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BA First Wine - Staff 'Cheat' Sheet (Tier 2, Jan 2019)

BA First Wine - Staff 'Cheat' Sheet (Tier 2, Jan 2019)


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Originally Posted by mikeijay View Post

‘Winner Winner Overcooked Lamb in-flight Dinner’ !

Your awsome!! DM me your size and details and i’ll get you a fresh sleeper suit, full kit and the famous Pen! (don’t worry it won’t be the one between my legs in the photo) haha
i love the winnings, like Christmas all over again

if they arrive in time I won’t have to go buy valentines gift!

The famous crotch pen!

Cheers look forward to the loot!
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Old Feb 1, 19, 3:17 am
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Originally Posted by volar View Post

i saw a crew member placing a clear duty free bag of miniatures and mixers into her bag on Sunday. This was a long band CE flight returning to LHR. Since there wasn’t much attempt to hide it - I could see into the galley from 1A through the partially open curtain - I assumed it was legit, but I was quite surprised. Sorry to go off topic.
Crew are, of course permitted to buy these things, and I am sure that is the case here or she would have been much more careful no doubt. Hiding implies that it was illicit which I doubt was the case.

As for stealing the cutlery, well let's leave it at that.

Good to have CIHY with us today - so whilst you are clearly not busy, run (or shuffle) and fix me a Bombay and Slim and don't stint the ice. Cut a fresh lemon, yesterdays will not do thank you!
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Originally Posted by Tiger_lily View Post
Terroir. It can be a £5 bottle but if the terroir is fabulous it’ll make a fabulous wine.

Darling, terroir isn’t going to do anything for a £5 bottle of wine.
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Originally Posted by rossmacd View Post
I really never understand the correlation between price and quality of wines. Not being a huge wine drinker myself, and certainly not the type who will wax lyrical about how much I know about the stuff to make me look like I know what I am talking about (), I know what I like to drink and I know what I don't like. I'm not that fussed if it costs £10 or £100 per bottle. I've tasted several expensive wines that would be of better use cleaning drains, and many cheaper wines that are perfectly drinkable.

There does seem to be an odd fascination that price = quality, when in the real world, it really doesn't
With wine (putting aside false modesty and reverse snobbery) it really does, up to a point. From then on it gives you exclusivity, uniqueness etc. Where that point lies will differ from person to person and which particular wine (Chablis, red burgundy ...) you’re looking at.

A lot of us have an “expensive wine tasted like farmyard swill” story, mine is about a ‘47 Petrus (I wasn’t paying). Personally, I have far more “that £30 wine from Waitrose was a lot better than the £5 bottle” stories.

I’ll stop now or I run the risk of waxing lyrical 😉
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