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Carrying a trowel on board

I have a plastic trowel, about 10" long with the "business end" about 6" of that. Being plastic, it would not stand up to extensive use in gardening, but is intended for use by hikers to dig "catholes" in the woods for solid human waste. Its pointy end, while not as dangerous as a metal one, is sharp enough to inflict injury.

Does anyone know if this would get through security? (I hate to check bagagge when I don't have to for some other reason.)
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one of the more unusual thread titles I have seen

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If it's plastic they probably won't even see it. They are looking for shoes and corkscrews. Plastic trowels will proably not even be looked at.

If they were to see it, they may consider it a tool, and while the list for tools doesn't specificaily include shovels, it does say no to almost everything else.
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i have a plastic nut cracker that i bring with me to unscrew shower heads at crappy hotels so that i can remove the water limiters - i used to bring a wrench with me but no more. i don't volunteer that i have it but it does not seem to show up on x-ray and i've never had a problem.
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"If it's plastic they probably won't even see it. They are looking for shoes and corkscrews." LOL!
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I was in Boston last month, and bought a "shovel" in Chinatown. It is a 20" spatula-like metal kitchen utensil used in Chinese restaurants. No sharp edges or points. They made me check my luggage with the shovel. It could be used as a weapon, I was told. I also bought two professional stainless steel fryer baskets (each 26" long and 7 pounds). They let me take these as carry-on; I used a black garbage bag to conceal them.

I think I could do more harm with the fryer baskets, but they didn't fit in my suitcase, so I'm glad I got to carry them on the plane.

As your trowel is plastic, I think you're safe as long as they don't see it. Don't pack it with any metal, in case they decide to inspect the metal. Good Luck!

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