Air France is not the greatest

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Air France is not the greatest

Having been accused of just about anything on this board --- by KLMers ;-), I thought I'd share my trip report in the appropriate froun.. I don't know how to do links here... but here's my attempt:

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Well that didn't work. Let me try it for you:

Edited to add: Bugger, I think I went and linked the wrong report. Deleted.

Edited again to add:

It was the only one in trip reports. I was expecting something critical of Air France, not talking nice about another airline .

Good report BTW.

Oh and I agree with the comment about T1. It is one of the great pieces of 20th century Paris architecture and should be treated with a little more respect.


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No, they're THE WORST!

AF Not the greatest ? No, they're THE WORST!

I flew to Bogota Colombia, out of Paris CDG. I arrived, but my bag didn't. Turns out Air France deliberately held my bag at Paris, in order to accept the bags of people who were paying excess baggage !

My bag finally arrived four days late (the THIRD time Air France has "mislaid" my bag in the last year).

But this is the real killer. AF agents at Bogota told me I should hold on to my receipts for toiletries etc that I had to buy to get me thru the 4 days without my stuff. However, when I claimed a reimbusrement from AF they REFUSED to pay up !!

Air France has to have one of the lowest standards of customer care out there. Plus they're using a call centre in Prague Czech Republic, with the result that that you have to deal with surly call centre employees who barely speak English.

I'm a freqent flyer with Air France. I have one upcoming transatlantic flight with them that I booked long ago. After that, au revoir merde Air France!

Dr Maria Barnwell
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nowadays every major carrier has different call centers all over the world, mainly in low wage countries.

In many aspects Air France is fairly OK, not outstanding though (and no comparison with SQ, of course!!). But I agree, Air France has below-average procedures for the handling of any problems arising. You virtually have to sue them until they will pay any compensation.
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Originally Posted by jarino
nowadays every major carrier has different call centers all over the world, mainly in low wage countries.
Somewhat off-topic, but . . .

I was in Dakar, Senegal a while back, and learned that lots of French companies (and others) use call centers in Senegal for inquiries in French. Seems the Senegalese employees (French-speaking anyway) have been taught the Paris accent, and can pass for someone from France.
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Never ever read a headline that was so true and absolutely spot on on since I am a member...

And even the French seem to realise that their carrier is not really a contender among the top airlines on this planet...
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