails - I was prepared to wait much longer, but response received in under 3 hours for changing a rather complicated multi-sector part flown itinerary, complete with GUF applied and ticket validity extension using POS outside of my own, and ticket issued within minutes.

Quite astonishing considering the circumstances, but great service . Well done GGL team.
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