Question 5: Should Talkboard have term limits?

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Question 5: Should Talkboard have term limits?

From a member:

Should Talkboard have term limits?

If so, for how many terms and why?

If not, why not?
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No I do not think that there should be term limits for the Talkboard. Since the Talkboard is popularly elected, we can vote for people who we believe will best represent the people of Flyertalk. If we are not happy with someone on the Talkboard, we will vote them off.

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It will take 3 years work for Talkboard member. I will be very successful for my work with you guys. Just only for the limited time to do searched more new info and etc. I don't have any emotional for my life.
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I think we should have limits. This allows us to have new people, with different views on a vast of topics. It will help us grow and learn more about each other.
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No, if people like the TalkBoarders, they should be kept.
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I used to oppose term limits, but I've read some solid arguments in favor of them. I'm now on the fence. There was a possibility such a proposal would be put forth this year on TalkBoard, but it never happened. I doubt there would have been 6 votes for it. TalkBoard members tend to quit when they feel burned out.
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I think the popular vote would vote off anyone who is no longer in favor of the mass. Since there isn't 1 or 2 people on talk board, there is always a good chance for fresh blood in the system.
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Continuity of Vision is important, so that one Talk Board can pass the torch to another TalkBoard in support. This model would transfer information more smoothly from old TalkBoard members to new Talk Board members.
I can appreciate the term served on the TalkBoard to be two years.. That way the turnover doesn't cause a communication gap.. Lack of knowledge is something that can be avoided.. I believe that past TalkBoards have wisdom in the area of continuity, and this topic has been considered over the years thoroughly.

As for change in the current policy.. Formal discussion facilitated is necessary to consider and respect perspectives.. Perhaps looking at Community Association By-Laws, and getting some professional advice as to why Boards limit terms, and why other Boards don't is a consideration.. will help the TalkBoard understand what is best for the FT Community..

The Community Association I currently serve on has a limit of 3 years.. The reason they've communicated to me as to why there is a limit, is to give other Residences a chance to serve on the Board..

Having just purchased a new Commercial Property, I was reading through the By-Laws today in the office, that the term limit for members serving on that Board is only 1 year..

There are varying viewpoints, if term limits should be restricted.. whether a change is necessary to improve the community should be discussed and considered. If there is a short term limit, I would recommend administration support and oversight of information transferred, that way FT TalkBoard policies are transferred efficiently and communicated seamlessly.. Thus helping with gaps to 'customer service' to members.
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I am in favor of term limits. After serving two terms, a member should be forced to sit out a term before running again.

Of course I feel the same way about other "positions" at FlyerTalk, as well.
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Term limits are a must for any organisation where people make decisions.
New ideas and new people no matter what age, country, race, beliefs all have something to offer and can bring or new views to the table.
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Like nsx, who I greatly respect (and would be quite happy to see re-elected!), I'm on the fence.

I think the issue hasn't really come up in a major way yet because there is already a good level of turnover on the TalkBoard.

If TalkBoard elections had the same complications as real ones (with campaign finance issues and companies having TalkBoard members in their pockets, etc.), I would probably favor term limits much more strongly in order to help reduce the temptation for TalkBoard members to take favors and money, but since no one has offered to pay me to represent them (so far, anyway!) and we seem to have a fair bit of turnover each year anyway, I'm not yet convinced this is a major need. I'm not opposed, though, and if the FlyerTalk community were to demonstrate a desire for this, I would certainly represent that desire in my vote.
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I don't think so. As long as there are frequent elections I feel candidates can choose whether or not they want to stick with this. Also, because of the regular elections, candidates can stay relevant to the voters and community via having to run for reelection. I don't think anyone has stuck around too long or abused their power enough (or even at all) to necessitate term limits.
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Yes, there should be term limits and it should be as follows:

2 terms:
If one is a Talkboard member for one term, they can run for a second term. If they win a second term and want to run again, they must wait one term before running again.

Imho, if a board (be it condo association or F/T) keeps the same members over and over again, nothing constructive other than doing the "day in/day out things" ever gets done. Having term limits allows for new members and with new members can come new ideas.
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I favor a variation of term limits, similar to the term limits of the Russian presidency. People should not be allowed more than 2-3 consecutive terms, after which, they must wait at least 1-2 terms before running again. (Numbers could be fleshed in a TB vote)

The reason to not have real term limits is simple, as many pointed to here: the vote is a popular vote, and if FTers are unhappy, that person will not be re-elected.

However, just like moderators here are refreshed every so often, I believe it's important to have people relax, leave TB, to "remind" him/her what it's like to be a regular FTer, which can help give/reinforce perspective.
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I was just thinking about this last night.

I think that term limits are a good idea for many reasons. New TalkBoard members may have new ideas, new opinions, or new ways of handling problems that have been brought to TalkBoard's attetion without successful resolution.

Term limits also give other members a chance to serve and give back to the FlyerTalk community while also giving those who have contributed at great length a chance to relax and rediscover being a general member.

I think term limits of two terms is probably reasonable.
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