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Calling Cards - from Intl. to US

Calling Cards - from Intl. to US

Old Dec 28, 99, 3:36 am
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Calling Cards - from Intl. to US

Anyone know of a reasonably priced calling card that allows access internationally to call both back to the US as well as to other countries?

I tried IDT (GlobalCall) but have been very disappointed. They changed the access # in Germany and didn't update the info in their operator's database. They ceased all calling out of Singapore. The Indonesia access numbers (the three operators I spoke with gave me 3 different #'s) don't work.

MCI, Sprint, and ATT rates are SO high...$5 a minute on MCI from Italy 2 years ago cured me of that!

Any ideas? Solutions?

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Old Dec 28, 99, 6:56 am
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Try VocieNet calling card http://voicenet-calling.card-s.com/

I used it in Paris without any problem, and its rates are reasonable.

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Old Dec 28, 99, 7:20 am
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I second Dilbert's choice of VoiceNet. They offer 6-second billing and no connection charge. Rates to Russia, etc. were better than from my office phone!

As a caveat, I have had occasional customer service problems with them. Despite repeated calls to customer service, my account won't let me call back to the US from overseas. I think it's an account-specific problem, though, as a colleague of mine who travels internationally far more than I swears by VoiceNet.

I have also had bad experiences with VoiceNet's 1-800 customer service domestically--it once took me 30 minutes to get my card reactivated to make a 2 min call after they had 'accidentally' deactivated my account, and I had to request credit for fraudulent calls 3 times (but on the plus side they initially spotted the calls and contacted me; evidently the crediting problem was because the original call to me was not properly handled by the proactive employee).

Despite these seemingly negative experiences, I still recommend VoiceNet. The six-second billing, reasonable rates, and clearly itemized invoices are all worth it. And if a competitor offers better rates, ask for it--I threatened to cancel after my customer service problems, and on the spot they dropped my domestic rate $.026/min (currently $.149, with no connection fee).

Try http://www.voicenetcard.com.

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