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Hi everyone,

Booked flights for Boston outbound, plane has toilet in the left side according to the seat map and we have booked row 54 GH. Anyone know how these seats are?

Flying back home from Chicago, but plane overview is different, but both says A330, what can be the difference? Now we have booked row 52 GH, anyone that has any experience with these?

I know they are far back in the plane but we dont mind.. more like can we fully recline etc?

Thanks for the help and the explanation for different plane overview.
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I guess one is a A330-300, the other one a A330-300 Enhanced.

Rows 53 to 56 on the right hand side are crew rest areas with are separated off using a curtain in the 57 row config and lav on the right hand side, therefore no seats selection possible. Row 52 is a normal economy seat, nothing special. Same for the other config which ends in row 55 but I think there is a bulkhead behind the row. Not sure if that limits recline, but I don't think it does.

Config A

Config B

Btw, I always avoid seats close to lavs and galleys due to noise, smell, light pollution (especially during night flights, gets incredible bright every time the lav door opens) and people moving around and crowding close to my seat.

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Originally Posted by Andreas Noer View Post
I know they are far back in the plane but we dont mind.. more like can we fully recline etc?
I haven't been flying eco on SK longhaul since the refurbishment of the birds, so I can't tell if it's still the issue, but I would be surprised if it has changed. That last row often don't have full recline, and the last couple of row tends to be slightly narrower than rows ahead due to the tail section of the plane being narrower than the middle part. It starts from where the middle seats goes from 4 to 3 seats. In this section you also easier bump your heard against the aircraft sides if you are at a window seat. This is due to the aircraft body having a smaller diameter in this section.
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Don't do the row just in front of the lav., tried it and you don't want to sit there if you want to sleep. I was able to recline as usual - pretty similar to any other Y seat.
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I've been in 52H several times. As long as you're ok with getting a cold meal, served about 1 hour later than the first rows, and being ok with SAS staff being rude, noisy and kicking your seatback when they take their break in the rows behind you then you should be ok. It's not very close to the lav.
Seats at the end of a bulk at SAS tend to recline as usual.
Do as I do: bring earplugs and an eye mask to avoid any rough awakenings caused by light or sound.
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