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The special credit card offers master thread [Subscription]

This thread is meant to list all current special credit card offers for airlines and hotel program and provide names of non-airline/hotel programs. This will help those who would like to apply for only special offers without going to each forum. If you subscribe to this thread (Thread Tools > Subscribe to this Thread > Notification Type), you will see this thread bolded in blue when you check your subscriptions (Quick Links - Subscribed threads). Click the small icon (with a small down arrow) next the title of the thread and it will take you to the first post that you have not read. This way, once you subscribe to this thread and someone posts a link to a good offer, you will know of it.

This is meant to be a community based effort. There are so many offers going around that it is impossible for me to keep track of all of them or visit each forum to find special offers. So people who find special offers or come to know of major updates to existing offers should send me a PM. I will then contact the mods to open the thread and make a post.

The reason this thread is closed is because posters were discussing specifics of various offers. Since this thread is a generic thread not devoted to a specific offer, it becomes a waste of time to read the thread. For example if you are interested in the value or use of Virgin Atlantic miles, this is not the thread to discuss that as many people have no interest in VS miles. Such discussion should be in the VS thread. If you see this thread open, it is because I have contacted the mods to open the thread so I can make updates. There is a time gap while they keep it open and I make the updates, so please do not use that opportunity to ask question about a specific offer.

This thread will only be for US credit cards. There are threads for Canada & UK:

These are following types of offers I am looking for:

1. Special offers from existing cards - e.g., 100K BA
2. Special transfer promos such as Amex to DL/BA bonus or hotel points to US bonus (many FTers use SPG as their main credit card, so its like transfering credit card miles to US)
3. New credit card announcements e.g., The Ritz Carlton or the Hyatt.

When posting offers, if possible please provide the FT discussion links and the deadline for the offer, if any.

The most recent offers to be posted to this thread will be bolded.


Alaska Airlines

BOA - 30K (added 1/30/14)

American Airlines

Citibank - 60-70K Personal & Business (added 6/3/18)
Barclays - 50K Personal & 50K Business (added 6/3/18)

Asiana Airlines

BOA - 30K (added 9/4/16)

British Airways

Chase - 75K with $10K spend in the first year (added 9/17/15)

Hawaiian Airlines

Barclays - 50K (added 5/19/16)


Chase - 75K (added 3/21/18)


Barclays - Upto 40K (added 8/19/17)


US Bank - 15K (limited time)


Barclays - 50K (added 3/2/16)

Southwest Airlines

Chase - 50K - Personal & Business offer is back (new link added 3/29/15)

Chase- only 40K but a lower spend of $1000. Instructions in blog.

Sun Country

First Bankcard - 40K (added 10/26/14)


Chase - Upto 60K (Business card, added 6/13/13)

Chase - 55K (till 6/2/15, added 4/29/15)

Chase - 70K Targeted offer (added 3/8/17)

Virgin Atlantic

BOA - 90K



Best Western

FNBO - 80K (added 9/17/16)


Barclays - 32K (added 11/12)

Club Carlson

US Bank - New Card with 85K Bonus Discussion 1 & Discussion 2


Chase - 2 Free Nights (added 4/20/12)


Citibank - Hilton Reserve2 free weekend nights

Various 70-85K (added 3/16/15)

Amex - 100K (added 5/21/16)


Chase - 2 nights free & $50 statement credit


Chase - 60-80K (added 11/30/11)

La Quinta

First Bank - 40K (added 9/21/12)


Chase - 87.5K Personal & 100K Business (added 9/4/16)


Barclays - 45K (added 9/4/16)



Altitude Reserve

US Bank - 50K (added 6/9/17)


BOA - New Amtrak Credit Card

Amex Premier Rewards

Amex - Mercedes Benz 75K (added 4/29/16)

Amex - 20-50K and 25% FedEx Discount ($200 cap) (added 1/16/15)

Amex - 50K Personal Card (added 1/16/15)

Amex - 50K Business (added 9/17/16)

Amex -
Blue Business 20K (added 6/9/17)


Amex - Upto 30K (added 11/2/16)

Amex Platinum

Amex - 100K Business (added 4/7/14)


Barclays - 50K points

BankAmericard Travel Rewards

BOA - 20K (added 8/19/15)

City National Rewards (CNB)

City National Bank - $250 per card per calendar year for Qualifying Airline Purchases; No annual fee in the first year (added 5/18/15)

Diner Club

Harris Bank - No bonus; new applications accepted (added 10/6/14)


Citi - 2% Cash Back (new card, added 9/1/14)


Citi - Expedia 15-25K (added 9/18/14)

Flagship Rewards

Navy Federal - 40K (added 10/3/14)


Chase - 17.5K (added 12/7/15)


Chase - 50K Unlimited (added 6/3/18)
Chase - 50K Ink Cash (6/3/18)


Wells Fargo - 20K/40K (added 5/20/14)


Chase - 50K (added 11/16/15)

Chase -
50K Sapphire Reserve (new card, added 9/4/16)

Chase -
80K Chase Ink


Capital One - $500/50K (added 5/21/15)

Thank You

Citibank - 40K Premier (added 11/20/16)

Citibank - 50K Prestige (added 4/9/15)


Capital One - 50K (added 6/15/18)

Here is a list of reconsideration phone#'s.

Any others going on?

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