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jral Dec 30, 02 6:37 pm

The "THANKS Concierge!" thread
As 2002 comes to a close, I thought this would be an appropriate place to thank a few great Air Canada Concierges for making my travel easier. I'm not an SE, (just *E) but on several flights flying ExecFirst and even a few domestic discounted Y ones, AC Concierges were really helpful and restored my faith in AC's service.

Feel free to add your own:


Ron / Rob (?) in SYD (the guy with glasses)
Jim (?) in YVR
Judy (?) in YYC
Richard (?) in HNL

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BlondeBomber Dec 30, 02 7:06 pm

To the concierges (applause)!

It has been a good year and for a service I never thought I would use, you have provided welcoming smiles, fixed up problems which seemed hard for other AC staff to do, and just made my travel experience a whole lot more pleasant.

For my great experiences in 2002 with the concierges in LHR, FRA, YYZ, YOW, YYC, YVR, LAX, and HKG a big thank you! (and yes I did write to AC thanking them for you too)

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tcook052 Dec 30, 02 7:06 pm

I'm a firm believer in letting customer service agents in any industry know when they have provided superior service. I also am not shy about telling someone when it's substandard, politely.

So, I'm hoping you complimented these concierges for the good work at the time you were interacting. Right?

jral Dec 30, 02 7:09 pm

tcook - of course!

Vasbyte Dec 30, 02 9:13 pm

Ah, a topic near and dear to my heart ...

As I constantly remind the SE desk, one of the major reasons I stay loyal to AC is the concierge service. They are all excellent ... in particular Rita & Steve in LAX.

Andrew Yiu Dec 30, 02 9:59 pm

Absolutely, concierge service is one of the best SE benefits around. They are more than willing to help out even when you're not travelling.

I've written to the SE desk many times this year commending their service and I've told the concierge about it whenever they meet me on arrival or I see them around the airports.

ProudWings Dec 30, 02 10:47 pm

I agree. There have been many occasions when the concierge staff (for me particularly in YYZ and LHR) have really gone out of their way to assist me in sorting out problems or just making my life easier. In general my interactions with AC staff have been very positive (including SE dsek, check-in agents, MLL staff and FAs). However, the concierge staff have really provided excellent service (David and Kelvin in LHR have been especially helpful to me and my family on a number of occasions). At this time of year I would like to wish all of the AC staff the best for 2003. Now if the leadership could just learn a little from the front-line staff this could be a really good airline!

Minicooperman Dec 30, 02 11:48 pm

Cannot think of enough good things to say about all the Concierges I have had the good fortune to meet.

A special big Thank You to Rosina in HNL for taking care of a big Xmas favour so brilliantly.


sing-along Dec 31, 02 2:57 am

I can't thank concierge enough for their assistance when I have flown AC in 2002.

Their assistance in FRA, LHR, ORD, YVR and, of course, YYZ is very much appreciated -- whether it would be tracking down a bag that was repaired and 'sent' somewhere to YYZ or meeting a flight to let me know that my bags did not make it, and therefore, no need to wait for 40 minutes to find out I have no bags...just to name two things.

Sent a letter off to AC to show my apprciation of their service in early December.

Concierge -- A group of employees, dedicated to customer service, that have the authority to make decisions.


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Vaab Dec 31, 02 9:17 am

Yes, many thanks to all the concierge I have encountered in the past!

Special thanks to the crew I've had the pleasure of dealing with at LHR - Rosemary, Paula, Dave, Dawn, Jennifer.

Ferrari Dec 31, 02 9:44 am

Agree with all the comments...

Rob in Syd is excellant...can't do enough, even though he recoginzes you way before he checks the list.
This guy goes way above the call of duty.!..

Rae in LHR is one of the best...She just goes out of her way...

The HNL guys and girls and superb...

Robyn in SYD...Just the same as the ROB...on the ball and has the customers best interest at heart..

This is the best SE benefit in my book!!

They are all great...

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LondonElite Dec 31, 02 10:17 am

I'd like to thank Mel (in ticket sales at LHR) for being truly helpful with fare rule details and other useful tips, and Sheila in Aeroplan (LHR). She called me last yea to respond to a problem and said I should come back to her if ever I had another issue. Just before Christmas she was able to sort out a frined of mine who had lost her vouchers (really!) and made sure a J seat was held open for her.

Academic Jan 1, 03 9:31 am

Let me add to the praise. The Concierges seem to be the only group who are able to second guess your needs in the right direction. Almost all of my "thank-you AC" notes this year have been about the Concierges. Special thanks to Judy and David in YYZ, Rob in SYD, David in LHR, and Jeanette in YVR

AC_flyer Jan 1, 03 10:47 am

A special thanks to Rae in LHR. Has gone out of her way to provide me great service more than a couple of times. And to the other Concierges at LHR.
Thank you!
And to all the Concierges at YYZ, YWG, YUL, FRA, LGA and YVR.

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PreferBulkhead Jan 1, 03 11:08 am

Do not forget those at ORD - have been kind and helpful a number of times to me over the past year also!

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