New Napkins!!!

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New Napkins!!!

Perhaps I've missed the thread, but I haven't seen any discussion of the new napkins.

I'm glad to see that the tacky, ca. 2012 self-congratulatory napkins are being phased out in favor of a more straightforward design. I don't know how I feel about the use of the negative space of the globe logo as an additional branding element, though.
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Yep! I noticed this the other day. Had to do a double take to make sure I wasn't imagining things. At long last!
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They feel cheaper than the old napkin.
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This thread would be better with pictures. Anyone have one? I can't believe we're getting excited about napkins.
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It is funny.

I noticed them about a week ago on a UAX flight. I was going to snap a picture and post about it, but something must have distracted me as I forgot all about it.

It is actually a bit understated, in a good way. Just the United logo without any marketing drivel.

I hated the old napkins and turned them over to be just plain white. In fact, on one flight I had a little game going with my FA on a TPAC flight. She would always turn them back over whenever she served a drink.
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Originally Posted by SPLITTERZ View Post
They feel cheaper than the old napkin.
Probably just a mis-cater!
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I noticed that on a PS flight coming back to SFO earlier this week. What will remind me now that MillagePlus was the best program of 2009!
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The circa 2012 napkins were my "least substantive UA-related" thing to complain about. Now what petty thing can I harp on?
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Originally Posted by SPLITTERZ View Post
They feel cheaper than the old napkin.
Just wait til they realize how much money they can save by serving napkin chips vs full napkins...
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Funny thread...for all of my 300+ segments since the merger, I haven't once cared about the napkin as long as I was given one!

I couldn't describe the napkin if someone put a gun to my head. Are people really excited about a new napkin?
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This is the best news I've heard in a long time! Anybody care to post a pic?
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I'll try to grab a photo on tomorrow's flight.

It looks more like '90's clip art...
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Originally Posted by warreng24 View Post
It looks more like '90's clip art...
Sounds like it matches the airline's branding.
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Hilarious thread, can't wait for pics!
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totally forgot about this! got them as early as 3/16 ex-EWR.

no .bomb advertising! for that reason alone, it's a change i like.

opposite side is plain white IIRC.
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