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A Quick Guide to US Priority Pass Restaurants

Priority Pass, is a must-have for frequent flyers. The pass gives access to over 1,300 airport lounges worldwide, most of which offer free WiFi, food, alcoholic beverages, comfortable seating, and showers. But, what not quite as many people know is that Priority Pass also gives you free credits for food and drinks at a ton of airport restaurants. Because it can be a pain to manually search for what places participate, here is a quick guide to Priority Pass restaurants around the world that you can get dining credit for.

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United States

The United States has 29 restaurants participating in Priority Pass and most offer a $28 credit per person, except for Corona Beach House in Miami and PGA MSP Lounge in Minneapolis. To find these restaurants, enter the airport code into the Priority Pass app and click the appropriate terminal or concourse to bring up the lounge options. Participating restaurants will show up on the list with their own page with information on location, hours, facilities, notes, and conditions.

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The restaurant perk is more common in the United States than in many other places around the world, but it does make an appearance here and there.

How Do I Get Priority Pass?

Priority Pass is a perk I get from my Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card, but you can also get the pass from other cards, such as American Express Platinum (however, as of August 2019 American Express Platinum no longer gives restaurant credits) or Citi Prestige, or by buying an annual membership through Priority Pass itself.

Terms and Conditions

If you have a Priority Pass, these restaurants are an amazing way to get a free (or highly discounted) meal before catching a flight. However, there are strict guidelines that must be understood to avoid any issues.

  1. No cash value. The credit can only be used for purchases at the restaurant and cannot be cashed out.
  2. Guests. Depending on the avenue in which you have your Priority Pass (credit card or annual membership), the number of guests also given a dining credit varies. For my Chase Sapphire Reserve Card, I have brought two guests along without fail dozens of times. Each of us got our own credit, which added up nicely.
  3. Same-day boarding pass. To be eligible to receive dining credit, you must be able to present a “boarding pass with confirmed same-day travel.” In my experience, I have never been asked for a boarding pass, so I have been able to eat at the restaurants on departure and arrival. And technically, the conditions do not specify that the boarding pass must be for a departing flight, so if asked, you could use that as your loophole after an arriving flight.
  4. Gratuity and any charges beyond the credit limit. These restaurants offer a maximum credit limit. If you go over that limit, then you are responsible for paying the remaining bill. Furthermore, dining credit cannot be used to tip the waiters, so if you have any leftover after you pay, that cannot be used for gratuity, which must come out of your own pocket.
  5. Plan accordingly. Because this is such a great steal for Priority Pass holders, these restaurants fill up fast, so expect a possible wait and plan enough time to wait for a table, eat, and get to your gate before your flight departs.
edgewood49 January 19, 2020

It's been off for months now

CaliforniaSteve January 18, 2020

At SFO, the poke dish at Yankee Pier is decent. The rest of the menu, not so much. And At the Giants place, do NOT get the fries. You basically get oil with a few chunks of potatoes. Internationally, The Green Market at Changi in Singapore is quite good. Japanese/Korean food that’s consistent and pretty tasty.

Dr.Ells January 18, 2020

Never heard of any of these programs. I’m happy to pay for quality food (if one can find it; otherwise, I’m happy to stay skinny!).

Taylor Rains January 17, 2020

Chase Sapphire Reserve has the restaurants - and Fort Lauderdale was showing on my app today, as well as all of the others. I did not realize AMEX was no longer offering those when I made the article - sorry for the confusion. I hope Chase doesn’t do away with this benefit either! The article has been updated.

bh22 January 17, 2020

I believe the restaurant benefit is not available if you have a “Priority Pass Select” membership, which is what comes from the credit cards you mention. Or does Chase Sapphire have a different deal than those other cards?