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Star Alliance Gold For Sale?

Star Alliance Gold For Sale?

Old Feb 8, 19, 12:32 pm
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Star Alliance Gold For Sale?

I assume this is a scam but came across this on Ebay.

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Old Feb 8, 19, 12:40 pm
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Hmm. I'm guessing they've found some vulnerability in how certain airline systems determine *G status for other FF programs and are exploiting it to have the airline system register that you are TG *G without actually having that status.
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Old Feb 8, 19, 12:53 pm
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If all you're after is lounge access, this would work. Really good deal too since you get a physical card and as long as you show it you should be fine.
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Old Feb 8, 19, 12:54 pm
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Definitely appears suspicious, though quite a few positive reviews. Could it be possible that there's a Star Alliance airline that offers a *gold pass or code, valid for a single use? A bit like the MLL passes, but also giving check-in and luggage benefits?
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Old Feb 8, 19, 1:18 pm
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I don't think you get a physical card.

Certain airline systems (it was true for AC until not that long ago) only check the number before giving *G benefits, without doing any kind of name match. If I were to post my Aeroplan number here, anyone could add it to their United PNR and it would show up as AC*G on their boarding pass.
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Old Feb 8, 19, 1:23 pm
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I think they're selling some corporate program nominees that other airlines may have where one can nominate employees for status? This vendor seems to sell mostly status match on other listings though. Other vendors are selling Air China Pheonix Gold for 3 years for a couple grand.

It's a weird thing to buy because if you fly enough that *gold is an advantage worth paying for then you would probably meet the threshold.

Also *gold status on another *A airline than your status is not that great, just one free bag and the lounge (and gold track I guess).
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Old Feb 8, 19, 1:41 pm
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As this is a Star Alliance topic this thread has been relocated to the Star Alliance forum for further discussion.

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Old Feb 9, 19, 10:55 am
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Whether it has worked for some people or not, this is clearly not legit. I wonder how long it will take to shut this down.
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Old Feb 9, 19, 12:20 pm
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Originally Posted by musicmtl View Post
Definitely appears suspicious, though quite a few positive reviews. Could it be possible that there's a Star Alliance airline that offers a *gold pass or code, valid for a single use? A bit like the MLL passes, but also giving check-in and luggage benefits?
Keep in mind some of those reviewers are new to eBay and this is the first and only review **cough** SCAM **cough**. IIRC there was a security researcher who showed that you could make small changes to the barcode of a boarding pass to gain *Gold access. The fact that the card doesn't earn any miles is also somewhat suspicious. The fact that the seller asks for your PNR and other personal details is also somewhat worrying (with those details they could do a number of things to your flight including cancelling it for a refund to their account). I'd also be curious to know what would happen if you were caught with a forged *Gold card. Would your ticket get cancelled? Would the police be called? Too many risks if you ask me!

I'll say this once and I'll say it again, *Gold is designed for the frequent traveller, someone who flies tens of thousands of miles every year. They are the ones who need priority services, lounge access and baggage allowance, not the FoTSG. And if you can pull of that type of travel activity there are a number of programs that will grant you Gold status not the least of which being UA, A3 and OZ.

Safe Travels,

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Old Feb 9, 19, 12:50 pm
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It is a scam and fraudulent.

Whether it will work is another question. You may also rob a bank, then purchase a J ticket with the proceeds and have lounge access along with the J ticket. If you are not caught, it will be just fine. If you are caught....
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Old Feb 9, 19, 1:15 pm
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Star Alliance Gold membership
One month: $32Three months: $64 (select quantity for two)1. How to purchase:

Please send us the following information to check first,
  • Passenger name on the ticket and Booking Reference number(PNR) of the airline
  • Your flight details(UA2020, Newark to Los Angeles, 2 Aug).
After you place the order, please send us:
  • Passenger name which will use the status
  • Email address(to receive the digital card)
  • The start date of the membership
2. What airlines can I use the membership:The status works with most Airlines such as United, Swiss Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Copa Airlines, Air Newzealand, Air China, Egypt Air, Brussel Airline,etc.However, it does NOT work with Air Canada, ANA, Lufthansa, SAS, LOT, Austrian airline, Aegean Airlines, TAP, EVA, Asiana Airlines, Thai Airways, Air India, and Singapore Airlines.3. How to use:We will send you a Digital card(Thai Airways Gold card) that can be installed on your phone which contains your name, membership number and valid period. You can show it at the airport or enter the membership number online before your flight.IMPORTANT】You MUST enter the number to the Frequent Flyer section of your ticket to have benefits. ONLY showing the card will NOT guarantee benefits. If you have any problem using the status, please send us the boarding pass to verify as we need to see you did follow our instructions.4. What benefits I have:
  • Priority check-in
  • Extra luggage and Priority luggage(Please refer to the airline policy for the weight and piece)
  • Priority security check(it depends on the airports, some have this service)
  • Star Alliance Lounge access(One free guest)
  • Priority boarding
  • Seat upgrades(if you are lucky enough)

5. Miles accumulation: Our card does not accumulate miles. You can claim missing miles to your own frequent flyer account after the flight. However, it's not guaranteed for every flight, some may not work.5. Return policy:If you didn't use the status successfully, please send us your boarding pass to verify and we will refund you.
It looks like s/he is inserting a TG*G ffp number in the reservation in the hopes that the airline doesn't crosscheck the number with the *A database. The list of the excluded airlines clearly indicates that this doesn't work. The 'digital' card is obviously a photoshopped TG card from their app with the name replaced. The miles retrocredit is also a big hint that they are using a number that doesn't have your last name, so regular credit fails.

I recall SAS had this problem before migrating to CITP/altea. You were able to add an EBG number to anyones booking with SAS and they could enjoy EBG benefits.

That said I'm not overly concerned. Airlines that don't have a live connection to the database routinely will card you. I doubt they will let you get by with an image of a card on a smart phone.
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Old Mar 4, 19, 8:26 am
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I was told by someone that he bought *G status twice on a Chinese site, once it was a gifted status by an SAS elite. 2nd time it was suspected that it's a matched TK status using some bogus photoshopped elite card.
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Old Mar 4, 19, 3:03 pm
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Judging by the short validity, the seller is most likely exploiting TG's status match system, most likely selling matched FFP cards in their "challenge" phase.

I'd try it if flying heavy discount Y-fare where I don't care about possible loss of miles and I want the cheap lounge access.

If this is still a thing in September, I have one AC Rouge trip that I'm willing to sacrifice for this...
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Old Mar 5, 19, 12:49 am
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Air Canada is clearly excluded in the fine print above. This is no real *G card but a TG*G number of another person. Such kind of "trick" is caught by the *A CITP which checks the name behind the number.
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Star Alliance is working to clamp down the abuse of membership numbers that belong to someone else to be used on another person. For a long time, the status validity is delayed across airlines when your status changes and it does not cross reference your name.

A number of airlines including NZ will now only accept membership number that matches the traveler's name, and it's in real time. Eventually the loophole will close and everyone can start behaving themselves.
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