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Multi quote

I just learnt today how to multiquote. Nice feature. Howevere may I suggest to admin that the multiquoteicon to be changed including the text "multiquote". It would make it more userfriendly and immediately understandable!!
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The "+" on the icon, which is supposed to indicate this, is positioned so its vertical bar is right on the border between two colors. It's nearly invisible unless you know it's there and look for it - which anyone who needs it is unlikely to do! Maybe edit the icon to make that symbol a bit larger, move it a tad to the left, and make its lines two pixels thick? Easier than trying to fit in the word "multiquote."
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Thanks for the suggestion - duly noted.

Just in the way of an fyi, if you mouseover the icon a more thorough description is displayed. This is the default description practice with all of the icons in fact, though you quite rightly observe that some of the icons have been designed in a manner that makes them more intuitive and reduces the need for the mouseover effect.
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In the case of the multi-quote button, the existing hover message isn't adequate. For a long time I thought "Multi-Quote This Message" meant to quote not just the text composed by the post's author, but also any text quoted by the author of the post.

I also suggest that the more appropriate input element for the multi-quote feature would be the checkbox. Buttons on web forms are supposed to initiate actions.
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