How many are REALLY leaving UA?

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1) What did you like most about fkaUA or fkaCO?

2) What changes have had the greatest negative impact on you?

3) What remains about the current UA that makes it hard for you to leave?

4) What airlines are you considering switching to? Or kayaking?

5) What benefits / improvements do you expect on your new airline?

6) What aspects of the new airline make it hard for you to switch to them?
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Old Mar 19, 12, 6:55 pm
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How many are REALLY leaving UA?

There are a ton of complaints on this board about United/Continental and all of the issues/problems. With all of the "threats" people make on a regular basis, how many of you are really leaving/going to another airline? I, for one, now buy tickets on the airline that gets me to where I need to be with the least amount of time and money to get me there. If it's UA fine, more often than not it's somebody else. What am I missing with doing this? Nothing. UA was not treating folks all that well BEFORE the merger. Seems that things have gotten worse. The only thing that will ever make a difference is when you walk with your wallet imo. So who all is leaving and going elsewhere?
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Old Mar 19, 12, 6:57 pm
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Not leaving. SMI/J has been good to me.
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Its stil too early. I am REALLY ticked off at UA right now but, I have to put that aside temporarily as down to integration pains and see how it plays out.

Now if AA showed up tomorrow with an instant status match, I would have to consider it, but I would prefer to make that decision with about 20 flights under the new UA under my belt.

I am at 2 right now, will be at 10 by the end of the month and can make a better decision then.
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Old Mar 19, 12, 7:09 pm
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I have non-refundable segments booked on COdbaUA through June. If things don't improve by then, I'm bolting back to AA. I've already got 30K EQM banked on AA for YTD 2012, so scurrying back up to EXP by year end would be a little hard on my checkbook, but not an impossible task given the amount of time.

COdbaUA has until then to prove that the merger is working and that maintaining loyalty is worth it. Otherwise, I'm choosing someone else.
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Old Mar 19, 12, 7:11 pm
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I move half of my travels to DL, AA, and other carriers already.
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Old Mar 19, 12, 7:13 pm
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wish I could walk away today, but with 80k for '12 in place between flown and tkted it doesnt make sense for me to walk just yet. Then Im <100k to 1MM So I will stick it out and hit 1MM while still a 1K to max what ever benefits still remain and then if CO d/b/a UA still hasnt changed its Policys (I dont expect them to) I will leave CO for the 2nd time, 1st time was a few yrs ago when I switched to UA

So if all works out sometime in '13 its Bye Bye to soley booking on CO and will start doing like the OP going with which carrier works for the least out of pocket,I imagine every so often that might mean flying on CO
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Old Mar 19, 12, 7:15 pm
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I'll pass 100K for 2012 on 4/1/2012, so obviously I'm not going anywhere else, but that also doesn't mean that I'm a happy camper either!
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Originally Posted by pigx5 View Post
I move half of my travels to DL, AA, and other carriers already.
Sounds like you acted proactively, which is possibly what i should have done!^
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I'm leaving. In fact I was over on the Aegean Air forum figuring out how to get *G without this nightmare known as UA
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In 2011 I moved roughly 40 segments to WN, worth about $6K... knowing this would cost me 1K for 2012.

I am on the same pace for 2012. I am trying to keep an open mind for a bit longer. Originally, I was going to re-evaluate in June but the 3/3 transition has been so so bad I might do so earlier. I would look to target A- List preferred on WN and Platinum on AA... if I choose to leave.

I hope things get better quickly.
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Old Mar 19, 12, 7:26 pm
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I can't be done with UA 100% because it sometimes offers the lowest fare on the route I need to travel. However, I am no longer willing to pay a premium to fly UA, which I often did in the past. My travel spend is likely an insignificant drop in the bucket for UA, but I try to give them as little of my hard earned $ as possible.

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I did 50k before March and all went smooth..only one flight on UA post 3/3 and it went well.

However I'm lucky because my flights have been overseas lately and I fly CX/OZ/SQ internationally. I start with domestic flights again in a month and we'll see how it is then.
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Old Mar 19, 12, 7:39 pm
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Not all flights go perfectly and unfortunately services among US carriers are not something to advertise nowadays. Many ppl, me included, have griped about the airlines on a regular basis on this forum. But if one steps back and think about it, there isn't one stand-out carrier that deliver consistently good service. So you can do a status-match and switch to another airlines. But sooner or later one would find the new carrier is not something that cracks up to be.

I no longer travel much domestically, only a few int'l. What I do is to take UA an int'l gateway, then switch to an international *A airlines to get to my destinations. That way I can still retain my *A benefits but minus the hassle.

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Originally Posted by demkr View Post
Sounds like you acted proactively, which is possibly what i should have done!^
After I tried DL last year, it was good.
Great service (I don't believe I say this but it is) if you are an ELITE.
I met great ground crews and FAs.
When bad things happen, the customer relationships reply in 2 days which is faster than 1K desk.
Since I travel mostly internationally, I have no problem to redeem SKYpesos on
partner airlines.

I will keep 100K on UA and I won't hit it until Dec. (I used to hit 1K in Apr-Jun)
Other flights will be on other airlines.
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Old Mar 19, 12, 7:43 pm
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Already left, but it was probably easier for me. Last year was my first year of heavy travel and I made WN A-list, UA 2P, and DL Gold didn't have much history or loyalty to UA, just found them to be the best fit for me. Towards the second half of the year I shifted all my flying to UA as they became my preferred airline. Once the new MP was announced, I decided that I'd be happier with DL (even out of SJC/SFO). All travel this year has been either DL/WN, with a single flight on UA. I'm no huge flyer, but I'll hit Platinum on DL and requalify for WN A-list again. The DL flights are all business that I would have given the old UA.

As a gold on DL, I am 50% on upgrades this year (5/10 segments), with all but one clearing at my 3 day window. On top of that, the UGs have been on the longer segments (4+ hr flights). I also really like how many of their planes are equiped with IFE.
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