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How to Spend 670k Points on One Trip, Honeymoon trip report with photos (BOB/SYD)

How to Spend 670k Points on One Trip, Honeymoon trip report with photos (BOB/SYD)

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For those who are interested, Tahitian weddings are STRICTLY ceremonial for all but French citizens (nothing to do with living in FP). And you can't become a French citizen within 30 days.

Look into it, but it seems VERY expensive for what you get. Kinda like everything in FP!
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Great report on what sounds like a great trip. Glad especially for
your full enjoyment of Tetsuya's. Congrats to you and the Mrs.
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Wednesday, June 15

10:25 am Departure Melbourne (MEL
Qantas Flight 93, MEL-LAX
First Class Seats 2E, 2F

We arrived without further incident about 8:20am and walked right up to the 2 dedicated Qantas checkin counters for First Class on MEL-LAX. No wait. Bags were tagged to Seattle and boarding passes were issued all the way there – even though LAX-SEA was on a separate e-ticket purchased from Alaska directly. I simply showed my itinerary to the CSR and she didn’t have any difficulties.

There was a short line for passport control, and then we walked through duty free. Would they let me bring in Aussie beef jerky into the states? It was on sale at duty free, but when I arrived at SYD there was a sign specifically saying that beef jerky was prohibited. I guess that must be a common item? I skip the duty free, even though there were the largest liquor bottles I’d ever seen on offer.

We went through security with no line and then over to the QF club downstairs. We checked in at the desk and were sent down the hall on the left to the F side, which had showers, 4 computers with internet (a tad slow) and printers. I found the club lihht and airy for a downstairs lounge with no views. The food selection wasn’t impressive, just some pastries and pretzel-type snacks, perhaps it was because of the early hour. The coffee machine made a decent cappuccino, though.

We boarded 20 minutes late due to late arriving aircraft and were in the air at 11am. Captain said we’d make up the time.

Once at our seats, FA came around for drink orders and brought nuts and olives (the latter distributed with a separate plate for pits). Amenity kits and PJs were distributed on the ground. I changed in the lavatory, which is nice as it’s larger than the standard lav not to mention having a window!

After takeoff, menus were presented:

Our extensive Rockpool designed menu allows you to enjoy a completely personalized dining experience. To complement your choice of main meal, select your own side dishes as accompaniments. Alternatively, your Flight Attendant will be pleased to assist you with your selection. As your flight continues, feel free to snack from a variety of lighter sweet or savoury refreshments at your convenience.


Cauliflower and Gruyete Soup with Herb Crčme Fraiche
King Prawn and Celery Salad with Celeriac Remoulade

Our signature salad of Baby Cos, Radicchio and Frisee is available to accompany your main course or can be enjoyed as an entrée, dressed with your choice of Aged Balsamic Vinaigrette, Palm Sugar Vinaigrette or Blue Cheese Dressing

Main Courses
Szechuan Pepper Crusted Spatchcock with Star Anise Dressing
Slow Roasted Rib Eye of Beef with Mustard Seed Jus
Seared Blue Eye with Herb Salsa
Pumpkin Kofta Curry with Rice Pilaf, Spinach and Dhal

Side Dishes
Egg Noodles
Enoki Mushroom Salad
Sweet Potato Puree
Steamed Broccolini
New Potatoes
Green Beans, Semi Dried Tomato and Pine Nuts

A choice of mustards and condiments is available

A Lighter Main Course Choice*
Seared Blue Eye with New Potatoes, Steamed Broccolini, Fresh Lemon Juice and Olive Oil
* For your health and well-being this dish is Heart Foundation Tick approved

Blue, soft and hard cheese, hand selected by Will Studd, Maitre Fromager Calendar Cheese Company, served with accompaniments

Yoghurt Bavaros with Red Wine Poached Pear
Mediterranean Almond, Walnut and Hazelnut Tart with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Sliced Fresh Seasonal Fruit

Petits Fours
A selection of Kennedy & Wilson chocolates and petits fours

Available throughout your flight

Seafood and Coriander Wonton Soup
Winter Vegetable and Cheddar Pot Pie
Steak Sandwich with Tomato and Chilli Relish
Raspberry Friand
Manna from Heaven Organic Chocolate Biscuit
Fresh Whole Fruit
Maggie Bear Ice Cream Tubs

Create your favourite breakfast from our full range of dishes. You may also wish to pre-order your meal with your flight attendant to allow maximum rest time.

