Lyft 13-year-old car Experience

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Lyft 13-year-old car Experience

Last week, on my Sunday evening 25-mile trip from the airport into town, I called a Lyft. I usually alternate between Lyft and Uber on the route -- based on time to pick-up (sometimes it's as long at 10 minutes for Uber at this airport, Lyft is often faster).

The car that arrived was a 2007 (meaning built 13 years ago, in 2006) Honda Accord, with a completely shot suspension. Combined with the rough highway and the interstate highway speeds, the experience was downright frightening. Not sure if this vintage car was even road-worthy. Note -- this was standard Lyft service, not some discounted shared or "cheap car" service offering. Total fare was over $70.

Naturally, I contacted Lyft the next day to ask about the appropriateness of a teenage car doing airport runs in a major metro. Lyft responded that the car met their criteria. Gobsmacked! I would never accept a car like this from any rental facility, nor from any taxi service.
1. Does Lyft really feel it is OK to dispatch seriously old cars ? How much value does a 13-year-old Accord hold anyhow, like $3000?
2. Even for newer cars, I would hope that Lyft has a maximum mileage criteria -- I wouldn't want to get into a car of unknown maintenance, with greater than 100k mileage, for example.
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No maximum mileage criteria, only age. A lot of Uber/Lyft drivers will buy or rent a relatively new car with higher than average mileage. Rental companies are finding this a lucrative way to dispose of busted up 2 year old sedans with 50k mi.

In some suburban areas, cars up to 15 years old are allowed. Buying a $3k car with over 100k mi is often the most profitable choice, especially when drivers increasingly make hardly anything per ride.
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Some states mandate regular safety inspections for all cars as a condition of registration (tags), although the requirements can be more or less seriously enforced.
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