What benefit would you like to see added to 1k

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What benefit would you like to see added to 1k

Starting in 2021 what benefits would you like to see added with significantly harder qualification requirements
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Free wifi
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Free wi-fi.
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Originally Posted by rowenb View Post
Free wi-fi.
I never thought of that I was thinking more of free United club membership
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Originally Posted by united 1k flyer View Post
I never thought of that I was thinking more of free United club membership
GS don't even get that and they're crowded enough as it is.
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Access to some of the upgrade/ saver redemption like GS. For example: Purchase Polaris fare and open up upgrade/saver fare for companion. Maybe not all those benefits but something to distinguish from the other levels would be nice.
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I'd like to see UA open up some inventory that allowed 1Ks to UG award tickets using instruments, separate from the GS bucket
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United adding a benefit? Good to see some humor on this board. But hey if we are thinking of things UA will not do, perhaps getting rid of the ultra-slim line lavs on the 737 squeezeliners,replacing the junky and horribly uncomfortable seats on Y on the A319/320. Maybe getting the A220 or similar comfortable plane to replace the huge numbers of small RJs that UA flies. Perhaps actually putting PE on the 787-9, going back to seats on wide-bodies that are not narrower than seats on the 737. Perhaps actually giving upgrades from time to time. Improving the quality of J and F food so that it is not worst in class. Ditto the wine. Perhaps authorizing line employees to fix issues. I could go on.

All I can say is that when the next downturn hits, UA will have a lot less FFers to fill its planes...
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Now that partner airline-issued tickets accrue points, how about a level of Star Alliance recognition above *G, with benefits like access to FCT/Mercedes rides between flight/etc in FRA, for example.
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Originally Posted by cotr View Post
Free wifi
Originally Posted by rowenb View Post
Free wi-fi.
Seems to come for all at some point.


(also, lots of 1Ks travel on OPM... who then presumably can expense WiFi on business trips)
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Being able to qualify for 1K with 100,000 status miles and $15,000 spend.

Getting a couple annual certs that can be given to a UA FA or purser (maybe a GA too) requiring them to suddenly become nice to the passenger and provide good service for the remainder of the flight.
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*A higher tier status would be nice with solid benefits - doesn't do any good to add a name and nothing to go with it

Protection on separate tix - even across *A (like AA does for OW)

Bump up GS offerings from T class to a higher class and give us the T class benefit for companions

Allow 1K to use PN bucket for a O,A,R (PE) upgrade to Polaris (Yes, this slightly devaluates GS - but we are now required to get roughly half the spend, not 25%
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Two rulebuster J upgrades a year. Any fare, any segment, provided the seat is for sale.
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I'd take 1K classic, including 1k rooms at hubs, upgrades that cleared, dedicated 1k phone agents, FA who use your name....etc.

In my business, if we charged more and offered less we'd be out of business. Tired of hearing how airlines are cash strapped....just look in the pants pockets and desk drawers of the C suite.
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Hard to see United adding benefits. Access to UC is just not going to happen with the current crowding situation systemwide.....it looks people are still willing to pay for it judging from the crowd.

Any benefits would venture into GS territory, and UA is already taking away upgrade spaces from the GS, so creating any upgrade preference level for 1K is not likely or still will be useless.

Who is in the driving seat in this situation? United or 1Ks? Letís be realistic here.

I am one of those original 1Ks and GS, and I have not seen UA adding anything in my long association of United. Anything added will be subtraction in other areas or raise the threshold for qualifications.

The world does not stand still, so do frequent flyer programs.
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