Lyft driver "changes dropoff point" after ride ends

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Lyft driver "changes dropoff point" after ride ends

Hey guys, this was a new one for me.

Got a ride from the airport to home last night. I hop out of the car and the driver takes off. I don't get the "rate your ride" notification on the phone immediately, but it shows up a couple of minutes later, and I don't think anything of it. Rate the rider and tip as normal.

This morning I'm doing my expense report and notice the dropoff point is different. The driver drove about 1.5 miles after dropping me of, back to a busy road, before he ended the ride. My ride history in the app showed "Since you updated your stop or destination, your fare reflects actual time and distance".

This guy basically squeezed me for $2.

I reported this, lyft refunded the entire fare within the hour.
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Happens every now and then, usually with a driver who's either new or incompetent. Lyft usually does not let them get away with it when the rider complains, so I highly doubt it's malice.
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Sometimes the app freezes on the driver and he is unable to finish/end the ride. Re-start the phone and then end the ride. Uber/Lyft certainly de-activate drivers that do this repetitively.
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Happened to me and the ride didn't end for 40 minutes and looking at the map it is obvious he picked up another passenger using another ride service. I enter my building I don't get connectivity and I forgot to open the app. I now make a point of getting on my wifi after I get out of the ride share at home.
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I think in most cases it's just a driver who forgot to end the ride, not a driver trying to squeeze another $2 out of a passenger.

I've certainly been in NYC taxis where they forgot to start the meter. Same thing.
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I was charged a toll on the Bay Bridge from the South Bay to Berkley except there is no Toll going Eastbound. Got a refund.
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