The "THANKS Concierge!" thread

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Originally Posted by mugatu View Post
[...] First, Peter at YVR during Snowmaggedon after the NYE holiday. My partner and I were trapped, and there was a serious issue in getting our bags bag after our flight from YVR-SFO never left [...]
Lucky you. The YVR concierge I spoke with during the snowout said I was out of luck and there was nothing he could do to get me on another flight.

On the other hand, I'd like to thank the YYZ concierges for arranging to get my parents into the domestic lounge.
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Not me exactly, but anyway...

Hi Ken,

I've just flown back from the UK and had to get flights for Jordan and myself at short notice, re-arrange seating and get through stand by seats. The AC concierge service at LHR was fantastic and I will be emailing them to say what a good job they did. I... was wondering if you had any email details for senior management that I could Cc on the email to the LHR concierge as I think they deserve recognition.


Jim D....
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Thumbs up exceptional service

On Tuesday I left my cell in the MLL in YEG, the YEG Concierge found it and notified YYC Concierge before I reported it missing and got it return to the office. This morning my wife flying LAS and forgot a gift for a friend's birthday in the car and had gone through customs, YYC Concierge came to the rescue meeting her at the gate with the gift. Thanks for the great service fixing our screw-ups.
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I've only ever dealt with concierges at YYZ, YYC, YEG and YVR. By far, my best experience is with the folks at YEG. Maybe it's because it's the smallest of the four stations I mentioned, but they are so helpful and friendly. Thanks to Sandi(sp?), Kim and Debbie. Boo to YYZ concierges. They seem to loathe domestic SE pax.
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I want to thank Jane in LHR lounge, she made my life much easier on Feb 23. Thank you for doing a great job.
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My thanks to Danika in YOW for helping out during the 'rat delay' flight on Feb 25. She went out of her way to keep me updated and make sure I got taken care of.
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My thanks to concierge in YYC on Friday. Had a flight booked for 8:30 and got call from concierge that flight was cancelled and could I make 7:30 (was about 6:15 AM). He only had me on standby as the flight was full. I said I didn't know what traffic was like but would try anyway even without confirmation.

Traffic was OK and got to airport around 7 AM to be confronted with security screening line that went from A security to B security (the longest I have ever seen!). Went to concierge office and said I am here and he had boarding pass ready. I told him about line and he said no problem--we will get you there. He phoned down to the gate, took me past the entire long line right to the place in line where you start unpacking into the bins!^

Several others didn't make the flight -- there were still a number of empty seats. I was happy with the service and not having to endure the ridiculous lineup. I felt sorry for all those I cut in front of since I only made their wait longer but at least I made my flight and got to my event ahead of schedule.:-:
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Originally Posted by BlondeBomber View Post

I felt sorry for all those I cut in front of since I only made their wait longer but at least I made my flight and got to my event ahead of schedule.:-:
You should never feel this way. You do enough BIS and who cares about the rest of the people who fly once a year on deserve it and this sounds like a great treatment by AC. I love it.
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Thanks to the YVR concierge on Monday. After a 3 hour mechanical delay caused me to misconnect, I was rebooked and met on arrival with a new BP and baggage tags. Total time from international arrivals to the gate for my YYZ flight: 25 mins. Great job ^.
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Originally Posted by antirealist View Post
Thanks to the YVR concierge on Monday. After a 3 hour mechanical delay caused me to misconnect, I was rebooked and met on arrival with a new BP and baggage tags. Total time from international arrivals to the gate for my YYZ flight: 25 mins. Great job ^.
That's pretty quick time.. The other day I had a YYZ concierge get me from an international arrivals gate to a transborder departure gate in 12 minutes... granted they decided to off load me anyway but I still feel the speed was pretty impressive. By the time we were all done the concierge was more annoyed at my missing the connection than I was! Excellent service from them though.
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Just a note of thanks to the YYZ staff a few weeks ago when weather caused havoc with my flight to Milwaukee. Actually on approach to Milwaukee when severe storms forced the flight back to YYZ. The agent was able to get me on the early AM flight and although not required, a hotel certificate for the night. She was awesome!
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Thumbs up YVR concierges - thank you!

Upon noting that AC57 was going to be at least three hours delayed, and hence our flight AC58 from OGG to YVR would also leave much later than planned, I got a call from the YVR concierge to inform me of this fact, and to let me know that we had been re-booked onto a later connecting flight from YVR to YUL. This let us spend a bit more time enjoying Maui rather than sitting at the airport.

When we finally did get to YVR over four hours late, at 10:45, the concierge was waiting at the gate with a cart and drove us to customs (the cart even went in the elevator) in record time. She thought we had no checked luggage, and was actually going to get us to our 11:15 flight to YUL. (Unfortunately, we did in fact have luggage, which the concierge couldn't know about as OGG was doing everything manually for our departure due to a computer glitch.) Finally, she managed to get us home with minimal delay, even booking a 37-minute (!) connection in YYZ, so all was well in the end.

A big thank you from this newly minted first-time AC*SE to the concierges in YVR for their amazing service!
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I've been meaning to post here to thank the YYZ concierge team for storing my lucky Swiss Army Knife for me when I tried to take it through security last month. For the second time in a year!
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I still think the concierge service is the best thing in AC-- I have always felt this way and have never been let down. I remember when AC tried to d/c this and the letters we wrote( self included) in support that made AC listen. I am glad they did
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Maybe this does not belong here, but I must salute some wonderful service.
Flying today ICN-YVR on AC 64, I took the KAL limo from my hotel to airport.
After passing immigration & security, I realized that I left a book on the bus.
Since I was around 450 pages through a 900 page epic, and that was to be my
entertainment on the flight, I was pretty miffed at myself.

I went to the Asiana lounge, explained my stupidity, and asked if they could try
to contact KAL Limo and see if they could find it. Twenty minutes later, the book
was in my hands! Thanks to Victoria Jin at Asiana Lounge at ICN, I have already filled
in a comment card for her supervisors.
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