SU vs VS premium economy

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SU vs VS premium economy

I recently flew both Virgin Atlantic and Aeroflot in premium economy and wanted to share my thoughts.

I thought SU flight was nice, but then took VS and it was much better in almost every aspect from check-in to seat, food and service.

SU seat slides forward and has limited legroom on reclined position. For daytime it's OK but I would not take SU premium economy on red-eye, because the seat is very unfomfortanle for sleeping. VS seats on the other hand are similar to domesric first class in USA and even softer.

VS allowed me to check in after the flight was already closed and did not blame me for being late. SU implemented new carry on restrictions and forced me to check in my carry on.

SU served business class menu in PE, but the food went down hill in the last few years. VS food was a step below their business class product, but better than Y and it was fresh and plentiful. I enjoyed VS food more.

Both airlines provided basic amenity kits.

Service was also better on VS. SU flight attendants werr OK but we're barely visibly between meals, while VS attendants were always around with water runs and every request was taken with a smile.

VS had a decent inflight internet for about $20 for entire flight with unlimited data. SU also had internet but it was much more expensive and very slow (IIdo not remember how much paied but I think about $50 total as it was data capped and asked me to pay more and more when I exceeded data limits).

SU: 777, SVO-JFK
VS: 333, SEA-LHR

Conclusion: VS >>> SU in premium economy
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