Mirror Inn Lake. Lake Placid NY

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Mirror Inn Lake. Lake Placid NY

my husband and I stayed there for 2 days on the 4th of July weekend and since I didn't find a post on it I thought I would try to write a review.

Booking: I wanted to book using Hyatt points and i got my second day on points but the first day was never available for points or cash through Hyatt probably because of the 4th. I was able to book the first day of the trip through the hotel directly. The cost was a little over $500 with tax for a base room. SLH was running a 20% bonus on gift cards so I spent $500 and got a bonus $100 that went to food.

Location: Mirror lake in is situated in Lake Placis NY in the Adirondacks. The inn faces the lake and has a small beachfront area and dock on the lake. This time of year the area is beautiful and many places for hiking and water sports. The town of Lake Placid is very small and definitely touristy, but has its charm. I believe its the only town to host the winter Olympics twice. Theres a lot of Olympic and Adirondack kiche with a rather surprising amount of Bavarian flair.

People wore masks in establishments but not in the walkways which were fairly crowded. That was a bit uncomfortable for us seeing that.

seating area at end of the room


View from the dock

Bath and showrr

mini bar

Check in: Due to covid only 1 person is allowed to go to the checkin. There is a registration area w hand sanitizer and a Plexiglas shield. The receptionist was very pleasant although new and they needed help applying the giftcard from management, it still went smooth and I had a key to our room and several papers explaining dining, covid, and amenities rather quickly.

Room: The inn is made up of several different buildings. We were assigned a room in the Mountainview building which is behind the main building. They designed the rooms to all have windows facing the lake. Since we were on the second floor we could see lake while standing up and looking over the roof of the main building but only a little when sitting.

The room style is adirondack rustic and not new but well maintained. Most rooms have 2 double beds and ours did as well. The room had a minibar with its own sink and a small fridge.. the TV was a little small for the room. The closet came with two excellent bathrobes that were heavy but comfortable. At the end of the room past the beds was a seoerate seating area that looked out over the water with two chairs, an ottoman and a small table. This could be closed off to the room using curtains. Theres no balcony but the windows actually are sliding glass doors so you could have a breeze or hang wet clothes on the railing. Air conditioning is seperate for each room and you can control the temperature. The beds were very comfortable.The bathroom had 1 sink, and a bathtub shower as well and a half wall partition for the toilet. Bath products were from something and Goetz same type as at andaz mayakoba. Lots of artwork in the room which added to the ambiance

due to covid there was no housekeeping. When we got there the door was sealed with the date and time for housekeeping. Ours had been cleaned earlier that day. The phones were wrapped in plastic and the remote. There were stickers on the bed too that said sleep well..

Dining: There are 2 restaurants on-site. The View which is fancier and pricier, and the cottage which is on the lake.

Breakfast is being served to go only and only had 5 things on the menu. We ordered breakfast or last morning there and it was free due to booking through hyatt. We had a breakfast sandwich and stawberry French toast with coffees. They came with a side of fresh fruit and were filling. They delivered straight to the room.

We had dinner at the View our first night. The place looks out over the lake hence the name. Servers wore face masks. Real candles lit at the tables. We had a meat and cheese starter which was excellent and had a variety of veggies. Fruits, meat and cheese. The olives stuffed w jalapeños and entire dried grape cluster were unusual. For first course I had the brie risotto fritters with pickled fennel which was the best fritters I've had like that. So delicious. The French onion soup was excellent as well. For dinner we had the pot roast and the special which was NY strip steak. They were delicious but not more than would be expected. For dessert we had two alcoholic coffee which hit the spot. The wine list was excellent although the cocktail list was not as impressive. The entire meal was a bit pricey but not surprising.

We did not get to try the cottage but walked past it and the menu was more casual American with most people choosing to sit outside.

We ate at a few local places too. Salt of the earth was the best food for the price. We had salad, mulagawtney, duck, Morrigan stew, and a smores tart. Also a beer and a cocktail. Price was about half of the view. It requires reservations. Also bear mountain creepy had some good crepes and sandwiches.

Amenities: there was a lot of Adirondack chairs to sit on through the property. Also there where outdoor games like corn hole and checkers. Beach included access to many water spirts like paddle board, kayaks, canoes etc. The seating was a variety and easy to get towels.

We tried to get into the spa but it was full the entire time. They are only allowing 50% capacity and not all treatments are available. If you are interested in the spa i recommend calling before your stay.

We enjoyed our two days there and definitely recommend the place. Service was friendly and professprofesseveryone there interacting closely w customers wore masks.
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Thanks for the detailed review. We are looking at going up there towards the end of August, this was helpful.
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We finally made it up here this week the lobby area and location of the hotel is outstanding, it's a 3 minute walk to town. The staff and food have been great as well too, they remodeled the View resturant during the shutdown and the resturant and views are stunning. We are in a room like the one you had in the mountainside wing, the view is great and the rooms are well maintained as you mentioned. We still have a few more days up here but at this point I'd highly recommend this hotel especially if you want to be within walking distance to town, there is no better place to stay in Lake Placid. The Whiteface Lodge is the other hotel we considered for this trip and we went there last night for dinner. Its beautiful property too and newer than the Mirror Lake Inn but its about two miles from town so you have to drive or use their shuttle service to get where you want to go.

I think for future trips to Lake Placid I'd stay at the Whiteface Lodge for ski trips (since you need to use your car anyway to ski Whiteface) and for non-ski trips I'd stay at the Mirror Lake Inn to be close to town. I'll add some photos too once I get better WIFI service......

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Here are a couple of photos from the trip. We found an area near the beach with seating right in front of the lake, what a beautiful spot!

This was the view from our room....

This last one is of the Moosehead in the lobby.....

We stayed at the Mirror Lake Inn 7 nights and didn't get bored at all during our stay. The food, service, spa, and activities were outstanding. From the hiking at Whiteface, the boating on the lake, easy access to town and all of the Olympic history in Lake Placid I couldn't recommend this place highly enough.

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Thanks for posting the review. We have stayed at the Mirror Lake Inn a number of times during the winter, but never in the summer. It looks like a nice to be had during the warm weather months, so we may need to give it a whirl one of these days. I'm not sure that I'd drop 25K WOH points for this property, but we usually are able to find a decent cash rate.
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Originally Posted by TTT103 View Post
Thanks for posting the review. We have stayed at the Mirror Lake Inn a number of times during the winter, but never in the summer. It looks like a nice to be had during the warm weather months, so we may need to give it a whirl one of these days. I'm not sure that I'd drop 25K WOH points for this property, but we usually are able to find a decent cash rate.
I'm a skier too but I actually think that the Mirror Lake Inn is best to visit in the summer due to the direct lake access and short walk to town. They are at their busiest in the summer & fall according to the staff at the hotel so you may have a hard time finding a good cash rate during those times. A standard room when we went at the end of August/early September was around $500 per night with taxes making the use of 25k points per night not look so bad.
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