Orange juice
Apple juice
Sunraysia cranberry juice
Sunraysia mango liquid fruit
Sunraysia pear liquid fruit
Mango and Lime Energiser drink

Fresh fruit salad
Bircher Muesli
Toasted Muesli
Cereal selection
Yoghurt and honey
Pain au Chocolat

Selection of conserves
Strawberry jam, Orange marmalade, honey, vegemite

Scrambled Eggs
Roast Vine Ripened Tomatoes
Sauteed Field Mushrooms
Potato Cakes
Toasted bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese

Hot beverages

Espresso, Long Black, Café Latte, Flat White, Cappuccino, Mocha, Decaffeinated, Individual Bodum

Black Leaf Teas
Assam – a fine, neat leaf exhibiting a tannic-fruity aroma and flavour
Darjeeling – a fruity tea, with uplifted aromas and flavours of muscatels

Herbal Teas
Peppermint Blend – a mixture of peppermint, menthol mint, lemon myrtle, elderflower, rosella & roseship
Lemon Citrus Blend – a mixture of lemon myrtle, liquorice, lemongrass, & rosella

Other teas are available on request

Hot chocolate

Moet & Chandon Millesime Blance 1999

White Wine
Penfolds Reserve Eden Valley Riesling 2003
Pierro Semillon Sauvignon Blance LTC 2004
Henschke Lenswood Croft Chardonnay 2002

Red Wine
Farr Rising Geelong Pinot Noir 2003
Castagna Genesis Syrah 2001
Wirra Wirra The Angelus Cabernet Sauvignon 2001

Dessert Wine
Mount Horrocks Cordon Cut Riesling 2004

Mrs. gleff and I both had the soup and Pumpkin Kofta Curry, both of which were average. Mrs. gleff’s tea was served from a small French press.

There was heavy turbulence about 1h 30m into the flight and the FAs had to suspend meal service for a bit, just as it was starting.

Service on this flight made me appreciate TN even more. The Qantas seat is better, but there’s something nice about TN’s small F cabin of only 6 seats, generally excellent service (outstanding on the LAX-PPT segment), and proper cutlery presentation and clearing between courses in contrast to QF tossing down flatware with plastic knives wrapped in a napkin.

We both had the ice cream and tart for dessert, and the ice cream was rock hard. In fact, it was still hard after 15 minutes but I chipped away at it anyway.

The FA made my bed, I watched Hitch, and then ordered a steak sandwich while watching a tape of Zissou, then went to sleep until breakfast.

Mrs. gleff woke me for breakfast around 5:30am LAX time. She knew I’d be mad if I missed out on the full service and didn’t have a chance to report on it here! At breakfast I learned a fairly basic lesson: it’s really hard to cut a stale bagel with a plastic knife. Breakfast choices were bountiful, but as with lunch the food quality was average at best. I had a smoked salmon bagel (salmon was really bland, they could try to ratchet it up a notch maybe with some belly lox), bacon, potatos, and a chocolate croissant (hot and rubbery, like it had just come from the microwave).

Shortly after breakfast service was through, and I had changed back out of my PJs, we landed – right on time at 7:25am. However, upon approaching the terminal we had to wait for a LanChile flight to get towed into its gate before we could move. That took about ten minutes. We pull up to the gate and everyone gets up. We’re set to disembark from the door between J and Y – so J and some of Y gets off the plane before F. While waiting for the door to open, an announcement comes on that immigration was crowded and we weren’t being permitted off the plane until things cleared up a bit. That’s another 10 minutes.

I was starting to get a bit nervous. My AS connection to SEA had moved from an original flight time of 10:30am (3 hour connection) to a 10am flight to a 9:30am flight and new flight number with change of seats (2 hour connection). The 20-25 minute delay was further eating into our international to domestic connection.

Fortunately, we had arrived at Terminal 4 rather than the Tom Bradley terminal. I can see how immigration would back up, there isn’t much space in there to begin with. Walking up there’s something vaguely disturbing at the smiling portraits of President Bush and Vice President Cheney staring at you in an otherwise colorless long hall.

The line for US citizens was short. The only oddity was that mrs. gleff and I had filled out two separate customs slips. The purser on the QF flight insisted that we’d need separate forms even though we’re married because we have different last names. This was questioned since we walked up together, I assured that we were married, and one form was thrown away and the other form edited to add a bit of $$ onto our declaration (we were only up to ~ $600 in any case).

F and J bags were on a separate carousel and were all out when we got through to pick them up (no bags were up from Y yet). There was no hassle at customs, but a bit of bedlam with the TSA rechecking bags. I waited until our bags were properly in queue for screening rather than haphazardly dropping them as some other folks were doing.

