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Buy on board: Implemented on BA short haul - opinions on the concept

Buy on board: Implemented on BA short haul - opinions on the concept

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This thread is for opinions on the concept of Buy on Board, concerned with the rights or wrongs of the decision to introduce it.

An information thread exists for your questions, particularly if they are on factual matters, here:
Buy on board: Information guide for BA shorthaul economy services

There is a separate thread for experiences, anecdotes, reactions and related comments, which is to be found here:
Buy on board: Experiences and reactions from BA's shorthaul economy services

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chongcao posted a comparison of other oneworld airlines' BOB prices

Not happy about these changes?
If you have an existing booking, you may be able to complain and get 1000 Avios or cancel for free until 28 days before departure. BA's complaint form.

However, in November 2016, phone calls to BA indicated that "no refunds would be given as food & drinks were complimentary and not part of the T&C."
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Old Sep 29, 16, 4:31 am
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No more domestic brekkie
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Old Sep 29, 16, 4:31 am
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My earlier post was not meant to be logical. I was taking a data point - the period of the Gate Gourmet strike - when next to nothing was supplied and the responses was "it was complimentary so tough."

In the years since then, BA's policy has not become more customer friendly so if they took that approach then, I suspect they will do the same again. I hope I am wrong.

Surely I am not the only one to remember the strike period and if anyone received a rebate on their ticket price then I am happy to be corrected.

The eventually started giving out vouchers (when travelling in First at least) but that was not the position at the outset.

As said, logic need to come into this, just an historic data point.
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Old Sep 29, 16, 4:32 am
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I was just about to book some CE trips for next summer. I have just booked the flights with EZY instead - why on earth would I take the risk of spending 3x the price only for BA to enhance the catering in the interim?

Making changes is one thing (whatever you may think of them). Making no allowance for people that booked before you announced them is absolutely appalling behaviour.
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Old Sep 29, 16, 4:32 am
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So not introducing food for sale as leaked to the Daily Mail, but actually scrapping ALL FOOD AND DRINK on short haul.

And replacing it with a BOB offer that's more expensive than any of its more punctual, more comfortable and more reliable competitors.

F*** that!
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Old Sep 29, 16, 4:33 am
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To be honest, I don't really blame BA. I never eat the SH food (unless in CE) as the quality is low and it's not particularly appealing. I suspect lots of people do the same so the waste on those flights must be high.

What grates is (a) the BA marketing spin on these service reductions, do the marketing team really think people are that stupid... (b) charging for soft drinks, if that's really the plan then BA have genuinely just aligned with Ryan air
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Old Sep 29, 16, 4:35 am
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Originally Posted by Arctic Troll View Post
I disagree, c-w-s, I really do. Have you seen EasyJet's menu recently? It doesn't have the M&S name, sure, but that's pretty much the only difference between the
My comment comes from pretty much eating the entire easyJet menu, I fly with them at least weekly. Their sandwiches are not great.
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Old Sep 29, 16, 4:37 am
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Looks good and would entice me to stay in economy. I wonder if I can have a sandwich from the menu when flying in business?
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Old Sep 29, 16, 4:37 am
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On a grammatical note, BA's previous food and beverage offering may have been 'complimenary' but it was far from 'complementary'

Originally Posted by Ben Jones View Post

G&T and a sandwich will cost you 1125 avios. A bargain when you think it only costs 31 to buy 1000 avios.
Bargain! I guess this now stops all those members with piles of avios complaining that they dont have anything to spend them on
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Old Sep 29, 16, 4:39 am
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Also just received the following in an email about an ET booking for next year (so confirmation that they have no intention of providing the advertised free food and drinks for existing bookings). Genuinely appalling.

"Thank you for booking your flight with British Airways. We're writing to let you know about some key changes that are taking place to our on-board catering.

From 11 January, we're upgrading our food offering on all short haul flights to and from London Heathrow and London Gatwick to a new buy-on-board menu range. Partnering with Marks & Spencer, another great British brand, you will be able to buy from their delicious and seasonally inspired menu, 'M&S on board', which will replace the complimentary service currently provided in our Euro Traveller cabins, including UK domestic flights."
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Old Sep 29, 16, 4:39 am
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Originally Posted by JumboJim View Post
My question is whether BAEC Golds & OWEs and above will get a complimentary drink and snack as happens to Executive Platinum & OWE members on AA?
Finnair offers OWE free drink and paper.
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Old Sep 29, 16, 4:40 am
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I'm looking forward to being able to get a hot sandwich on board. I really wish they hadn't cut drinks though.
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Old Sep 29, 16, 4:40 am
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I've not really been following this, but I'd assumed the BoB scheme was only for food, but it seems it's for everything including water. Utterly incredible.
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Old Sep 29, 16, 4:41 am
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Originally Posted by pdsuk View Post
My bolding and other font changes.

Fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!

Percy Pigs are the best ...........
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Old Sep 29, 16, 4:42 am
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There's going to be a lot of pinching from the lounge going on......
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Old Sep 29, 16, 4:43 am
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Buy your Percy Pigs landside at LGW South after the terminal move, I'm sure they'll be far cheaper
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