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How many airports have you ONLY flown INTO or OUT of?

How many airports have you ONLY flown INTO or OUT of?

Old Aug 30, 16, 4:48 am
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How many airports have you ONLY flown INTO or OUT of?

There are a few of threads on FT about how many airports/airlines you have flown. Looking at my own stats the other day I realized there were quite a few airports where I have only flown into but never out of, as well as a bunch I have flown out of but never landed there.

I have flown in or out of 183 airports. Of those, there are 20 airports were I have only landed but never taken off from, and 17 where I have departed from but never arrived at. 37 total. That's 20% of all my airports. I was surprised at how high a percentage it is. Some were airports in multi-airport metro areas, others were beginning or end of one-way trips.

The 20 airports where I only landed:
BGO - left by train+boat+bus (NIAN) to fly out of OSL
BUR - flew out of LAX
DAL - flew out of DFW
FCA - rented a car one-way and drove all the way to LAS
FLR - left by train to fly out of MXP
GFK - rented a car one-way and drove all the way to MSN
HND - flew out of NRT
HPN - I flew in twice, never departed from this one. I used to live in NJ, and twice I ran into irops that made HPN the fastest way to get home
ICT - rented a car one-way to fly out of FOE
INN - left by bus to fly out of MUC
ITO - flew out of KOA
KEF - left by cruise ship
LIN - flew out of TRN
ORF - flew out of RIC
PBI - rented a car one-way to fly out of EYW
PXO - left by ferry to Madeira Island to fly out of FNC
RTM - flew out of AMS
SRQ - rented a car to fly out of MCO
VCE - took a train to fly out of BLQ
YQB - drove to Montreal to fly out of YUL

And the 17 airports I only departed from but never landed at:
ATH - arrived by cruise ship
BRI - drove here one-way from Rome
DAB - drove here from Orlando
EYW - drove here from PBI
FOE - drove here from ICT
KOA - drove here from ITO
LGB - flew into ONT
LYR - arrived by cruise ship
MAF - drove here from Austin
MFM - got here by ferry from HKG
MXP - took train here from FLR
OSL - had previously flown into BGO
PVD - had previously flown into BOS
RDU - drove here one way from New Jersey to drop off kid at school, flew back
SGR - flew into IAH
TRN - had previously flown into LIN
YVR - got here from SEA by land

So... What about you? Do you have many airports that are only origins or destinations?

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Old Aug 30, 16, 6:20 am
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Only one, I guess. Flew out of Tulsa years and years ago because we were driving through and I needed to be somewhere else very quickly. Bought a one way ticket and I've never been back.
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Old Aug 30, 16, 6:39 am
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Interesting exercise. Most surprising to me was that I have a few airports where I have multiple arrival or departure but without going the other direction.

Only arrivals at: (31)
AAR Departed AAR
BFI Flightseeing with Kenmore
BGO Train in
BIM Departed NSB (seaplane)
BMA Departed ARN
CNX Departed CEI
CUK Ferry out
DAB Departed MCO
FBS Flightseeing with Kenmore
HAJ 2x arrivals; left by train both times
HPN Arrival only
HRG Departed LXR
HVN 4x arrivals; always left via Metro North
IEV Departed KBP
ITO Departed KOA
LIS Departed OPO
LPQ Departed VTE
LUX Departed BRU
MAD Departed CDG
NAV Departed ASR
OAK Departed SFO
ORY Departed CDG
PNH Depared REP
PPW Ferry out
SEN Departed NWI
SOU Departed BRS
SZB Departed KUL
TTN Train to NYC from there
WAW Departed KRK
YSJ Departed YQM
ZQN Departed CHC

Only departures from: (35)
AAL Arrived AAL
ASR Arrived NAV
BDL Drove in
BLQ Arrived train
BRS Arrived SOU
BUD Arrived VIE/bus/train
CEI Arrived CNX
CLD Arrived SAN
COS Arrived DEN
CXR Arrived train
DAL Arrived DFW
DWC Arrived DXB
FRD Flightseeing with Kenmore
GZM Arrived ferry
JRB 2x helo to EWR
KIX Arrived NRT
KRK Arrived WAW
LKE Flightseeing with Kenmore
LXR Arrived HRG
NSB Arrived BIM
NWI Arrived SEN
OPO Arrived LIS
RAK Arrived CMN
REP Arrived PNH
RSW Arrived JAX
RTM Arrived AMS
SIP Arrived KBP (multi train)
SRQ Drove from somewhere
SZG Arrived MUC
TZA Arrived BZE
UPB Arrived HAV
UST Arrived JAX
VTE Arrived LPQ
YQY Arrived YQM
YTZ Arrived YYZ
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Old Aug 30, 16, 7:11 am
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  • Dresden (DRS) - flew in to DRS but departed by rail to Prague
  • Hannover (HAJ) - flew in to HAJ but departed by road to Cologne
  • Lech Walesa (GDN) - arrived by rail and departed by air
  • Dublin (DUB) - flew in to DUB but departed by ferry to Liverpool
  • Piedmont Triad (GSO) - arrived by road and departed by air
  • City Centre (YTZ) - departed by air
  • Dyce (ABZ) - flew in to ABZ but departed by rail to Manchester
  • La Crosse Municipal (LSE) - departed by air after Madison airport was closed due to weather
  • Bradley Intl (BDL) - flew in to BDL but departed by Peter Pan bus
  • Edinburgh (EDI) - flew in to EDI but departed from Glasgow
  • M R Stefanik (BTS) - flew in to BTW but departed by rail to Katowice
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Old Aug 30, 16, 7:23 am
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so I have another permutation of this ... terminated LEX (from DCA); I've never originated there, but have departed 3x on thru flights (DCA-LEX-EVV, SDF-LEX-ROA, ROA-LEX-SDF)