Then we walked outside and around to terminal 3. There was a backlog at the first security checkpoint at the bottom of the escalator up to security screening. In fact, the line to show IDs there was outside the terminal. I’ll admit that we just cut in line somewhat inside the terminal, and in the confusion that abounded no one noticed. The woman checking IDs was slow, stopping passengers while she people watched. At the top of the escalator we had to show our IDs again, I have no idea why. Then the whole checkpoint stopped for a drill, we all had to stand in place for a few minutes. Oh well, at least there was no requirement to take off our shoes.

We made it to the Alaska boardroom by 8:30am, it’s pretty close to the Alaska gates and boarding was set for 9:03am. I was pretty full from breakfast, and I had already had two cappuccinos on the flight, so I just had a glass of water.

9:33 am Depart Los Angeles (LAX)
Alaska Airlines Flight 281
First Class Seats 1D, 1F

We came down from the Boardroom just as boarding commenced. Everyone crowded in and Alaska was taking the opportunity to train a new gate agent to take boarding passes. This caused quite a backup as each passenger took about maybe 15 extra seconds to process.

Some people even boarded the flight who were supposed to be on the 3pm departure, the gate agent didn’t catch it and no one figured it out until there were multiple pax looking at the same seat. It was doubly confusing because the 3pm pax didn’t speak English and the FAs didn’t speak Spanish, another passenger had to translate.

The flight was completely full with every seat taken.

I didn’t eat the breakfast snack of fruit and a muffin, still too full from Qantas.

Coach passengers kept coming up to use the F lav despite the lead FA making a ‘security announcement’ not to at the beginning of the trip. The FA didn’t say anything at all to these passengers, in fact when asked if it was alright she told them to go ahead. Security, indeed. Why not just say ‘we don’t permit it’ (even though we really do) instead of lying about security?

As with most domestic flights, this one was short and uneventful. The only difficulty came after we disembarked and headed down to baggage claim.

Passengers from several flights arrived at the two AS baggage carousels, but no bags were coming. Nothing came out of either shute for at least 40 minutes, and the hordes were growing.

Finally some bags started coming down, but they were pieces that had just been checked to fly SEA-DCA! The staff at the baggage office tried mightily to collect them and send them back, but there was no way these bags were making their flight.

After 65 minutes of waiting, bags for our flight started coming out -- split between the two carousels, seemingly at random. Three of our four bags arrived, we waited awhile but no more for our flight were on their way. I filed a missing baggage claim and we went off to the Westin.

Westin Seattle

We arrived by cab and no one was available to greet us or help with luggage. We drag our bags upstairs to check in and I’m told that it would be awhile for assistance and I’m best off taking the bags up myself.

As with my last stay here in September, the person checking me in seemed to view the process as a pain and me as an obstacle to something far more important that she could be doing.

While, I was happy to receive a room with a nice view of the Sound, I’m left wondering if I’d have done just as well to Priceline a 3* room at the airport for $35 since I’m just heading back there the next day anyway.

At least mrs. gleff’s parents were also given a room with a great view. They had driven into SEA from YKM to bring us our little dog, which they’d been watching while we were away. Despite my request, the hotel didn’t send up the promised Heavenly Dog Bed and bowls.

A call to the AS baggage office at about 7pm determined that our errant bag had been sent to RNO instead of SEA, and that it would be arriving on a flight ~ 10pm that evening. They sent it over to the hotel, and in the morning I called down to the desk and it was sent up to the room promptly.

On checkout my folio listed a room rate in spite of the fact that I was using points, presumably it was the SPG internal reimbursement rate. As always, the lines at the front desk were long and I almost took off to the airport resolving to correct things later, about 2 more minutes of waiting and I would have. The clerk at the desk fixed this quickly, however, it seems I was dealing with someone pretty senior who knew what they were doing. Then mrs. gleff’s parents took us to the airport.

I hadn’t been feeling too well since the night before, and in the morning mrs. gleff wasn’t doing so well either. We realized fairly quickly that we both had salmonella, and we deduced that we could only have gotten it from the QF flight (either the lunch, where we had the same things, or the smoked salmon at breakfast). That made the final few hours of our trip pretty miserable.

Thursday, June 16

1:05 pm Depart Seattle (SEA)
Alaska Airlines Flight 2, SEA-DCA
First Class Seats 2A, 2C

Since mrs. gleff and I weren’t feeling too well, my memory of our last flight is pretty sketchy at best.

