Need Help - re: settings

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Need Help - re: settings

I have rarely been reading posts on Flyertalk since the change, and I'm wondering if there are any settings I can change to get the pages to be more readable? I need to do some Delta-related reading and posting, but I can't get past how difficult everything is to look at, read, and navigate now. I read only on my computer, and is the problem that the pages seem to default for phone viewing? On my computer screen, there are no borders - text goes straight to both edges of the browser box. As the forum posts take up my whole screen (no border), it is very difficult to read. Appreciate any tips, including how to disable the infinite scroll, how to add a border for proper viewing and reading, etc.

First photo below is how I see the screens now. Second is a screen shot from your tech - I'd love to get the forums to look like that on my computer again - beautiful borders and spacing.

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Stop being redirected to the mobile skin
Never go to Mobile Skin

might be one to check
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Kagehitokiri is correct. Looks like you somehow got the mobile skin on your desktop. You can also select "FT Desktop NG" under "Forum Skin"
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I don't see anything with the word skin or mobile or desktop in my edit options page... is there somewhere else I can turn this off? I thought since it didn't have an "m" in the browser website name and read (not that I was on the real desktop site. I'm Mindblown you all have been seeing the regular view - bc this whole time I've thought the view I was seeing was the redesign (gah! a forehead slapping emoji would come in well here). Welcome any pointers on how to fix my view... I'm going to go delete my history on this computer to see if that helps. THANK YOU for re-introducing me Occam's razor today!

EDIT UPDATE: Deleting the cookies fixed the problem for me. Wow, do I feel like a dunce today. Thanks again, Joel and Kage!
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