Lufthansa in-cabin pet policy

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Lufthansa in-cabin pet policy

The Lufthansa 'animals' web site indicates that the maximum dimensions of an in-cabin pet carrier are 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm, which is approximately 21 in x 15 in x 8 in.

This is similar to the acceptable dimensions of a hard-case carrier for U.S. carriers, 17.5" L x 12" W x 7.5" H, but quite a bit shorter than the acceptable dimensions for soft carriers, 18 L x 11 W x 11H.

How strict is Lufthansa in enforcing the maximum dimensions? Could I bring a U.S.-sized soft-sided carrier on a Lufthansa?
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My Sherpa soft-sided carrier is 15"x12"x8" - bought in the US. It is allowed and fits just fine. I have travelled on DL, Czech Air, Cyprus Air and Bulgarian Air with this carrier and never had a problem. It was never measured, though it was weighed with my cat in it because the fee is based on pet+carrier weight.

I think you will be just fine with your carrier.
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Most carriers are extremely lenient with soft side carriers as they can be squeezed in spaces that a hard sided carrier will not fit in.

In fact AA even mentions this fact on their site where they say, "The maximum size for cabin pet carriers is 19" long x 13" wide x 9" high. Soft-sided pet carriers such as Sherpa bags may exceed these dimensions slightly because they are collapsible."
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I plan to go to Brazil thru Lufthansa (in cabin) leaving from the UK. I 've just went to the airport myself and took my Sturdibag (large) to triple check it was ok.... they looked and guaranteed is ok to use it with my dog (same to KLM and air France). I am taking my Cavachon which weight in total 7 kgs...Lufthansa allows up to 8kgs total and KLM/Air France up to 6 kg total. the people from KLM also said the fact my dog is 6kg and the total goe to 7 kgs would not be a problem as well....good luck!
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just a quick update

just wanted to let you guys know that I flew from London Heathrow with my 10 months Cavachon in cabin using a large Sturdi bag via Lufthansa :
London-Frankfurt -Rio de Janeiro
no issues with the bag, no issues with Lufthansa, no issues at Heathrow, no issues at Brazil ( I had all documents right)...everything went very good!
Lufthansa checkin never weighted my bag with the dog, just asked me and I said..they just believed it...never asked me to have the dog standing up and stuffs...thanks guys!
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Hi everyone. Reviving this old thread.

Any newer data points?

I have a frenchie which is 10kg. Flying Lufthansa FRA-EZE. Can I push our luck?
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If at check-in the agent weighs your dog and carrier, enforces their policy and denies your pet from flying in-cabin, are you ready for someone to take your dog home or fly it in cargo? If so, go ahead and push it.
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Originally Posted by tomasdev View Post
Hi everyone. Reviving this old thread.

Any newer data points?

I have a frenchie which is 10kg. Flying Lufthansa FRA-EZE. Can I push our luck?
Of course you can push your luck.

But, at 25% over the weight limit, you are entirely dependent on a LH agent looking the other way. You, of course, need a Plan B as to what you will do when the agent tells you that the dog is not flying in the cabin.

LH has very particular requirements for the container for hold baggage and thus, you will need to have one of those handy should you need it (and someone to take it home if it is not needed).
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