Why do BA partner with AMEX?

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Originally Posted by T8191
A mixed collection here in JER. Grocery = yes @ Waitrose, no @ Co-op.

A few surprising outlets take Amex, such as a large Garden Centre, but then my usual Wine Merchant doesn't. That's why I also have a Visa card.
Co-Op CI are rolling out support for Amex. They're trialling it at Maufaunt and will then roll out to all stores
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KFC, Burger King, Subway don't accept Amex in London
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Originally Posted by mmogdan
Co-Op CI are rolling out support for Amex. They're trialling it at Maufaunt and will then roll out to all stores
Outstanding!! We heard it here first!!

Now to find my way to Maufant! I hope it spreads to Grande Marche quickly!
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Originally Posted by SteveF
That's what I meant; those two, which are basically the same company, don't take Amex, but some other local DIY store selling the same stuff will, so I no longer use either of them.
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I first got the BA AMEX about 18 months ago. As others have posted, I find about 90% of places take it in the UK, and for the rest I still have my old and trusty Mastercards.

HOWEVER, I have NEVER had a credit card that gives me so little hassle abroad as the AMEX. In the past, despite phoning the Mastercards' issuers in advance of trips abroad, I almost always ended up with at least one transaction refused. With AMEX I have never had any at all, without phoning in advance. For me, that makes it the best card to use regularly, although even in the USA there are the occasional places which only take Mastercard or VISA.
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I have generally had no issues using Amex in the UK. I don't think the Metro in Tyne & Wear takes it, but I use my Visa debit card for that. I have actually had more places in the US not take it, whereupon I just use my MasterCard. My US cards usually cause confusion in the UK as they are Chip & Signature rather than Chip & PIN. When living in Belgium a lot of retailers would only take Bancontact / Maestro and a few were just cash or Proton! Travelling abroad I tend to use my Citibank Premier card as it has no foreign transaction fees and comes with a whole raft of additional travel / insurance benefits.
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Not sure why you guys are waving the Union Jack over Visa and MasterCard--they're both US companies as well.

Of course, the isolationist direction the UK is going, I'd expect you guys to Brexit from the world financial system. Would probably also be prudent to shut down the airport and accept visitors only by schooners traveling under sail. If you do this, can we please also send you Trump? He would really rather be king, and kings and queens are more a British thing than an American one.
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I live in Dundee and I find that AMEX isn't as widely accepted as Visa/Mastercard. Some quite surprising places that you'd think would take AMEX don't. However I just accept that some places don't take it and use another card instead.
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Originally Posted by beany_bot
....Surely Visa or MC would make much more sense. I have no intention what so ever in getting their AMEX card as I had AMEX before and got tired of being told "we don't accept that". ...
Yeah, my Amex is accepted so rarely in BRITAIN that I smashed the annual spending target that I needed to hit for bonus Avios in less than 6 months.

But I willingly admit that I cut up my BA Amex card years ago, over the question of avios redemption availability. I had a couple of 2-4-1 vouchers expire so I didnt see the point anymore. Use a Gold charge card now which I am happy with.
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Originally Posted by LostAntipod
I had a couple of 2-4-1 vouchers expire so I didnt see the point anymore.
Almost 1200 in "taxes" and 160k miles (worth 800 in hotel stays) with a 241 for two of us to fly to JFK, or buy 2 ex-DUB returns in CW for 900ea cash and earn almost 20k Avios each in the process; making our UUA to F "free".

Don't see the point myself any more, either.
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My experience here in Glasgow is that Amex is widely accepted, but that I'm not surprised by smaller places that don't take it.

At Oran Mor once, we settled our bill by Amex with one of the staff, only for the manager (I assume) to come over and say that he would "let us away" with it this time, but that they don't accept it, and that he was within his rights to cancel the transaction! I said that he could refund us if he wanted, but we wouldn't be paying again!!
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Never had a problem here in Glasgow either, only Aldi/Lidl dont take Amex and for those that don't I use either Lloyds Avios Mastercard or Tesco Mastercard...
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Originally Posted by When I Travel The World
Unlike the states where Everyone takes AMEX.
For the record, assuming you mean the USA: Amex acceptance is widespread but by no means universal. Certainly fewer merchants than Visa and MC.
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Originally Posted by beany_bot
I live in Scotland and find a LOT of places won't take it. Any local shops, coffee shops, independent restaurants all don't take it.

Sure big chains (McDonalds etc) do take it. But many local places do not.

Just seems a bit mad they would partner with a CC not widely (certainly compared to VISA and MC) accepted.
"Widely accepted" is such an ambiguous term. Where most of my day to day money is spent - groceries, fuel, etc AMEX is accepted. Sure local vendors tend not to accept it due to the transaction fees it attracts, but I am finding this is changing.

Besides, do what most others of us do and sign up to another loyalty card that is Visa or MC and direct the non-AMEX spend there. I have hotel loyalty cards that come with perks that I direct non-AMEX spend to. The system works quite well.
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Experience here in Bath is that most places do take it. Main place I wish that did is lidl.

I also look out for places with izettle/square as they usually take it so good for independent coffee shops etc. The main thing I long for though is the BA visa offered in the US... 100k sign up bonus right now and obviously no problems with being denied pretty much anywhere!
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