TSA Precheck Bag for Liquids

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TSA Precheck Bag for Liquids

Hello - For those with Precheck (via Precheck or Global Entry), I'm wondering what type of one quart-size bag you use for your liquids for carry-on luggage. Does it have to be clear? Can it be any toiletry bag that is quart size?

Thanks for your help.
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The TSA doesn't specify clear or not bag.

What is the 3-1-1 liquids rule?
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Per the citation by Boggie Dog it doesn't have to be a clear ziplock bag. Even though that's what's illustrated.
Per dozen of anecdotes, anything outside of a TSO's expectation is likely to confuse them and cause some level of delay.
However, in the TSAPre line, since it doesn't have to be separated, I don't think a standard toiletry bag would even be noticed.
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Boggie Dog and rickg523 are both correct; but since you asked specifically about PreCheck, it's also worth explicitly stating that the rule doesn't change depending on whether or not you have PreCheck.

Also, some non-US air travel security authorities do require that it be a clear bag; CATSA in Canada is an example that comes to mind.
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