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How do you pack? Rolls or Flat?

How do you pack? Rolls or Flat?


Old Jul 15, 18, 9:43 am
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125k/rolls and flat

checking-in baggage or carry-on only depends on the destination. Also, funny story: doing rolls and flat, I once managed to cram 20kg of luggage into a 21' Globe-Trotter carry-on trolley case. I was being cheap and did HBO on BA
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Old Jul 15, 18, 4:19 pm
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100k / both. Roll roll things like undershirts and running clothes. Fold for button-down shirts and pants.
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Old Jul 15, 18, 8:22 pm
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Originally Posted by davie355 View Post
Oh! This is very interesting!
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Old Jul 16, 18, 11:16 am
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25K, some years a lot more / mostly flat in packing cubes (roll socks)

That bundle packing diagram? That's OK for a trip where you unpack once, but terrible for the way I travel, one week to 2 months with longer trips staying one week in a few places and 3-4 days in most stops. I've fully embraced packing cubes, especially the Eagle Creek Specter Tech compression cubes.

As mentioned above, one can pack day-by-day in each cube for a shorter trip and by categories (pants, tops, etc.) for others. Another big advantage of packing cubes is at the end of a trip I can compress dirty clothes in the cubes, just wash clothing and the cubes when necessary.

I've finally worked out how to travel carry-on only for long trips, even in winter. Liberating to say the least.
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Old Jul 19, 18, 6:14 pm
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I roll my cloths unless im going on an extended trip in which case I throw everything in a vacuum bag, those things have been a life saver when trying to conserve space.
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Old Jul 20, 18, 9:31 pm
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50-100k+/year, carryon only travel (I prefer to sleep instead of waiting for my cheched bags to come out). Used to do bundle packing, but got tired to undo and re-do the whole bundle at each hotel/night on multi-hotel trips, so do flat folding these days as it is easier to pick individual items as needed.

I consciously am trying to minimize the time for repeated actions every night/morning and pack things in zip lock bags sorted suitably. Setting up or packing takes only a minute or two and everything is charging and toothbrush/paste ready to use, or back in the bag.

Some preparation and planning at home really makes it easier when on the road, which is tiring enough anyway.
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Old Jul 20, 18, 10:31 pm
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50k flat/bundle, carryon unless taking sporting equipment
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Old Jul 21, 18, 3:32 am
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Originally Posted by DragonSoul View Post
Flat, in packing folders, but roll undies/socks as makes it easier to pull just one out of the cube. My suitcase looks like an ad for Eagle Creek packing cubes/folders!
Same here (~80k)
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Old Jul 22, 18, 2:54 am
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Dianne47: Yes, it took me just *one* attempt at bundling to think "This is too much trouble". I want to be able to take out one clean shirt without having to repack everything. I just can't see that expertise will ever make it a quick packing method. And also, I have a rule that the less you unpack the less likely you are to leave anything behind. Not possible with that method.

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Old Jul 23, 18, 4:40 am
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Everything flat, except socks, T-shirts and swimwear
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Old Jul 23, 18, 7:43 am
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50K / Bundle roll (socks, underwear, knit shirts) and separately roll slacks -- it works especially well when visiting multiple places on a single trip. But do understand that I now travel mostly for pleasure. Back in the day (100K), my favorite carry-on was a Samsonite "carry-on size" garment bag that never wrinkled suits and shirts.
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