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If anyone doesn’t see the current situation as extraordinary they’ve taken leave of their senses.
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Originally Posted by GF2B View Post
Could anyone shed some light on tomorrow's BA125 delay. Website shows 'Delayed', with updated departure and arrival times TBC.

Lots of confusion on this one. The BAH-DMM sector has been canceled, but its erroneously giving everyone booked on LHR-BAH a "Disruption Change - Flight Canceled" page at OLCI and MMB. Even had a colleague proceed on that page to reschedule their flight to 17MAR. BA just sent an email around saying the service to Bahrain is still running.
It has been changed to a 1-segment flight, but BA has not entered any operational info yet:

[KVS Tool 9.7.1/Diamond - Operational Info: BA 125/16 Mar 2020]
                 Planned Flight Info
Segment          Departure  Arrival    Duration
-------          ---------  ---------  --------
LHR-BAH          11:30      20:55      06:25

Segment          Flight Note
-------          ------------------------------------------------
LHR-BAH          Alliance:           OneWorld [*O]
LHR-BAH          Departure Terminal: 5
LHR-BAH          Amenity:            Non-Smoking [9]
LHR-BAH          Ticket Type:        E-Ticket [ET]
LHR-BAH          CO2/PAX:            283.41 KG ECO, 566.83 KG PRE
                 Source:             ICAO Carbon Emissions Calc
Originally Posted by GF2B View Post
Anyone also have the loads on the flight - I'd imagine lots of people are trying to get back.
There is reasonable Availability in all Cabins:

F3 A2 J8 C8 D8 R8 I5 W3 E2 T2 Y9 B9 H9 K9 M9 L9 V9 S9 N9 Q9 O9 G9
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Yes the Damman service is now (and has been) running as a purely LHR-BAH-LHR service, so inside LHR the DMM service is shown as "cancelled/see customer services" whereas BAH is running normally.
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