I can see that I'm going to be spending a fair amount of time going through the rest of my 2400-some log entries
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Old Aug 30, 16, 7:26 am
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out of

EXT - arr by train
NQY - arr by train
SEN - return to LCY
ORY - arr by train or via CDG
SXB - arr by train
BZR - arr via car from FNI
BRN - arr via train from ZRH
GVA - arr via train from ZRH/BSL
JEG - arr via boat from JAV
MMX - arr via train from CPH
TRV - arr via train/car from COK
BLR - arr via train from HYD
DLU - arr via train from LJG
HDY - arr via back of a pickup truck from KBV
TAG - arr via boat from CEB
SFO - arr via train from ORD / car from LAS
LPB - arr via bus/train/boat from CUZ
CNS - arr by train


GCI - dep via boat to JER
MAN - dep by train
NWI - outbound from LCY
BHX - outbound from LHR/LTN
FNI - dep via car to BZR
LUX - rerouted from BSL
SXF - dep via train to CPH
GRZ - dep via train to VIE/BER/HAM
JCH - dep via boat to JAV
COK - dep via train/car to TRV
LJG - dep via train to DLU
KBV - dep via back of a pickup truck to HDY
CEB - dep via boat to TAG
KKE - dep via car to ZQN
HYA - dep via car to BOS
MDW - dep from ORD
CUZ - dep via bus/train/boat to LPB
KIX - dep via train to NRT
ASP - dep by train

transit only


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Old Aug 30, 16, 7:33 am
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I have only the following, all within europe.

SKP Skopje, Macedonia ( returned from INI)
TRF Oslo Torp, Norway ( returned from CPH)
NAP Naples Italy ( returned from FCO)

I never took a plane somewhere and returned by some other means, nor the other way round. I have always only booked return trips, and the 3 trips above were booked as open-jaws or two single tickets.
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Old Aug 30, 16, 7:40 am
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Zero, though I do have an airport (LEY) that I've never travelled to another airport from or to. (I.e., die a flight LEY-LEY).
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Old Aug 30, 16, 8:51 am
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Only in: SNA, BUD, ABZ, ORD

Only out: BUR, PRG, PWM, IAD, LBA, DTW

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Old Aug 30, 16, 8:53 am
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HVN (in only) - drove a car out to California and flew back
FMM (out only) - flew into MUC (and learned how far FMM really is from Munich)
BUD (in only) - traveled by train to Munich and flew out of MUC

MUC almost counts, as flying in and flying out were a year apart.
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Old Aug 30, 16, 9:12 am
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Only 1 for me. Muanda, DRC. Flew into it from Pointe Noire but then there was a border spat between Angola and DRC so they wouldn't allow a flyover so left by boat.
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Old Aug 30, 16, 9:15 am
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Interesting thread. Not that many for me:

Only departing:
SJJ - Sarajevo
CTU - Chengdu

Only arriving:
XIY - Xi'an
UII - Utila, Honduras
CUK - Caye Caulker, Belize

I've also flown "out of" and "into" the same airport on the same flight: BQH - Biggin Hill
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Old Aug 30, 16, 9:45 am
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Out of:


As I was thinking about this, I've never flown into and out of LHR on the same trip.
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Old Aug 30, 16, 10:00 am
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My very first flight was from an airport I have yet to land at: LBG (Paris Le Bourget). No commercial flights have used that airport in decades so I'm unlikely ever to land there.

I've landed twice at MRS (Marseille Provence Airport) but have never departed from there.

I'll have to think hard to find others, but I'm sure there are several. I do have a current reservation which will depart LNK (Lincoln, Nebraska), an airport I'm unlikely ever to land at, and another which departs SNA (Orange County, CA), another airport I've never landed at, so if all goes well I'll be able to add them to my list in a few weeks.

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Only Out:

Only In:
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