We arrived at the airport and checked in. Despite being on the same record and having booked the flight months earlier, my seat assignment had been changed. We were no longer seated together, for the very last flight of our honeymoon trip. I had been in 2B, and it was pretty clear what happened (or as the CSR at SEA said, “it looks like it was changed for a reason that can’t be discussed” Ahem.) … Air Marshall.

F was already checked in full, so no chance to move around, but I asked again in the boardroom anyway. No luck. Then I asked at the gate. The CSR there tried to switch us, going so far as to call up a couple other pax to the podium to ask if they’d switch, but she got too confused over the fact that she couldn’t sit us together in the bulkhead since we had our 8lb dog in the cabin with us. She handed us back our original boarding passes and onto the plane we went.

The FA was quite helpful. She asked a couple of pax to switch and they obliged, so now we were back in row 2, just on the other side (the passenger who took my seat seemed mighty pleased to talk non-stop with Jennifer Dunn the whole flight, the former Congresswoman who had been seated next to me).

This really did turn out to feel like more or less the longest flight of my life. Feeling miserable, I wasn’t able to watch anything on the DigE Player and I couldn’t even read a sentence out of my book. I just sat and sat the whole time, counting down the minutes until I could get off the flight.

One good thing about this flight was that Y pax weren’t permitted to use the F lav, I say it’s a good thing because I was the lav’s primary consumer this time. How did they accomplish it? By drawing a screen between F and Y. Not one of the old fashioned screens, but a new see-through screen that didn’t cloud vision between the cabins but that gave the clear signal that the line between them wasn’t to be crossed.

We made it to baggage claim, caught a cab home, and I fell into bed. Didn’t make it to work the next day, either, though by the afternoon the sickness had passed for both of us.

It wasn’t the best way to end a truly amazing trip, but we both figured that it was good that we waited until the very end of the trip to get sick, and we had the whole weekend to slowly recover. I spent much of the weekend alternating between catching up on an enormous amount of email, and laying out by the pool.

It was sure nice to log into MileTracker though and see all the points that had posted in my absence. I’ll never understand, though, why it takes Alaska ~ 4 days for flight miles to post…
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WOW! That was one heck of a trip report. Excellent pictures. The Mrs. wants to spend a bit of time on Bora Bora using SPG points. I told we need to save up a bit.

Congrats on your wedding.
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Thanks a lot for this wonderful trip report! The BBN people should pay you for that report as I think I now have to visit this place one time myself...

And, of course, congrats to you!!!
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Originally Posted by gleff
The only oddity was that mrs. gleff and I had filled out two separate customs slips. The purser on the QF flight insisted that we’d need separate forms even though we’re married because we have different last names. This was questioned since we walked up together, I assured that we were married, and one form was thrown away and the other form edited to add a bit of $$ onto our declaration (we were only up to ~ $600 in any case).
CKDGM and I have had flight attendants tell us the same thing: different last names means different customs declarations. We ignore them and only fill out one for the two of us. None of the immigration or customs agents have ever given us trouble about it.

Great report!
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Congratulations to you and the very best for the future.

I enjoyed reading you honeymoon trip report very much, especially the nice pictures you have taken during the trip.

Just as a sidenote, I also have the Unicef on my bill. The most hotel charge it without asking, which I dislike very much (to be honest, staying at Starwood Properties you know, there would be the Unicef $ on you bill). But, I can live with this, as I also have some money for Unicef and AI left at the end of the year, the time I normally make my donations.
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Congratulations, Gleff, I really enjoyed your report and the outstanding pictures.
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Congratulations on both getting married and your report! I'm sure this becomes a classic.
:-: :-: :-: :-: :-:
Very informative, exactly the details I would ask and then the beautifull pictures to enhance it even further. Really a pleasure to indulge. I hope you have both fully recovered from the poor QF food by now.
Thank you very much for all the effort taken to create this!

One question: How would you rate Hawaii compared to the south pacific for "normal" holidays? (i.e. off honeymoon)
Just not sure if going further than HI is really worth the extra time&money.
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Originally Posted by LoungeLizzard
One question: How would you rate Hawaii compared to the south pacific for "normal" holidays? (i.e. off honeymoon)
Just not sure if going further than HI is really worth the extra time&money.
Hawaii is really so many different places (Kuaui vs. HNL in general and Waikiki Beach in particular) . Hawaii is great, worth doing and expensive in its own right.

French Polynesia isn't that much farther away (8h from LAX to PPT, there's interisland transport after that but there's interisland transport depending on where you'd going in Hawaii too). Room rates are generally higher in French Polynesia, but you can redeem points for Intercontinental or Starwood properties (e.g. Sheraton Moorea is a Cat 5, all Intercontinental properties are 30k Priority Club points what would be a better redemption value?). Food, etc. is a little pricier, although things on Tahiti and Moorea aren't quite as expensive as Bora Bora.

