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Help! Missing a flight on purpose, but with different airlines

Help! Missing a flight on purpose, but with different airlines

Old Mar 19, 19, 3:03 am
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Help! Missing a flight on purpose, but with different airlines

Hi all

I do realize that there are a lot on this subject already, but I haven't been able to find an answer on my specific situation.

I'm flying from Denmark to Mexico, and as you all know, it's cheaper to buy a round ticket from/to the same airports. Therefore we have booked departure: Denmark-Cancun (2 stops) and return (Cancun-Denmark (2 stops).

Our flights from Denmark stops in Orlando, then Mexico City, and finally in Cancun. We are planning to skip the last part and get off in Mexico City (if we can make sure to get our luggage out as well - that is another discussion). We booked it all through an online agency which means that all the flights are with different airlines.

What we are afraid of is, that if we "skip" the last flight getting there (Mexico City to Cancun), will it then have an effect on our return trip somehow? We don't return until 7 weeks later and with different airlines. Yet, it has all been booked simultaneously as one single trip through the online agency. Do the different airlines notify each other somehow or does it happen automatically when it is all the same booking maybe?

Hope you can help with this one.

Kind regards Rasmus
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Old Mar 19, 19, 2:56 pm
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Hi there.

If you fail to complete any leg in your journey, you risk the rest of your trip including your return trip. They can cancel the rest of your flights if they are on the same ticket. You may also have issues as you usually cannot short-check your luggage. You may get lucky there as MEX is your entry into Mexico so you may have to collect your luggage and then transition it to the domestic portion. But I would not want to risk the rest of your ticket by missing any leg of your journey.
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Old Mar 19, 19, 3:20 pm
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This depends on what you mean by saying the flights "are all booked on separate airlines". If this is a "normal" ticket, then each leg, even if on a different airline, is a codeshare or interline flight, or some other agreement between airlines. In that case, the rest of it will be cancelled, as stated by a previous poster and discussed many times on this forum.

However, since you said you booked on an online travel agent, it's possible that you booked one of their "hacker fares" (different website call it different things) that simply combines a bunch of trips on different airlines for you. In that case, then no, there will be not be any communication between the airlines and you could potentially skip that last segment without it influencing your return. You'll need to look closely to determine which is the case. Start with your confirmation email. You could also provide us with some airline names. Certainly someone here will know if they codeshare or if it's more likely to be a hacker fare.

NB: Be very very careful and only skip that last segment if you can be absolutely sure that these are separate tickets. If you mess that up you'll be out a fair chunk of change to fly home on a more expensive fare.
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Old Mar 19, 19, 3:22 pm
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As you are on separate airlines each way, this is not likely to be a problem unless there is some code-sharing link between them. If Airline A is really distinct from Airline B, then it should not impact your trip home.

The luggage thing...it's best not to check it, or your luggage will go on without you. Pack light.

Otherwise, as the previous poster said, find out if you have to clear Mexican customs at MEX..in which case you get to claim your luggage before it goes onto CUN.
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Old Mar 19, 19, 3:28 pm
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Otoh, as I'm sure you're aware, if these are not interlined, if one flight gets delayed to the extent that you miss your cxn, you won't be protected and will simply have to purchase a walkup fare to continue your journey.
​​​​​​So in this case, though you can be fine dropping a leg, makes sure you have a ton of connection time along the way.
(Sorry if I'm belaboring the obvious here )
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OP is cross-posting ... put the exact same question in Information Desk Help! Missing flight on purpose, but with different airlines
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