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Two Men Enter Two Airports, One With A Rectal Bomb…” (blogpost))

Two Men Enter Two Airports, One With A Rectal Bomb…” (blogpost))

Old Dec 2, 10, 3:16 am
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Two Men Enter Two Airports, One With A Rectal Bomb…” (blogpost))

I haven't seen this posted yet:


One potential threat assessment the DHS has considered is discussed. It includes a rectal bomb & also coordinating with others and assembling a bomb that would actually explode, unlike the underwear bomber's.

Some highlights straight from someone who works at DHS:

Internally we struggle with the public search for pocket knives when we need to look for PETN & matching accomplices. Realistically pretty much anyone carrying a Leatherman tool onto a flight in plain sight of screeners isn’t a threat. We allow corkscrews but not pocket knives, if you are going to stab someone a corkscrew is an effective weapon, but neither a corkscrew or a knife is going to take a commercial jet out of the sky.

The TSA, DHS, FBI, CIA, FAA and other agencies need to get serious on connecting the dots. Right now we will never find two men entering two different airports carrying a bomb to meet a third person that will set it off. We are not set up to connect the dots. We say that we cannot under estimate our enemy but instead we spend our resources on inconveniencing the traveling public in public security farce.
and from the blogger:
The TSA and DHS clearly have people within the agencies that are intelligent, capable and able to address the current threat situation, but are politics so heavily involved in the security of the traveling public that those running the agency fear admitting the current procedures are wrong?
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Old Dec 2, 10, 3:55 am
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The author's generally on the right path but somewhat out of touch:

Now inside security, where they will not be checked again, because we don’t do screening at gates any longer
No longer any gate screening? I don't think TSA's received that memo.
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Old Dec 2, 10, 6:25 am
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I think the DHS analyst’s stating that gate checks are not frequent and not carried out at each airport. You tend to see gate checks come in clusters, rather than on a consistently random basis. By performing the gate checks in this manner, it somewhat easy to research what hub is the best target.

I recently had a TSA STSO, based at a major hub, tell me that they rarely perform gate checks at their airport any longer due to man power issues.

I’ll see if the person I quoted in my blog post would like to elaborate on his comments though.

Happy Flying!

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Old Dec 2, 10, 6:58 am
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Who will catch these terrorists? Behavior detection officers, but access to behavior detection officers is limited and poorly placed. I am not advocating profiling being performed by behavior detection officers but I am saying that these highly trained officers need to look for the tell tale signs that make the hairs on the back of their neck stand up.

Yep, that email came from DHS/TSA, and this person is delusional if they think this junk science is going to do anything.

Pistole has been going around saying the TSA will not be doing cavity searches, while failing to note there is a big difference between those and a "squat & cough".

Just wait...

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Old Dec 2, 10, 10:46 am
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BDOs work ... when properly trained. I have heard more than once that TSA BDO training is 'rushed', 'incomplete','lacking' and other less polite terms from those inside the TSA.

Some BDOs appear to do a good job at spotting those that just don't seem to fit in, no terrorists, generally those skipping bail, jumping parole or with warrants ... which however is not the TSA's tasking or jurisdiction.

I've spoken with someone who was "BDO" trained in the Army as an intelligence officer and his insights have been very interesting and paint a view of TSA BDO training that is less that flattering. Unfortunately he has asked me not to quote him directly in anything I write. If he ever changes his mind and allows me to quote him, I'd love to write about BDOs in more depth.

Each person I converse with, who are within TSA/DoD/DHS, that advocate for more BDOs I always ask about training. Every one of them says that TSA BDOs are better than nothing ... but they all agree they need more training. It was described to me in this way by someone in DHS "It's like having a fence, but leaving the door open in some ways."
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BDOs are NOT the answer. They could hire 50 BDOs for each airport and they could spend their entire life (and millions of dollars) and never encounter what isn't there! We are burning down the haystack to find the needle, but there isn't even a needle to find!
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For f**ks sake, don't these idiots understand that we still remember?? They aren't interested in "safe", they're interested in theatre.

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