Compare Virgin 787 UP to BA Business

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Compare Virgin 787 UP to BA Business

I have a choice between BA Business class and Virgin UP between LHR and SFO. Can I get opinions please concerning which is better?
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Originally Posted by sfoeuroflyer View Post
I have a choice between BA Business class and Virgin UP between LHR and SFO. Can I get opinions please concerning which is better?
I haven't flown UC for a while though I will be doing again in November, i have flown a fair bit of BA Club World recently.

Largely it's down to the aircraft type, upstairs in the bubble on the 747 is still a great place to be even if some of the old 747s have had better days. General recommendation is to avoid the 777 fleet. I think A380 flies SFO on at least one rotation, that's a great plane.

The biggest difference is that, with the exception of the new A350s BA Business doesn't have direct aisle access from all seats, from most you potentially have to climb over your neighbour's legs or they over yours....there are some exceptions which again depend on aircraft type.

The crews are generally very good in CW as is the food and service, you dont have a bar like you do on in Upper Class, just a club kitchen where you can keep yourself to refreshments.

Read some trip reports would be my advice, plentybon You Tube, figure out what of the experience is more important to you, which flight time is best etc....I'd say either, on a good day, will provide an excellent experience...

One final factor, depending on when your journey is, the BA pilots strike is still ongoing with little sign of resolution. Many of us on the BA forum that fly a lot are looking to other airlines for bookings through to January at this point to minimise risk of disruption.
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For VS
  • In my experience BA crews are extremely hit and miss. I've had some excellent crews but I've also had a slight majority of crews who were at best indifferent and at worst outright rude - these days I avoid BA wherever possible for that reason. I don't want to pay a lot of money to be treated like I'm a nuisance. VS is much more consistent in terms of good crews in my experience. And that is only counting business class crews.
  • VS has the much better lounge than BA at LHR - the T3 Clubhouse rivals most First Class lounges let alone Business Class.
  • You're guaranteed WiFi on VS whereas it's still more of a mixed bag on BA as to whether your plane has it and whether they activate it.
For BA
  • If you can get a window seat with direct aisle access the seat is probably better than the VS one for most purposes.
  • Lots more schedule flexibility.
  • Upper Deck on the 747 is a particularly nice experience.
  • If you get a good crew BA can really be one of the best experiences in the sky (but as above in my experience the odds of this are not great).

Overall I'd go with whichever was cheaper, and if they're the same price I'd personally fly with VS for the better overall experience (including pre-boarding.)
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