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Originally Posted by Takiteasy View Post

From your perspective, was the issue the principle that lots of people boarded ahead of yourself (Group 1), or that such people clogged up the overheads such that you could not put your hand luggage above your seat?
Both. I'm a fan of what you see is what you get.
If an airline advertises status and a business class seat with a perk of priority boarding and people pay for that.. I think you are entitled to get what you paid for. Just be true to what you offer.
If you sell a car going 100mph..and then it only goes can't say. Oh.. Well cmon. 80 is pretty quick too.. Right. And actually you are not allowed to go faster than 75 anyway.. What's ur problem ?
In this case I was affected because I waited in line till everyone dropped of their bags and had boardet so I had to wait longer. And we were delayed by 20min as I was flying club.
In other times I like other people here fly economy and enjoy the perk as gold to board first to find free room for their bags in the bins. Where now the other 50 group 5 pax put their other belongings.

So yes. I think it's inappropriate. Because of both cases.
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I completely get you on both counts and you are right to be miffed. Hope you have dropped a short note to BA as nothing will change unless a sufficient number of people complain.

I have found FT a mine of info of how to best navigate the system with each airline, so i now read about airlines I donít know about before using them so I know what to expect and how to react to certain events.

As a result, in the case of BA boarding, the inefficiency/unfairness/illogicality is well documented and I now turn up 25 to 30 mins before departure and board in the last 10-20 pax. But I sympathise that if you want to be first on board because itís an advertised perk of Club europe, you should be able to.
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Originally Posted by Worcester View Post
I wish my life was so calm and uneventful that a few people getting on board ahead of me was enough to upset me...
I actually think it's quite the opposite. If your life is calm and uneventful you can gladly swallow these minor happenings and smile at them, while if your life is hectic and full of engagements every little thing that goes not how it is supposed to go is a big deal. It's common sense IMO.

It is why as a frequent flyer I appreciate fast track and priority boarding. When I was flying Ryanair to visit Paris for the first time in a hostel I did not care about boarding last or people jumping the queue. In other words, it all depends on how much you value your time.

Back to the topic I agree BA does this wrong. "Group 0" should be reserved only to people requiring special assistance and families with small children, not used as a "reward" to entice customers do something they would have to do anyway as per the conditions of carriage.
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I will say the LHR-ATH route seems particularly prone to this issue and it can take quite awhile for the gate agents to process all the people who are willing to check a bag. I've also seen people get on the jetway and tear off the bag check. But people are always going to take advantage of loopholes (as FT will demonstrate).
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