My point is that one shouldn't think that French Polynesia is out of reach if planned properly.

That said, I certainly don't make the trip every year whereas Hawaii does feel much more doable on an annual basis (though I tend to choose other vacation destinations for variety, I have several colleagues for instance who go to Hawaii every year - I usually help them find award seats for their kids).
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Thank you!

Thank you very much for your advice.

The travel time would certainly not be a major issue, especially coming from Europe. As mentioned, I'm 100% sure that Bora Bora was the perfect place to go on honeymoon.

But being happily married already... ...I just don't see so much in favour of going further than Hawaii for a regular holiday*.

Hawaii might not quite match the unseen, "extra special" and marvellous landscape of Bora Bora, there's much more choice in Hawaii from "hustle-bustle" Waikiki to luxury-resort-laden Maui to sleepy Kauai.
While there's probably a par for choice of nice hotels, my service, sightseeing, dining and shopping points would all go to Hawaii. Even more so because most of my hotel points accounts are close to zero due to "pay our overcharged web-site rates or we don't give you any points".

*Except the stupid extra charges and "resort fees" for anything imaginable added in many luxury hotels, apparently frequently run by "just out of business school" smart-guys.

Last edited by LoungeLizzard; Jun 26, 2005 at 5:49 am
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Hey gleff, congratulations and best wishes to your new married life. There's no better time to use all those points than to make your honeymoon truly special. What gorgeous photos! I will surely remember your report when I planned for my own (albeit still a long time away ). Thanks for a fun, interesting, and very good report of, I imagine, one of the most special times of your life.
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A few thank you's are in order.

I already mentioned Randy's travel agency, which actually knows how to issue tickets on VT (something that is apparently not as easy as it might seem, and believe it or not you can't even buy tickets on the airline's website, though you can email them with a purchase request and I understand they probably respond in a few days).

Bora Bora Nui would likely not have been on my radar if it wasn't mentioned on Flyertalk for its error rate shortly after opening. And FlyLots' trip report is what inspired me to go (TK-421's report about a month before I booked reinforced the decision, especially his incredible photos).

But the real thank you goes to Flyertalk itself, because

- I never would have had the AA miles for our flight award without Flyertalk. I've credited only 1 flight to my AA account since 1998, and that was just an Eagle flight FAT-LAX which was booked as a NW codeshare, so I couldn't credit it to my then-CO Platinum account. Still I've managed 600k AA miles in the last couple of years, not the least of which because of BankDirect, meetingsplanning.net, 20/20, etc.

- I first had the value proposition of the SPG Amex explained to me here on FT. I certainly couldn't have garnered the 176k SPG points necessary for the award at BBN and on top of it I used SPG points for the Westins in Sydney, Melbourne, and Seattle, the Sheraton on Tahiti, and I used points for Cash & Points awards for family at the W Seattle and Sheraton Tahiti.

- Mrs. gleff wouldn't be an AS MVP Gold if I hadn't pushed her towards AS, something I wouldn't have done but for FT (their upgrades on Q fares at booking being the tipping point, though it's not as great as their old upgrade program). And that status sure helped us on our domestic legs, we booked her ticket as a Q fare and we booked mine with a BofA companion cert...

- And I wouldn't have been an Intercontinental Ambassador without the DL promo last summer, which I learned of here. That was nice on Tahiti and in Sydney. And I wouldn't have had the points for the awards without those 5k certificates that came with my membership pack, with mrs. gleff's membership pack, and then I traded for more 5k certificates when I got more free night certificates by requesting additional luggage tags... and I wouldn't have known that the Intercontinental Sydney award was available at 20% off in June...

What's more, even after spending all these points, I still have a healthy 7 figure balance.

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Very intersting Honeymoon trip

Great missive on the marriage and honeymoon trips. Being from WA (at the moment) and having stayed at some of the places you have mentioned in WA, I was drawn to your posts. Hope you have a wonderful marriage and life together there. And hey, I'm even now thinking about a trip to Bora Bora. hehe.
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Originally Posted by gleff
[b]As before, proper silver service was provided. Each course brought a replacement of silverware with just what I would need for the coming course.
Wow! Really nice pics gleff - especially the meal service. I'm inpressed w the silverware change! ^ LOL.

BTW, do you really drink that much OJ?

Thanks for the report - and congrats!
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